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  • Revoke RDS CAL from powershell or and commandNovember 30

    I am trying to use powershell to query all the LicenseID  and the ones that come up as unknown send a revoke command. I have everything ready up to the revoke part. i cannot find a revoke command .  i saw this on a site but now sure how to implement

  • How do you revoke a web page's access?October 11

    So a web page asked for access to my computer, and though it had a certificate I've no idea how legit it is or what it wanted access to and tried to click 'no' but this trackpad is still a bit odd (getting used to it also being the click button) and

  • Is it possible to allow the user to revoke its own it resource?October 11

    Is it possible to allow the end-user to somehow revoke its own resource? What would be the correct approach if he decides that he doesn't need access to a specific system and decides to terminate his account ? Thanks for any insight. Adriano.One way

  • Issue while revoking AD from organizationOctober 11

    Hello, OIM VERSION= Weblogic = 10.3.1 O.S=WIN 2003 Server I have provisioned AD Group to an organization called Xellerate Users & its provisioned successfully & group gets created in AD,but when i try to revoke this AD Group it shows 'Delet

  • Revoked SES with account assignment distributed by quantity cannot be modified or deletedOctober 11

    Hi All I have users who are posting service entry sheet with the account assignment distributed on a quantity basis across multiple maintenance orders.  The acceptance works perfectly but we are having problems if a correction or cancellation is requ


    Hi Experts, OIM Build Number: 1866.62 ( BP15 ) IHAC that faced an unexpected behavior on User disabling. Some users were associated to groups that had access policies applied. When those users were disabled, they didnt lose their associated groups an

  • AD revoke fails in oim 11

    Hi ALL , i have installed OIM9.1.02 version and integrated AD 2008 Always AD user revoke is working fine ,but some time i got error like " Account cannot be deleted as context is not empty " then delete task gets failled. please help me . Thanks

  • Adobe Air Install Package Signed by Revoke Certificate?October 11

    My security settings may be a little more strick than most. I just download the adobe air install package today. I think the revoked signature is preventing the installation. Can anyone confirm the signature? Thanks.No problems with the signature on

  • Service entry sheet cannot revoke acceptanceOctober 11

    Dear All, Service PO is created with four line items in Service tab in item details. All are entered as short text i.e without service master record. Three Service entry sheets are created for the first three items. But only one material document (wi

  • Revoke of Service Entry Sheet and hence cancellation of Material documentOctober 11

    Suppose one Service entry sheet you created once you accept Service entry sheet it will create a material document once you revoke the service entry sheet it will create a reversal material document. which table and field we find the relationship in

  • Revoke Acceptance of Service Entry sheetOctober 11

    Hi Experts, I am trying to delete an already accepted Service entry sheet using the standard BAPI_EntrySheet_Delete. But I have to revoke the acceptance of the service entry sheet prior to deletion of SES. I am aware that we can manually revoke the a

  • Revoke in Oracle 8iOctober 11

    Hi , Can anyone tell the following query in 8i is correct ? revoke execute on <procedure name> from public; if it is not please tell me how to revoke a execute permission on a procedure from public in oracle 8i?Hi, You can use REVOKE EXECUTE ON <

  • Tried to reactivate Photoshop and it said my serial number has been revoked??October 11

    so i wiped my laptop because it was choc full of crap, and im trying to reinstall my creative suite that i got with my game design course, so i tryed going though adobe to get a serial but they said i all ready got one, so i fished it out of my gmail

  • Problem with CS5.5 install certificate revokedOctober 11

    Cannot install CS5.5 on mac 10.7, Install cannot be opened you should eject the disc image, help: although this app was signed, the certificate for this app has been revoked. Download today from Adobe.For those running into this issue, Adobe has post

  • CS6 Stopped Working on OS X Mavericks (Serial Number Revoked)October 11

    I have used Adobe Creative Suite 6 but it stopped working after I upgraded my Mac OS to Mavericks. I contacted Adobe support and was advised to uninstall/reinstall, but it still shows the same error message "The serial number you entered has been rev

  • Error: Product key has been revoked...after installing on my new MAC (employee download)October 11

    I am having issues installing Premier Pro CS6 for Mac.   I purchased this via the employee program with a link to download. When I insert the product code after running the install program, it says that the product key it has been revoked and to cont

  • SAP Query, user groups, revoking 'change' rightsOctober 11

    Hi, I have a problem regarding SAP Queries and revoking the change rights. This is what I have done: 1. Created the new user group in SQ03 2. Created the new InfoSet (SQ02), assigned it to the above UG (SQ03) 3. Created the new user, assigned it to t

  • How to Revoke an older request of an ABAP programOctober 11

    Dear All, I wish an older version (before the last three modifications) of my ABAP program to be revoked on the production server. In other words I wish an older request of my current program to overwrite the current request, in between these two req

  • A question about revoking certifcates from a retired CAOctober 11

    Hello If I issued certificates from CA-1 (lets just say the CDP is AD LDAP) I then retired CA-1 (but leave its cert in AIA LDAP Location and in local Windows PCs X509 store) I then setup CA-2 Next I want to revoke a cert issued by CA-1 I understand t

  • How to fire the adapter to revoke users?October 11

    Currently I have written adapter for deletion of resources from target app. but for "Task Effect", I have selected "Disables process or access to application" which results in firing of my adapter when I choose to Disable a user from W

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