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why do proxy servers freez up

  • Getting through proxy serversOctober 11

    Hello, Does anyone know if the URLRequest / Loader classes are able to connect through proxy servers? In other words, does Flash read the PC's proxy configuration and automatically use it? Also, I was wondering, if one was to create a Socket and then

  • Proxy servers and the "cannot publish" error - v.1.1.2October 11

    Using the latest iWeb (1.1.2), attempts to publish my work to my .Mac account resulted in the infamous "publish error." I then came across this KB article: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303927 I turned off my proxy access in the

  • OS X Tiger and proxy serversNovember 30

    At the office I use my MacBook Pro connected to an exchange server. To do so I've had to use Microsoft Entourage and Firefox. I cannot get any of the Mac software (iTunes, Safari, Mail, etc.) to work with the server. I've read previous discussions in

  • ACE best practice for proxy serversNovember 30

    Dear, I would like to know which is the best practice scenario to load balance proxy servers: 1- Best practice to have transparent proxy or proxy setting on the web browser? 2- for transparent proxy: best practice to use ip wccp or route-map pointing

  • Application Server slowdown with multiple proxy servers ?November 30

    Our environment has our iAS boxes talking to iWS web servers which are front-ended with iPlanet Proxy servers (Proxy 3.53 I believe). We are seeing significant slowdown if we try and hit our web apps through the proxy as opposed to going directly to

  • Creating java sockets behind proxy servers.November 30

    Hi, I am trying to create a socket to an external server(i.e. a public server) from behind a proxy firewall, but the socket creation statement throws an IO exception. Can someone please let me know how to create sockets using proxy servers. TIA Shish

  • PAC file support for Proxy ServersNovember 30

    When will AIR support PAC files for proxy servers? In our network, we can't point to a PAC file because the AIR app simply ignores it, and we experience comms issues because of it. The workaround is to configure the network settings to point directly

  • Cache FLV on Proxy servers?November 30

    Hi all, We are planning to build a website that shows video through Flash. The thing is that my customer does not want us to use a streaming Server like Flash Media Server. (It's a shame) Anyway, we are bound to use progressive download for Flash Vid

  • ACE to load balance proxy serversNovember 30

    Hi, i have a set of 4 proxy servers that are already load balanced. But they are using a incorrectly configured health probe on the ace. I need to know a good configuration for a heath probe that will send a http request over port 80 , wait for respo

  • Running windows 7 firefox refuses to come up, proxy server is refusing connections network adminiastrater says proxy servers are correct and is issue with firefox what do I do/ doNovember 30

    I start up firefox and it says the proxy server is refusing connection. It is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections. To check the proxy servers and ask network administrater to make sure proxy server is correct They say the pr

  • Mozilla just did an update and now won't connect to "proxy servers"November 30

    Mozilla just did an update and now won't connect to "proxy servers". == This happened == Every time Firefox openedMaybe this article will help: [[Cannot connect after upgrading Firefox]]Read other 2 answers

  • Proxy servers and port 80November 30

    I don't know if this will transmit but I am suddenly losing contact with Apple discussions and get a white screen with a reference to Remote proxy servers / port80 / Apple discussions. Would anyone know what is going on and if the problem is my end o

  • Any suggestions for optimal configuration of cache on mulitple, high volume proxy servers?November 30

    I am trying to optimize the cache on 12 proxy servers running Sun ONE Proxy 3.6 on Solaris 8. They are not set in an array at this time. Forward proxying only. I have 3- 36G drives available per box for cache. Traffic volume - approximately 50,000 us

  • Proxy Servers, Password Resets/Expirations and Password PoliciesNovember 30

    Our current configuration has two directory proxy servers and two directory servers, all running DSEE 6.3.1. The LDAP clients point to the proxy servers and the proxy servers point to the directory servers. When the LDAP clients user the proxy server

  • Visits through proxy servers (was: Just plain CREEPY!)November 30

    Has anyone else had this happen to them. I have inserted CODE on all my websites to TRACK anyone visiting my websites pages- Since I joined the Adobe forum ALL the visits that are germane to this forum are 90% through Proxy servers!!!!!! But that's n

  • Disabling anonymous proxy serversNovember 30

    Can I find out if another user on my computer (my kid) has been using proxy servers to surf sites without my knowledge? Will Safari History indicate access to that server? If this is occurring, can I disable the ability to do so. I don't want any ano

  • Can proxy servers cause malfunction to Hyperion 931 server performance?November 30

    How does Hyperion system9 server software (IR/ PR/ Workspace/ Core/ HSS/ Planning) know which proxy server to use? And is there as place/ setting/ parameter to define one? As a Technical Engineer of our Hyperion software I frequently argue with our n

  • Configuring Proxy servers for Mail.appNovember 30

    Hello, and sorry if this question has been answered b4, but I couldn't find an answer... basically, I have to go thru proxy server at work to connect to the internet on my MBP, which I configured with Network Preferences (I enabled ftp, http, https,

  • Securing proxy serversNovember 30

    We are looking three ways of securing proxy servers for authorised hosts : Essentially you add an <authorized-hosts> section to the <tcp-acceptor> element of the proxy scheme and either specify the hosts or a range or specify a filter which ev

  • Does Socket support proxy servers?November 30

    Hello, I was wondering, if one was to create a Socket and then connect to a web site... mySocket.connect("www.mydoman.com", 80); but the user's PC uses a proxy server to connect to the Internet, would this connection succeed or fail? Also, I ass

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