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  • How to create service in Windows XP for jar file?October 11

    Dear friends, I'm having an jar file in my Windows XP OS. I would like to create new service Windows XP to run this jar file. When i start the service then the jar file to be executed. I did search in google but i didn't get any proper solution for t

  • Unable to clear DOS window after running JAROctober 11

    Hi guys, I am trying to write a batch file to launch my JAR, this is because the JAR is on a networked drive, and each user can have a .bat file on their desktop to run it. Anyway, when the .bat file is run, the DOS console pops up behind it but I do

  • Migration from windows to Linux - JAR files not generating under JAVA_TOPNovember 30

    Hi DBA's Jar files not generating under JAVA_TOP after migration from windows to linux. I followed workaround but same in result. Workaround Run this command. It will give the missing file adjava -mx512m -nojit oracle.apps.ad.jri.adjcopy -masterArchi

  • To generate .cab file for windows Mobile from .jar fileNovember 30

    Hi All I have a .jar file(running on windows Mobile With J9). Now I want to convert it into .cab file (again must be compatible with Windows Mobile with j9). There are some tools available which can convert .jar to .cab file but resulting .cab file i

  • Jar file runs on windows but fails to run on macbookNovember 30

    hi, i developed this app using netbeans on windows and the .jar is runing fine, but when i transfered the jar file to a macbook and double clicked the jar file, it dint run, then i tried to run it from the terminal i got the following exception. plea

  • Can Netbeans put a jar file In a jar file?October 11

    I just went through the process of getting Eclipse to create a jar file that would execute from a command prompt using a plugin called fatjar : http://fjep.sourceforge.net/ Details from other thread :http://forum.java.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=521

  • Updating a JAR file in a shared folderOctober 11

    Hi, I have a JDK 6 Swing app running in a Windows Terminal Server. All users share the same JAR file. I start it using a bat file something like this: start /b c:\progra~1\java\jre\bin\javaw -jar gestor.jarAll works fine when users share the same JAR

  • Error lunching jar fileOctober 11

    I make a jar file then i lunch that jar with java -jar FileName.jar i have thi error Exception in thread "main" java.util.zip.ZipException: Accesso negato at java.util.zip.ZipFile.open(Native Method) at java.util.zip.ZipFile.<init>(ZipFile

  • Deploying Java Desktop App using executable JAR filesNovember 30

    Hi there. Today I am very optimistic about java. I am a beginner, and I had tried (in my few free time) to understand how to deploy java desktop apps. I am using the lattest NetBeans IDE to do the programming and it is very very fast and optimized. G

  • Image on jar fileNovember 30

    i have a jar file on my desktop all jar file have the same icon i want to make a jar file with a personal icon how i can make this?You can change the icon for any type of file in windows. Java '.jar' files are no exception. By default jar files have

  • Executable jar won't work under some directoriesNovember 30

    I don't know how this works under windows: The executable jar file I have created will work in some directory locations but not others. I had moved it to some folder and it stopped working. I moved it back to where it was before and it worked. What I

  • Execute jar from my java codeNovember 30

    Hi, My CDC application run in Windows Mobile, with Creme JVM. I need from my java code, run other .jar. and later, finish may application atual. I try like this: Runtime.getRuntime().exec("\\Windows\\CrEme\\bin\\CrEme.exe -jar \\Windows\\sample\\cube

  • On *.jar fileNovember 30

    hello to everyone! i hope you can help me on this, i need to launch a *.jar file on my java application, is there anybody who could help me on this? I know how to use the runtime.exec but I don't know what am I going to put inside this function... ru

  • MAC PRO LAPTOP (installed windows 7)November 30

    Hope you can help me regarding my problem. I divided my mac pro into two (mac & windows 7). I bought the windows 7 in Jarir bookstore which is original. Last December 2013, windows 7 was installed in my mac and its fine. And now I'm encountering a pr

  • How to execute jar fileNovember 30

    Dear all, 1. I am trying to import a .jar file and execute (run) in eclipse. I know it can be done from command window by java -jar z.jar . But I am supposed to do it in eclipse . I would appreciate your help. 2. jar files are supposed to be executab

  • Jar run from command prompt?November 30

    Hi ! How do I run my Jar from the command prompt window? my jar's name is " javaproject 7" Thanks!Java application launcher documentation: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/tooldocs/windows/java.htmlRead other 2 answers

  • Launching java program via windows right clickNovember 30

    I've written a Java Applicaton to display some data files we get from our cash registers. The app is stored in a jar file, with a manifest file. Double-clicking the jar file runs the program. Then we can select open from the file menu adn open our da

  • Showing instance of console while running jar from explorerNovember 30

    how can i do that? more precisely: - i have a program that writes to console, - i know how to make jar package, - i want console to be showed when user executes jar by doubleclicking,The console window is shown when using java.exe but the jar files a

  • NetBeans Input window - where is it?November 30

    Could someone help me to turn on the input window on NetBeans. I am attempting to read in keyboard input, but only get the prompt in an OUTPUT window....no input window is found. Following is code, and output..the program is still running, waitng for

  • SetLastModified on WindowsNovember 30

    I am checking last modifed date of a some jar files on the Internet and comparing them with their copy on the local disk. If the remote file gets updated I download and replace the local file. Then I set the local file's lastModified with the remote'

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