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  • [SOLVED]Virtualbox installation, X, display driversNovember 30

    Hi, Installing arch in virtual box and I'm unsure of a few things which I'd like to understand.  I've been running through the wiki on installing X but do not understand about the graphics drivers. So, I understand the virtual box has its own virtual

  • Module vbox* not found; Virtualbox; additions [RESOLVED]November 30

    I'm running arch in virtualbox. And first, I installed virtualbox-archlinux-additions from repository by pacman and everything worked fine, except a little problem. So I thought (altough it's not recommended) installing virtualbox guest additions fro

  • [SOLVED] xmonad on virtualbox guest does not workNovember 30

    I'm trying to install xmonad on an arch guest in virtualbox. I'm referencing both the Beginner's Guide and the VirtualBox doc. The beginner's guide says to install X a different way and points the virtualbox guide, which doesn't mention X. So here's

  • Archlinux (after fresh) Install ScriptNovember 30

    I want to share my archlinux install script dat i use after do a fresh install, if u have any idea of how to make it better pls post here #!/bin/bash # By helmuthdu #custom repositories #{{{ read -p "Install custom repositories [y][n]: " OPTION

  • [Solved]VIrtualBox and printersNovember 30

    Hi everyone. I have a trouble to print on Windows 7 guest from Archlinux Host. Tried to enable usb 2.0 EHCI but seems to be missing some from Vbox , i have installed next ones packet community/virtualbox 4.1.4-1 [instalado] community/virtualbox-addit

  • [SOLVED] VirtualBox Additions Package Missing?November 30

    Hi all, Following the VirtualBox section of the wiki here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Vi - nux_guests - it directs me to install the following packages: pacman -S virtualbox-guest-additions However, I just get a message saying the package i

  • Gnome3 slow, using virtualboxNovember 30

    I really got use to gnome3 and actually can say I like it as much as I did with gnome2, but I'm having some issues maybe it's virtualbox itself as we're using windows at work but require linux to match our production environment. I followed the virtu

  • Build modules for Virtualbox 4.2 guestNovember 30

    I expected to see packages for virtualbox 4.2 guest additions in package lists. Is there some reason why there aren't any? Also, is there some reason why installing kernel source has to be such a PITA? Building modules against installed kernel source

  • GNOME 3.2 VirtualBox Login FailureNovember 30

    Hello everyone! I was running Virtual Box on my laptop but I seem to be running into the same problem over and over again. When I first install GNOME 3, it loads and automatically goes into fallback mode. However, once I install the "virtualbox-archl

  • [SOLVED] virtualbox-modules: dkms: command not foundNovember 30

    $ makepkg -s ==> Making package: virtualbox-modules 4.2.6-4 (Tue Jan 29 15:42:01 EET 2013) ==> Checking runtime dependencies... ==> Checking buildtime dependencies... ==> Retrieving Sources... ==> Extracting Sources... ==> Removing exist

  • Trying to resolve ntlmv errros mounting CIFS network shares via fstabOctober 11

    Kernel: 3.4.2-2 WM: Openbox About 6 months or so ago, which was after about a year on my current install with no issue, I began getting an ntlmv error when auto mounting samba shares at boot.  Everything still worked but I continued getting an error

  • Cannot resolve "python", a dependency of "python-distutils-extra"October 11

    Attempting to perform a full system upgrade on 32 bit archbang 2012.05, and when I `pacman -Syu`: this occurs Anyone know how to deal with this issue? $ sudo pacmatic -Syu Recent ML chatter: :: Synchronizing package databases... core is up to date ex

  • [SOLVED] Can't get GDM to run - what am I doing wrong?November 30

    Alright, I'm running a fresh, up to date install of Arch in a virtual machine, and I'm consistently unable to get GDM to work properly. I pretty much followed the beginners' guide, and tried reinstalling from scratch several times. I've installed gdm

  • [Solved] Several problems after updateNovember 30

    Hi. I updated my system (yaourt -Syua). Since then I have three problems, I don't know how much connected to each other. First, I can't enter LXDE. After I login, I get back the login screen of xdm. When I go init 3, and start startx from console, th

  • Pacman -Syu ErrorNovember 30

    can any1 help me fix this im new??/ this what i get when i type "pacman -syu" thanks if u help me!!!! :: Synchronizing package databases... core is up to date extra 1412.4 KiB 359K/s 00:04 [----------------------] 100% community 1763.9 KiB 358K/

  • (SOLVED) virtual box installationNovember 30

    Hi. I just installed new archlinux in virutalbox to check new installtion procedure... I have installed everything, installed: xorg-server xorg-xinit xorg-server-utils, dbus, gnome, gdm, virutalbox-guest-additions load modules for vbox and when tryin

  • Safe to remove linux kernel when using linux-lts kernel?November 30

    I'm using the `linux-lts` kernel on my work machine (less reboots after updates); I know in theory it should be safe to remove the normal `linux` kernel (and it's dependencies) but does anyone know if it is safe in practice? Nothing that assumes ther

  • After kernel update, anything i should do for my arch system in vboxNovember 30

    Hi all: I've installed arch as a vbox guest system. The host system is windows 7. After Archlinux kernel updates, do i need to re-install the guest add-on modules ? or is there anything necessary after each kernel update ? Best Regards,Thanks for the

  • Arch drops me to a rescue shell after kernel updateNovember 30

    Hello everyone, I am an Arch newbie and glad if you hold my hand for a little on this one. Last night I did my first pacman -Syu and among others it also updated my kernel to whatever kernel currently in the repositories is. After that I rebooted my

  • [Solved] Long term support (LTS) kernel dependenciesNovember 30

    As far as I can find, there is no Wiki on the LTS kernel out there, but if there is, please redirect me if this is answered elsewhere. I am looking to install the LTS kernel alongside the [core] version as a "fallback" in case something get upda

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