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  • What is the interaction between calling VIs and subVIs using VI Server?November 30

    I'm studying for the CLAD and one of the lines in NI's preparation document here is this: What is the interaction between calling VIs and subVIs using VI Server? I know how to use the "Call By Reference" function to call a VI, but not necessaril

  • How to find list of vis and subvis in an exeNovember 30

    i have several LV exes, is it posisble to find out what vis and subvis and controls went into building it ? ThanksSupposedly, there are ways.  But none for mere mortals.  There were several threads in the last couple of weeks asking about this.  You

  • How to prevent vis consisting of a lot of subvisNovember 30

    hi all, I need your suggestions about preventing the confliction of working with two PC on the same vi. I built a program and it has a lot of subvis and I have to work with 2 PC. When I detect an error on a subvi or anything else I have to change the

  • How to copy VI and create new subVI pathsOctober 11

    Hi all, I'm still pretty new to LabView, and I'm not sure how to properly do this.. Basically I have a working VI which validates a chassis, but I want to use the code on another chassis. The only differences (that I know of) are the login name and p

  • SubVI: Save to 'destination' directory How it works?October 11

    Hi, Quick question. Could you confirm or deny how that feature suppouse to work? My understanding is: if my VIs which I have in my APPlication Directory (APPD) refer to others subVIs which are not in my APPD nor in its sub-directiories neither, then

  • How to display remote front panels of subvis that are already openNovember 30

    I inherited an RT project that uses remote front panels for nearly all the user interfaces. The host application opens a remote front panel the the top level RT vi, and there are several subvis on the RT system that are opened from that top level vi

  • After building executable file, it runs abnormally with no startup VIs.November 30

    I'm programming in Labview 8.0.1. I just modified some place in a big project, which is, adding a new subVI and it will be called when a button is pressed. But after my re-build this project, this subVI will start along with the main VI when the prog

  • My excel report is not working in executable file ,however,it works well in viOctober 11

    Hi all ,      Could any one please help me in getting the reason behind the executable file not working for excel report generation,however I can get the same function without any problem in main vi. I am attaching my code and executable file also ,p

  • Application builder-Office report generation toolkitOctober 11

    Hi, I remember there was a trick to get the executable work with different versions of Microsoft office but I cannot find it now. The problem it to get the exe work with some other office version that it was made. I use LabVIEW 7.0 - 7.1 and Report g

  • Report Margins.. Not saving in .REP file?October 11

    dear all I create a report and setup its Paper Size, margins etc after selecting desired Printer. Then I run it and take prints, it prints according to my settings. But when I compile it (control T making .rep), the output of this .rep file is not ac

  • Is there a way to save data accessed through Control Refnum?October 11

    Hi, I am controlling 4 instruments, each from its own VI. (LabVIEW 7.1)  I have built a seperate VI which calls all the instrument VIs as subVIs and displays all the readings.  I would like to save the data I am displaying in the main VI.  In the sub

  • What is the difference between Deploy TestStand system(3.1) and Run Engine Installation wizard(1.0) in Tools menuOctober 11

    Hi,    In TestStandIf you want to run a TS script that calls VIs on a Runtime engine only system you have to use the Deploy TestStand utility to do that. Since a Runtime Engine only system does not have vi.lib you must search all the .seq for VI call

  • Error 7 occurred at source does not existOctober 11

    I have VIs written in LabVIEW 6.1 and works fine. I try to use LabVIEW 7 to build it. But I got error: Error 7 occurred at source does not exist Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: File not found. The file might have been moved or deleted, or the file path

  • Application Installer ProblemOctober 11

    I have created an application under Labview 8.2 and am now trying to create an installation which will enable me to run this executable on a target computer. I have specified Labview Runtime Engine 8.2 but when I try to run it on the taget pc the ins

  • Directory structure for different driversOctober 11

    I have different instruments and am creating Vis for these instruments to support custom features. These Vis will then be used as subvis to create application. Say there is DMM, Scope and power supply. Will creating their own llbs (one llb for DMM, o

  • Cannot run Simulink dll at the same time as running real-time target VINovember 30

    Hello What I am trying to do is run a model dll created in Simulink to control some servo's through a CompactRio 9014.  At the moment I have managed to create three VIs 1) In the FPGA target that performs the PWM on a desired channel 2) That takes th

  • How to seperate two input signalsNovember 30

    Hi people, currently i have one input voltage signal, i would like to add another input signal which display the temp from my Arduino IDE wirelessly via serial visa configure. After doing that, i would like seperate these two signals by using data bi

  • Type cast function useNovember 30

    Good morning, I am using the "type cast" function and the "visa write" subvi to control a DO channel of Arduino (RS232 communication), please see image attached. Can somebody advise how should I program in LabVIEW in order to control m

  • How to make dyanmic controller​s and indicators ,appearnce of controller​s and indicator only when a specific case is calledNovember 30

    how can we make a front panel dynamic in such a way that suppose we select a case structure or press a button than the controllers and indicators corresponding to that choice r visible in the front panel not of other options?? can we do this using su

  • Creating Folder stucture Application BuilderNovember 30

    Dear Friends, I was intending to populate a specific folder structure inside the BUILD folder as shown in figure. But after a lots of combination unable to find what I was looking for. Please refer the figure and do suggest me if, there is any method

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