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vlan mapping Inheritance

  • Flex Connect Groups - WLAN to VLAN mappingNovember 30

    I have a question about configuring WLAN to VLAN mapping on FlexConnect Groups. Do the mappings that are configured in the FC Group get inherited by the APs when they are placed in the group? It seems like they do not. I am playing around in a lab wi

  • H-REAP LWAPs losing VLAN mapping when fail to secondary WLC'sNovember 30

    Hello, I have three 5508 WLCs, running code supporting 100+ LWAPs in H-REAP mode. The LWAPs are servicing 2-3 WLANs each. Some are using central authentication and local switching, some are configured for central authentication and central s

  • FlexConnect VLAN Mappings InheritanceNovember 30

    Hi guys, I have 3 APs, which joined the vWLC some time ago (FlexConnect mode). I setup the VLAN Mappings, add them to an AP Group and all went well. After some time I started to use FlexConnect Groups. I have created a group for these three and add e

  • VLAN Map issueOctober 11

    I have an issue with a VLAN map I am attempting to use to filter traffic. It is a flat Layer 2 LAN so all hosts are in VLAN 1. I have a number of test machines that I want to deny access to live database servers. To do this I tried the following: ip

  • Problem switching from AP-specific to Group-specific VLAN mappingOctober 11

    Hello. Some days ago, I updated our 5508 WLC to software version With that version, it should be possible to have a VLAN mapping specific for a Flexconnect group that is set within Flexconnect Group settings. I did that for all my Flexconn

  • Mapping inheritanceNovember 30

    We're converting an existing system to JDO. Obviously, we're going to be mapping the domain classes to the existing schema. There's very little inheritance in the current data model to worry about, but there's one area where we want to remodel severa

  • VLAN MapNovember 30

    Does anyone know if VLAN Maps are supported in CAT OS? I have found that they are supported in the 3550, 4500, and 6509 running IOS but would like to know ALL of the devices they are supported in. Thanks for the help, BrianI don't think vlan maps are

  • HREAP VLAN MappingNovember 30

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  • AP-Specific WLAN-VLAN Mapping auditNovember 30

    Is there anyway to audit the access points in FC mode to determine the WLAN-VLAN mapping and if it is AP or WLAN specific? or Is there a script that I can run to make the WLAN-VLAN mappings on all FC mode APs AP-Specific?Thanks for the fast reply. He

  • Hreap vlan mapping issuesNovember 30

    wlc 5508 code AIR-CAP3502E-N-K9 ap mode: hreap vlan mapping native 30 vlan ssid  x 310. each time that for what ever reason my access point goes down(not that my access point resets by itself, if i have to move it), the setting in the vlan

  • On WLC 'one-to-many' means one VLAN mapped to multiple SSIDs possible?November 30

    Does the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Architecture includes this feature (configuration possibility)?Thanks all for the provided infos. We have now the same requirements for two customers -> One-to-Many (One VLAN mapped to multiple SSIDs). Can anybo

  • Vlan mapping lost when fail to secondary WLCNovember 30

    Hello I have two WLCs,The primary WLC mode 5508 ,running code is, The secondary WLC mode 4402,running code is When ap working on 5508 wlc,it use flexconnect mode, when ap working on 4402, it will h-reap mode ap mode:1242.1142. q

  • Lost VLAN Mapping on WLC 5508 (Flexconnect)November 30

    Hi guys, I have a WLC 5508 and some AIR-LAP1131AG-T-K9 all in flexconnect configuration. The problem is that 1130 Access Points lost the VLAN Mapping configuration without reason, simple change the vlan mapping to 999 and I need to reconfigure that.

  • H-Reap vlan mapping groupsNovember 30

    Hi Im configuring a WLC 5508 ( version 7 ) with h-reap local switching. All is working , yet i wonder if the vlan mapping can be done better. Currently i need to go into each Lightweight Access point , enable h-reap, then set the native vlan , with t

  • Vlan mapping cisco catalyst 3560November 30

    Hello which Cisco switches support vlan mapping ? and did Cisco catalyst 3560 support vlan mapping or not ?? thank uThank u pdanekul I know 3750 support vlan mapping but with 3560 i can not see vlan mapping config switchport vlan mapping and also i c

  • Vlan mapping missing from flexconnect APNovember 30

    I am having issue with flexconnect mode AP. They are losing vlan mapping very frequently. I need to reconfigure the vlan mapping then only client starts getting IP addresses. Please let me know what may be the issue. AP model: AIR-CAP3602I-N-K9  WLC

  • OTV Vlan mapping with F3 on 6.2(12)November 30

    I have OTV working perfectly using Nexus 7700 and OTV VDC.  All blades are F3.  However, when trying to do Vlan mapping over OTV (i.e. local vlan is 500 and remote vlan is 700), I cannot get any traffic through the tunnel. The research I've done says

  • 3750 - QinQ Multiple VLANS - Vlan mappingNovember 30

    Hi All, I have a client that uses vlans that already exist on our network (vlan 1,2,3,99,100,200,250...) nethier of us are in a position to change the numbering at this stage. 3750 stacks are on the client side and on my side what is the best way to

  • AP Flex-connect VLAN mapping auditingNovember 30

    I am trying to find a way to conduct auditing for VLAN mapping for AP in flex-connect mode. I have seen the mapping changed due to AP reboot or other reasons untill the user reporting connection issues. I have looked NCS, and have not found a reporti

  • QinQ vs. Vlan mappingNovember 30

    Hi guys, for me it is new, so i would like to ask that what is different between QinQ and vlan mapping. I hope all guy let could explain me. ThankTo my knowledge vlan-mapping is another word for vlan translation, meaning you translate (modify) the vl

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