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  • Couldn't Download Cordova Plugin Error in Visual StudioNovember 30

    I am trying to install plugin for my cordova app in Visual Studio 2015 its giving error: Couldn't download plugin. If I tried to install it using CLI error is: Current Directory is not cordova based projectHi, Now, visual studio 2015 is a preview ver

  • Support of Customized Plugins for the Multi-Device Hybrid Application Integration of CordovaNovember 30

    Hi @ all, ive got the question how can I implement a customized cordova plugin with the integrated template for multi-device hybrid applications inside of  Visual Studio. I know that cordova cli creates for each platform a special folder with the sou

  • Error while trying to register the SMP3.0 Application on Management Cockpit Using Logon PluginOctober 11

    Hi, I am working on SMP 3.0 SP 02 ->cordova 3.3.1 - 0.3.1, i am able to ping the Odata endpoint in Management Cockpit successfully. I followed the steps which are present in the getting started with kapsel - 2 (use of logon plug in).  i am able to re

  • Epson USB or USB not appearing as an option in Printer Set Up UtilityOctober 11

    I am trying to get my Epson Stylus RX510 (RX500 outside Australia) multi function printer to work with my MacBook Pro. I have the latest, correct Intel drivers installed (3.0aEs and scanner software CSPC3_PCF_OSX_27w41). When I connect via USB and se

  • Azure AD sample code for cordova - angular.js build problemNovember 30

    https://github.com/AzureADSamples/NativeClient-GraphAPI-Cordova is a newish sample. Any hints on solving either of the following issues when building running the windows sample (an angular + ADAL project) on windows 10 beta? Building it per the instr

  • I cant find my sqlite dtabase created for windows phone 8.1 phonegap app in visual stdio community 2013?October 11

    Hello... I am creating a windows phone 8.1 phoegap app.It is using local databse called websql using this link.I created app and datas can be fetch from offline.It is working very well But the problem is i need to see the databse i created.Where to f

  • Talking to C# based WinRT components that contain UI features like XAML based user controls from a JavaScript based Windows Store appNovember 30

    Can you create a WinRT component written in C# that consists of a library of XAML based controls and then used those controls within a Windows Store app using WinJS or via a JS Cordova plugin for Windows 8.1 & WP8.1?  Is this possible or can you only

  • Push Notifications to APNS Fail 50% of the TimeOctober 11

    Sending a notification to an iOS device fails half the time with this error:    The Push Notification System returned an Internal Server Error Here is my setup: Free Trial version of Azure Sandbox certificates uploaded to a Mobile Service/Notificatio

  • Error occured while executing WebSQL statement in Windows (Phone) 8.1October 11

    I am debugging Apache Cordova application in Visual Studio 2013.4. The application works fine in Ripple and Android emulator, however, when I try to debug on Windows x64 or Windows Phone (device) I get following error: On this line: https://github.co

  • After using Disk Utility's Repair Disk Permissions, can't login when restart my macbook pro10.6.8 Snow LeopardOctober 11

    Here's the log of my Macbook Pro, as I'm using a chinese version, so log can only appear as below. Reason I try to use Disk Utility's Repair is because the finder got not respond so ofter, it happen after my unscuessful power loss issues happen at ho

  • My matchbook pro keeps restartingOctober 11

    I find this below kernel message while my matchbook pro restarts? i changed my old Hard-disk and installed new one, the problem was solved for a while then it appeared back again. when it restarts i find my screen the same before it restarts as if it

  • Mac Mini sleep issueOctober 11

    New mac mini here. When my mini goes to sleep by itself and when I awake it the the internet safari hangs. I either have to reboot or put it to sleep and awake it again. Im using wireless and have an external hard drive connected.I did the SMC alread

  • In-app Purchasing with PhonegapNovember 30

    There's Phonegap/Cordova plugin to support In-app-purchase on Appstore(iOS) and Google Play(Android), but no way to support Windows Store. How can we do In-app-purchase with phonegap/cordova for Windows Phone/Windows Store? Who know if Windows Store

  • Error installing SAP Web IDE Hybrid App Toolkit Add-on 1.3.2November 30

    Hi, I'm getting an HTTP 404 file not found error when i try to install SAP Web IDE Hybrid App Toolkit Add-on 1.3.2. Installing "com.sap.mp.cordova.plugins.corelibs" for ios Installing "com.sap.mp.cordova.plugins.apppreferences" for ios

  • OS 10.4.7 G5 with HPLaserjet 5000N printerNovember 30

    Been trying to connect printer for 3 days. Ethernet network sees other computer (G4) and Internet, but not HP 5000N. Downloaded and installed current driver (HPLaserJetv5_52.dmg) which is supposed to compatible with all OS 10 versions and Mac's. Prin

  • CaptureVideo broken windows phone - phonegapNovember 30

    I am using the official phonegap plugin (http://docs.phonegap.com/en/edge/cordova_media_capture_capture.md.html) Basically I am creating a folder in my isolated Storage and putting in there my uri file (the result is something like this: /CapturedIma

  • Problems when I close safariNovember 30

    When I close Safari appers a MacKeeper page and a little box indicating continue in the page or leave. I do not know how to remove this problem, I cleaned the cookies, I downloaded Bitdefender and scanned my computer but it was not possible to elimin

  • Cant Install a Canon Mp760 MultifunctionNovember 30

    Hi, Have tried all including reseting th eprinter system, checked permissions, check HDD, New driver from canon, Deleting lib/printer/canon then installing again....no luck just get this error saying that the add printer has ended unexpectedly and do

  • My MacBook Pro shuts down when I start downloads or new tabs!November 30

    I have a MacBook Pro that I bought in late 2009, running OSX (10.7.1); when running Google Chrome I've had a problem for the past several weeks in that my laptop randomly shuts down when I start new downloads and open new links in other tabs. This ne

  • URL scheme for an Windows viewer app?November 30

    Hello everybody, Before sending this pos, I found a thread about URL schemes for Android and Windows apps. Can I set a URL scheme for an Android viewer app? Unfortunately, there was at that time (August) no plans from Adobe about adding this features

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