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why my bluetooth wont on? Nokia 5630

  • Restart problem Nokia 5630 XMNovember 30

    Hi everyone i have problem in my new Nokia 5630 when i Listen to music it make restart what i have to do ?Hi, I , (like every user of this phone - I guess)  have same problem... Unsolved! /t5/Nseries-Devices-and-S60/Nokia-5630-problems/m-p/593968/hig

  • GPS not working on Nokia 5630 express musicNovember 30

    Dear,   I am unable to use GPS on my Nokia 5630 xpressmusic. It gives me error "enable satellite based positioning method first". This option is not available in Nokia 5630. Kindly [email protected] You really need to utilise a Bluetooth GPS rec

  • Nokia 5630 CrashingNovember 30

    Hi, I have a nokia 5630, but its having some problems, sometimes it crashes by itself when i enter in the internet, or i answer a call.. sometimes after crashing, he restarts, and sometimes he doesnt even turn on, like its dead, i've sent to flash it

  • Is Nokia 5630 xpressmusic compatible with Nokia BH...November 30

    5630 is'n in the offical compatibility list, but 5130 is, for example. 5630 supports Bluetooth 2 (A2DP-support). Thanks a lot! Nokia lumia 920 in use5630: Bluetooth Profiles:A2DP, AVRCP, BIP, DUN, FTP, GAP, GOEP, HFP, HID, HSP, OPP, PBAP, SAP, SDP, S

  • Bluetooth on a nokiaOctober 11

    I am trying to develop an app that uses bluetooth for my nokia 6102i phone, but I am having trouble figuring out whether or not that is even possible. The reason I doubt the possibility of this is that my phone is not on the list of devices that have

  • I cant recieve messages via bluetooth on my nokia ...October 11

    hi hopefully you can help me i can sent but cannot recieve messages via bluetooth on my nokia 6230i ive had the phone about 2 months ,ive phoned the phone company i got the phone from and they said they dont deal with bluetooth its a free from the ph

  • How to number and message screening in nokia 5630?November 30

    hi can anyone tell me, how to use the number and message screening in nokia 5630. it is a mobile with s60 platform and has number and message screening mentioned as its built in specification. i cant figure it out how? Hi Len, actually I thought abou

  • Nokia 5630 XM Maps Updater Error Cannot get enough...November 30

    Hi experts, I have unsolved problem until now. I have Nokia 5630 (buy in Czech Republic), I updated to lastest firmware 012.020 and after that I can´t connected with Nokia maps updater (it shows the announcement like topic - see attached file). I try

  • I cant export my photos from my mac to my ipad , bluetooth wont      seNovember 30

    i cant export my photos from my mac - osx - 10.6.8 to my ipad air , bluetooth wont recognise itThat's because Bluetooth is not supported out of the box for the transfer of photos to the iPad from your Mac. There are third party apps that let you tran

  • HELP NOKIA 5630 PROBLEMNovember 30

    ca  some1 plz help me with my problem i wanted to install a theme on my nokia 5630 but it says unable to install constraint by certificate i already set my phones software installation to all and online certificate check to off still says unable to i

  • Any 3rd party armband suitable for Nokia 5630?November 30

    Hi, I've been thinking about getting a Nokia 5630 Comes With Music, but there's one thing that has been stopping me. Isn't it little odd that this phone is targeted to music lovers, but there are no official armbands (for sports and jogging)? This is

  • Nokia 5630 Xpress Music camera problem...November 30

    My Nokia 5630 Xpress Music's camera suddenly stopped working.. It turns black for 3 seconds maybe and then it turns off... What should I do? And threre are no software updates available... Please helpHi! Same problem with mine.... I read somewhere th

  • Is the I-Pod Touch 4th generation bluetooth compatible with Nokia E72November 30

    Is the I-Pod Touch 4th generation bluetooth compatible with Nokia E72No.  That type of profile is not supported by your iPod Touch. See this article for a list of profiles that are supported. iOS: Supported Bluetooth profiles B-rockRead other 4 answe

  • Nokia 5630 XpressMusic WLAN problem Web: No gatewa...November 30

    When I connect to a WLAN network it connects but when I start browsing it says: Web: No gateway reply My home Wi-Fi is Thomson Gateway TG782... Can someone tell me what seems to be the problem and how to repare it? P.S. Have in mind that I'm using No

  • Bluetooth wont keep connection to headphones!November 30

    anyone else having this issue?  bluetooth wont keep connection to headphones!  It works great for anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours at a time, then it loses connection, but shows it as being connected on the phone. I have to reboot bluetooth and my

  • Nokia 5630 Messages not sent, remain in inboxNovember 30

    Hi, Please help me with my problem. It's been two days and my Nokia 5630 won't send any messages. I can receive messages. i can also call and receive calls. I have checked the messaging center settings and my network provider says that there is no pr

  • Bluetooth wont DiscoverNovember 30

    Hi,        Bluetooth wont discover my girlfriend's Samsung Galaxy after pairing with it five minutes ago. I find bluetooth truly is tiresome on every device I've owned, and not sure why it never seems to work with me. Tried USB, and the Macbook Air i

  • Bluetooth wont switch onNovember 30

    Hi i bought a 6230 round a year ago and my original sim chip got lost so i bought a brand new one, same network(O2)and ever since then my bluetooth wont switch on. does anyone know how to fix this????hi did you ever get an solution as my bluetooth wo

  • Bluetooth wont work on my dv7 5004txNovember 30

    my bluetooth wont work it says disabled i went too device manager to enable it but it doesnt even come up my bluetooth did work then one day it stopped PLz HelpThe BT profiles on the iPod on support: - Some peer-to-peer gaming - Headphones and headse

  • Nokia 5630 XpressMusic - network WLANNovember 30

    Hi, Need some help!  I have configured WLAN on my Nokia 5630 and I have som questions regarding WLAN. 1. When I use the mobile for surfing the Internet, is the indication in the top left corner the network I'm currently using for my internet connecti

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