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Where can I set volume in lumia 603

  • How to set up volume of lumia 535?October 11

    How to set up volume of lumia 535?you want to reset audio volume in Lumia 535? hold power button and press volume down key until that phone vibrate, after that you can set volume back you can also try using headset to test regarding this question I s

  • Volume level Lumia 820November 30

    Why each time I turn on my phone volume level is at number 13 ? And not at the 20 or 30 I had it for example. Solved! Go to Solution.walhir wrote: It doesn't really clears the matter because ALL other (not nokia) phones are not doing this. If you lea

  • Low Mic Volume in Lumia 720November 30

    Hi.... I just bought 720 a week ago...the mic volume is very low and very noisy.,.its really frustrating pls help me...Seems like a hardware problem, take it back to the place you bought it from for a replacement or to a Nokia Care Point to have it c

  • Lumia 720 volume down button not workingOctober 11

    Hey buddies, I'm using lumia 720 and often i get this volume down button not working. I changed the button by giving it in nokia care for 3times and still im facing the same problem. And also noticed that this is happening to most of the lumia 720's.

  • Volume Button Not Working on Lumia 620October 11

    Today my volume rocker switch on my Nokia Lumia 620 stopped working suddenly. It was dropped a couple times today as I was at a concert and people rushed past. The volume switch feels spongy when pushed in and only adjusts the volume when pushed down

  • Nokia Lumia 720 down volume button not working aft...October 11

    Hi just got my Lumia 720 25 days back and now i'm having this issue going on started from today after I wake up my phone the down volume button does not work for a while. What i noticed is until i press the Up volume button the down volume button doe

  • Volume too low on LumiasOctober 11

    I previuosly owned a Lumia 800 and now a Lumia 920, and both have exactly the same problem...the earphone volume is just too low. Things are fine of you are hearing in a quiet room, but if you are walking or jogging in the street, the music volume at

  • Lumia 520 volumeOctober 11

    Hi, i am using Lumia 520 with Windows 8.1 software, currently i am facing problem in volume if i play music i cant able to listen but  music  can listen  in headphone, surprise is in FM i can play the music in Loudspeaker even i am getting calls, all

  • Volume & Back Button Bug Lumia 820October 11

    Hi all, I bought my wife a Nokia Lumia 820 about 2 months ago and up until now she's been extremely pleased and impressed with it. However yesterday she encountered a weird bug which we cannot fix. Am not sure how she managed it, but the volume displ

  • My Nokia lumia 620 top volume button got faulty, I...October 11

    My nokia lumia 620 top volume button somehow went inside the phone and I can't increase the volume, its stuck at 0! Is there any way on Windows Phone to increase the volume without the damn key? I need a solution because my warranty is in another tow

  • Volume botton problem in lumia 520October 11

    I had noticed many times that my lumia's volume was not working even though I minimized volume.have you checked that your back cover is sealed on the phone correctly, and also tried performing a soft reset? also check that you are up to date with the

  • Lumia 920 Sennheiser CX 680i mic and volume proble...October 11

    Hi all I just got a pair of Sennheiser CX 680i. They are iPhone compatible but I didn't know that they only partially work with my Lumia 920. The play/pause, skip forward and backward are working fine. But the mic and volume don't. I read that it's b

  • Mp3 Volume issue Nokia Lumia 620October 11

    Hi,  I was hoping someone could help me with this one please. When Listening to audio on the nokia Lumia 620 via the built in radio the audio is nice and loud and I can listen to it at volume 10 through the ear phones. However I have transfered some

  • Lumia 620 music volume not changing..October 11

    I've lumia 620,sometimes the music volume is set on constant level but it is only for audio songs(downloaded from Nokia music or pc ). But if i play music from nokia music/or play videos,games,metrotube... The volume does changes except for music fro

  • Why is the Lumia Icon's ringtone lower than when previewing the ringtone in settings/system/ringtone sounds? (The volume is set at 30 in all cases.)October 11

    Why is the Lumia Icon's (929) ringtone lower than when previewing the ringtone in settings/system/ringtone+sounds? (The volume is set at 30 in all cases.)Hello Lena, Yes, tried all those things. After going back and forth with Verizon's "tier 2"

  • Volume level on Lumia 625 changes by itselfNovember 30

    Hi, On my Lumia 625 I preset the volume to a number (as you do) and after a while it changes to a lower number by itself. Is there any way I can make sure this doesn't happen? Thanks. Solved! Go to Solution.As of now, there is no setting that would l

  • Lumia 925 Volume software limit?November 30

    Hey guys, Just made the switch back to Windows Phone after a long stint with iOS and Windows Mobile before that..  Anyway. It seems the output of the Lumia's headphone jack is limited in software by some means. I have an aftermarket pair of headphone

  • Lumia 920 volume hangsNovember 30

    Hi, i own lumia 920. My music volume hangs after certain period of time. Please someone let me know the solution apart from resetting the mobile. Moderator's note: We have provided a subject-related title to help other forum users easily view and res

  • Lumia 720 volume down keyNovember 30

    Recently the volume down key on my lumia 720 has stopped working. It works sometimes if I restart my phone but again stops after a while. I am also unable to soft reset the phone because the volume down key is not working. It does not seem like a har

  • Lumia 620 Earpiece VolumeNovember 30

    dear all, i found that my lumia 620 earpiece volume is very low/soft. i can hardly hear what the other party is talking. volume is at max. any solution to this? listening to music is ok. this problem only occur when making/receiving phone calls..When

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