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why does my car read my ipod as empty

  • How can I get my iTunes playlists to sync with my iP4?  Everything else syncs fine but my iPod is empty!October 11

    How can I get my iTunes playlists to sync with my iP4?  Everything else syncs fine but my iPod is empty!Shouldn't be difficult but can help if you tell us what options you picked on how you want to sync your music as there is more than on option/way.

  • Ipod shows empty.October 11

    Ipod shows empty, but space is still shown used. And everytime I connect my iPod, iTunes stops working. Please help.It could be an indication or a damaged or dying hard drive.  I would recommend doing a disk diagnostic on the iPod's HD using the inst

  • HELP!  IPOD IS EMPTY HELP!!!!November 30

    HELP!!!!! My IPOD is empty. However, all my music is still in the ITunes library. How do I get my music back on my IPOD? Please help!!!! I am looking for the easiest solution to this question....... should I take it to the Apple store? Thanks!Hi, OK

  • Deleted my plalist and IPod is emptyNovember 30

    Thought I had an extra playlist so I deleted it. Now my IPod is empty and wont update . I get an error message " ....playlist is deleted..." How do I reinstall the Library in the IPod? ThanksSee if this helps: Hudgie - iPod cannot sync because o

  • There is no folders in my iPOD, iPOD is empty. NEED HELP!!!October 11

    Welcome Sorry for my english as first. I need help. I dont know why by durin formating my iPOD all folders gone. So now iPOD is completely empty, without any folders, like an empty disc. I know that it should be min 4 folders there. Ipod doasn't want

  • I woke up this morning and my iPod was empty.  HELP!October 11

    I have a 2nd generation 15GB iPod. As of last night everything was fine. I had used it to play music through iTunes (version 6.0.3) and left it plugged into my computer (which was shut down) overnight. I woke up this morning and went to put some musi

  • IPod is empty but says it is full, iTunes won't recognize itNovember 30

    Hello, I have a click wheel 4th (?) generation 80gb ipod. Yesterday my ipod froze so I attempted to reboot it. Instead of holding down the menu/centre keys at the same time, I held down play/centre keys by accident. Anyhow, the ipod restarted fine bu

  • Woke up today and my ipod was empty!!!!November 30

    I downloaded some music last night to Itunes and then updated my 20G Ipod. I listened to the Ipod for a while and then plugged it into my computer to recharge for the night. When I woke this morning, the Ipod was completely empty, though everything w

  • Ipod Corrupted? No iPod in iTunes? Space being taken up on iPod when empty?November 30

    I have a black 80gb iPod classic, I'm pretty sure it's the newest generation. I've had it for about a year & use it constantly, & besides a few common errors it's always worked fine. Before I had my 80gb I had a 2gb iPod nano for 2 years & it

  • Uploaded Songs, but the iPod is EMPTY?!?!?!November 30

    I had uploaded 33 songs, about 148 MB of info, 2.4hours worth... I ejected my iPod, and turned it on, and went to songs. NOTHING THERE. But flashback... yesterday, it stopped working, i plugged it into my computer and tried to reset it. I had it rese

  • IPod won't sync after restore - now iTunes freezes up and iPod is emptyNovember 30

    Two days ago my iPod started acting up - playing a song for about the first 10 seconds, then freezing up. I did the 5 R's - many, many resets, switching the USB port, reinstalling the software, and several restore attempts. The new and more pressing

  • Just selected to upgrage to and now my iPod is emptyNovember 30

    iTunes just prompted me to upgrade to the latest and greatest so I did. After the install, I restarted iTunes and it said "Verfying the iPod" for several minutes at the top of the screen. Then the capacity bar at the bottom went from 2.5Gb to 0!

  • Help - have overrided mini ipod with empty Library!November 30

    PLEASE HELP!! My laptop was recently stolen, leaving me with just a copy of my music library on my mini ipod. I bought a new computer and was attempting to copy the songs from my mini ipod to the new computer, when I accidentally saved my blank music

  • When I plug in my Ipod to my desktop compuer , I see only the play list, no devise popup window. I ipod is empty and I wanted to load some added xmas music. I've tried to sync the device but it failed the test showing " NO ipod found. Help, ThanksNovember 30

    Why don't I see a pop-up menu after I plug in my ipod ? I see only my play list. My Ipod is completely empty. I'm trying to reloaded it with added xmas music. Thank You !Hello Ronald, I would be concerned too if my iPod was not recognized by iTunes. 

  • Ipod appears empty on itunes, but still says 9GB used! pls help.November 30

    I connected my ipod to a friends computer, and it seems to have 'wiped' it. The ipod shows up in itunes, but there is no music on it. However, it says at the bottom (and in exlporer) that I have used 9GB, so I assume my music is still on it. No music

  • IPod appears empty - No more free passes for AppleNovember 30

    I'm sorry, but locking the iPod so that it can only work with iTunes, is a bad call. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7002612.stm I've just been bitten by this, and I feel like I used to feel when used by Microsoft software. Powerless, angry, an

  • Almost full ipod see emptyNovember 30

    i can't dowload my photos on my laptop or any computer because say is empty but is almost full! and i can passe anything to have more spaceAre the photos in your iPod's camera roll album? Those are the only ones that can be imported by: iOS: Importin

  • My ipod looks empty but the memory is full of all my songs! HELP PLEASENovember 30

    when I turn on my nano.. it's empty! So I plugged it into my USB port and it connects to my iTunes, and the screen is completely empty from all my songs! iPod seems totally blank. The only thing is I still have 3.33GB of space taken up. So now I can'

  • How do you load songs from iPod to empty iTunes?November 30

    My computer recently broke down so I have a new computer. The problem is my iTunes on this new computer is empty and my iPod has all the songs from my old iTunes. How do I successfully load the songs from my iPod to my iTunes? I appreciate any tips t

  • How Do I Sync the songs on my Ipod with empty I Tunes?November 30

    I had a hard drive crash and my ITunes is empty. How do I sync my Ipod classic, where all my songs are, with ITunes on my computer?*Recover media from iPod* Check out this post from Zevoneer for options on moving your iPod data back to your computer.

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