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what logic can i run on 10.7.2

  • Will logic pro x run on my mac mini dual core intel i5 with 4gb of ram and mountain lion ?October 11

    hi there guys, will logic pro x run on my mac mini dual core intel i5 with 4gb of ram and mountain lion ? I'm not sure if my machine is 64 bit - it is the current model base mac mini. Many thanks for any help you can offer ! SimonSkiJumptoes is right

  • Will Logic Pro 9 run on a 2007 4GB ram, 320GB hard drive, Intel 2 duo 2ghz mac mini?November 30

    "Will Logic Pro 9 run on a 2007 4GB ram, 320GB hard drive, Intel 2 duo 2ghz mac mini?" I am looking for the cheapest way possible to run Logic Pro 9 and will purchase a second hand mac mini if it will run the software. Thank you!Yes it will.. I

  • Include within Default.lgf Script Logic does not runNovember 30

    Dear Gurus, I wrote a WHEN function in Script Logic which is supposed to multiply a input % (INP01) value (growth) with the absolute figure of the previous year. I works fine in the Backend Debugger. Then I put it in the default logic because I want

  • Will Logic Express 9 run on OSX Maverick?November 30

    Hello. Will Logic Express 9 run on OSX Maverick?Are you still having no problems with Mavericks and Logic Express 9.1.8? I have not updated yet and really want to make sure that all is good before i do.... Thanks for any information and comments. Mar

  • Hi, I want to know if Logic Pro X running on Mavericks works ok with M-Audio Fast Track before buying it.November 30

    Hi, I want to know if Logic Pro X running on Mavericks works ok with M-Audio Fast Track before buying it.Hi, Yes the Scarlett 2i2 will work with Logic Pro or  Reason, make sure you download the latest version of our driver (1.5 dmg for MAC) from focu

  • Logic Pro 7 running out of memory!?!November 30

    Hi! I am working on a project were I basically want to cut up every beat of a drum recording on 12 tracks and correct their timing individually (I have my reasons for doing this). This creates a decent amount of regions and for some reason Logic star

  • Leopard and Logic 8 are running flawless on my 8core computers...November 30

    Leopard and Logic 8 are running flawless on my 8core computers...Rexxmoran & Band On The Run - What method did you use to upgrade? I've been considering using Carbon Copy to duplicate my main drive to a 2nd hard drive, and either: 1. format my main d

  • How will Logic Pro X run with a 2006 iMac (Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.16 GHz, 4GB ram)?October 11

    I have a 2006 iMac 2.16 GHz, 4GB ram, Intel Core 2 Duo. I am not planning on using plug-ins, I am a beginning artist and Logic Pro seems to have more than what I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Yes it will.. I would recommend you use the

  • Logic Express 9 running with Tascam US-122 - possible?October 11

    Hello, I've been scouring support forums and the Logic user manual all day and unfortunately cannot seem to find an answer to this: Is it at all possible to run Logic Express 9 with the Tascam US-122? I've just converted from PC to Mac in the last co

  • Logic pro 9 runs very slow on my macbook os x 10.6.8 4gbNovember 30

    with logic 8 i had no problems. now that i have installed logic pro 9  it runs so slow .. just a little click anywhere to load something or to close something ..it just starts loading and loading ... it frustrating ! i'm even thinking of getting a ne

  • Can logic express 7 run on a macbook osx 10.6.8,2.4 ghz intel core 2 duo, 2gb ram?November 30

    I have Logic express 7.2 on an iMacppc g5.  will it also run on a Mac book with the above description? MKI too am having the exact same problem, I've been using G4 for 2 years with Logic Express 7.0.1. I've just tried to install on intel G5 10.6.8. S

  • Will Logic Studio AUs run in Logic Express 9November 30

    I have Logic Studio 8, with tons of additional AUs that I purchased. I am thinking of purchasing Logic Express 9, and was wondering if the AUs from Logic Studio will work in Logic Express 9. Also, I hear, (but am not sure) that  Logic Express doesn't

  • Logical Reads are very high when run as sproc and very less logical reads when run as a scriptNovember 30

    Hello  Have a question,  when i execute a sproc. i get a very high logical reads count and when i run the same sproc converted into script it has very low logical reads what does it mean..I would like you to check query plan during ad-hoc run versus

  • Now that Logic can be run in 64 bit is there any use for Plogue Bidule?November 30

    Hi all. I have seen some videos of composers with Digital Performer running Plogue Bidule as some way to optimize their Mac's performance with large instances of Kontakt, millions of VSL instruments etc. I am wondering what the practical uses of a mo

  • Why won't Logic Pro 9 run on my Mac running OSx?November 30

    When launching program get message "You can't run this version of the application Logic Pro with this version of Mac OS X. You have Logic Pro 9.0.0." And yet Mainstage, bundled with Logic Pro 9.0, will run. Is there an update or upgrade I need t

  • Will Logic Pro X run on the latest MBA with i5 and 8GB RAM?November 30

    Hi, want to buy the new Logic Pro X but I´m not sure if it will rum smoothly on my MBA 2013 with i5 and 8GB Ram. I saw some very promising posts on the i-net regarding Logic Pro 9 which seems to run nice. But does the latest version of Logic require

  • Will Logic Express 8 run if I upgrade my G3 B&W?November 30

    My system I'm running at the moment is: G3 PowerMac 400Mhz/1MB Cache 512MB PC100 RAM ATI Rage128 16MB Video Card MOTU PCI-324 Audio Card/MOTU 2408 MKII Adaptec SCSI PCI Card Western Digital 40GB IDE Hard Drive Original Apple 9GB Hard Drive 40GB IBM 1

  • Presonus Faderport problem with Logic Pro 7 running Snow LeopardNovember 30

    I've been been using Tiger to run Logic Pro 7 without any problems for the past few years. I've held out on upgrading to Snow Leopard since everything worked so nicely, but I finally gave in and loaded 10.6.6. Logic Pro 7 seems to be okay except for

  • How to connect my Alesis to Logic Express Pro, running on an Intel Mac MiniOctober 11

    Hi, would anyone possibly have an idea how to connect my Alesis Multimix 8 USB to Logic Express 7,2? The Alesis has a USB out. But I don't see anything in the L/E documentation on USB connections. I'm hopeful there's another way. Thanks very much. -p

  • Logic 9 wont run in 32 bit mode. Help!November 30

    I've tried going into the app info and selecting "open in 32-bit" but it still runs as 64 and i cant access some of my plugins. What can i do to fix this?Try booting the computer with the 32-bit Kernal, restart and hold down number 23 as the com

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