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WiFi adapter not found in hp 15-r205TU

  • Wifi adapter upgrade for hp pavilion g6-1d73usOctober 11

    I have an HP Pavilion g6-1d73us running Windows 7 Home Premium with Intel Core i3 2.30GHz, 4GB RAM, 64 bit OS and would like to upgrade my wifi adapter from wireless 802.11n to wireless 802.11ac so I can also change my modem & router to the new, fast

  • Can I use a 2nd Wifi AdapterOctober 11

    Hello I currently use the Internet Sharing functionality to share a hotel's Wifi adapter, share it to my Ethernet, and have an Apple TV hard wired to the laptop while staying in a hotel. I wonder if I bought a USB Wifi adapter that was Mac compatible

  • How do I get a 3rd party WiFi adapter to be recognized as default WiFi?October 11

    I have a really great USB WiFi adapter that unfortunately does function the same as the PCI-e WiFi adapter. Essentially I have to connect to networks with the software that came with the adapter (which is really good) and I cannot use the status bar

  • Yoga 2 Pro (Win 8.1) wifi adapter go missing once a whileOctober 11

    Dear Yoga 2 Pro fans,I'm sharing my fix here.  I'm a device driver/firmware s/w developer so I know a few things My Y2P (bought in April 2014) works fine except that the Wifi adapter need to be disable/enable (via Ctrl Panel->Networks) to make it fin

  • USB wifi adapter can only handle one request or socket at a timeOctober 11

    I have a usb wifi adapter that I bought recently.  The strange thing is that if I'm doing only one thing that is using the network (e.g. downloading a file) it works good and fast. But say I'm downloading a file and I do ANYTHING else that uses the n

  • Problems sharing wifi adapter with host - Windows 8.1October 11

    Hi All, I'm having a frustrating problem with Hyper-V which is basically making it unusable on my laptop. I can't get the wifi adapter to work reliably for the guest, when it's also shared by the host. What I've done is create a external adapter conn

  • Trying to install wifi adapter but NM say noOctober 11

    As titled, trying to revive older Dell with XP sp3  for shop. Installed linksys with speedbooster wusb546s ver2. Nice, as its got a long enough cord to set by window and get signal from house. However NM says it cant add because 'other software' cont

  • HT204400 can i use a wifi adapter on apple tvOctober 11

    Can a wifi adapter be used on apple tv?If you mean an (extender / repeater) then yes....my ATV is too far away from my wireless router for a dependable signal....a repeater in the middle of the house solved the problem....Read other 7 answers

  • No Wireless networks found (WIFI adapter not visible)October 11

    From 2-3 days , my laptop's wifi adapter was disabled automatically.  The wireless network doesn't showing WIFI option.  Therefore I am not able to connect to any WIFI network. Please helpHi @21_95, Thank you for your inquiry. I grasp that your wirel

  • Many Issues plauging my u300s (WiFi adapter, trackpad, sound and battery)November 30

    Hi everyone, I got my Lenovo u300s (i7, 256GB variant) more than two years ago, sometime in April 2012. However, now the laptop has a host of issues. Performance wise, it is great. But the issues are with the parts of the ultrabook. As follows: 1) My

  • What dual band wifi adapter for HP ENVY x360 15-u205naNovember 30

    What dual band wifi adapter is compabible with the HP ENVY x360 15-u205na please.  It is somewhat disappointing that a current laptop is still only single band 2.4Ghz, if I had known before purchasing the HP it would certainly have changed my purchas

  • TS1871 My netgear wifi adapter requires me to push a connect bottom on my router. My apple airport has no connect button. What should I do to connectNovember 30

    My netgear wifi adapter requires me to push connect button on my apple air to install. There is not connect bottom on the airport.  Any suggestions?If you have a recent Mac..... Open up Macintosh HD > Applications > Utilities > AirPort Utility Cl

  • WiFi Adapter not detected on T530November 30

    Hi there, I just purchased a refurb T530 form the Lenovo outlet and have had enormous problems with the Wifi Adapter. Machine: T530 Win 64 Pro Wifi card Realtek I know there have been many similar discussions of this issue in the past, so I can start

  • "ip link set wlp3s0 up" doesn't turn on wifi adapterNovember 30

    So I'm installing Arch on a MacBook Pro 8,2, and I've managed to wrangle EFI into booting everything just fine for me, and I'm trying to get wifi working. I got the firmware and drivers installed for the Broadcom 43xx chip, and am loading the correct

  • Recommendations for USB WiFi AdapterNovember 30

    I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on a specific brand/model USB WiFi adapter that would be compatible with OS X Leopard (10.5.5). Ideally, I'd like it to have the following features: - USB 2.0 - 802.11b/g - External antenna/port I've us

  • Wifi adapter of Satellite M30 does not work anymoreNovember 30

    During these last couple of days the wifi adapter in my Satellite M30 have had a way of dying once a day. The first time I still had a light and I could see when I turned it on and off. When that didn't help to get it going again, I decided to reboot

  • Problem Coneccting with my AE6000 wifi adapter to WRT160Nv2November 30

    Hello everyone i have a biiiig problem i just bought a new wifi adapter the AE6000 model and i have problem to connect to my router it says windows was unable to conect to (wireless Network) my ssid is hidden but i treid also normal the default setti

  • I am looking for wifi adapter for my MacBook Pro(Mavericks 10.9.2)November 30

    i am looking for wifi adapter for my MacBook Pro(Mavericks 10.9.2). Somebody help me to find compatible Wifi adapter for my MacBook. Thank you!!RRAJJ wrote: Thanks Bob! i already opened this search page but i didn't found anything compatible to maver

  • Ralink Wifi Adapter Not showingNovember 30

    My device manager doesnt show my Ralink wifi adapter. When i click on view hidden devices, i can see it there but it says Code 45 error, hardware not connected.  Why is this happening? Please help. Im unable to use wifi on my device because of this!H

  • WiFi Adapter Not DetectedNovember 30

    Hello, I recently just got a WiFi adapter for my Mac because my Mac's inbuilt one doesn't have that good range. I'm running Mavericks 10.9.5. When I plugged in the dongle, it did not light up and my Mac did not even recognize it, but when I plugged i

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