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vido dp 602 firmware

  • [NX6200AX-TD128] Firmware: engineering release not for production useNovember 30

    Hi, i just got my MSI NX6200AX-TD128 (602-V011-010) card B0505000867 and it shows this bootup firmware info: BIOS 5.44.A2.02.00 engineering release not for production use Why is MSI selling these cards with a firmware like this? Why there is no updat

  • E55 and BH-602.November 30

    E55 with firmware 033.002 I added a custom "Earphone" mode: when I switch on the BH-602 the E55 switch from Normal mode to Earphone mode. I would like to report a problem when the E55 phone is ringing and I switch on the BH-602. The BH-602 does

  • UEFI for "N760 TF 2GD5/OC" 602-V284-72SC...November 30

    I traded my ASUS against a MSI because I saw the great support here.  I also would like a UEFI firmware for my N760 TF 2GD5/OC. I've used the search but I can't find a post with my serial: 602-V284-72SC1405010542 Or is it already with the latest vers

  • [REQUEST] GOP/UEFI firmware for GTX 770 needed.November 30

    S/N: 602-V282-41SB1404075204 Version : 80.04.E6.00.1E (from NVflash) I'm installing W10 in UEFI mode. So if I'm understanding this correctly, I need to: 1. Get the UEFI firmware for the video card. 2. Create a DOS boot usb and transfer the firmware a

  • Requesting legacy BIOS firmware for N750TI-2GD5TLPNovember 30

    This may be different from most of the UEFI requests.  I have an older computer (supermicro X7QCE) that requires legacy BIOS support (or hybrid bios support) and also requires the low profile version of the card or I would have gotten the version wit

  • Requesting UEFI GOP firmware for R7850 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OCNovember 30

    Hi! My S/n is :602-V273-05SC1207012579, which UEFI GOP firmware can I use? Thanks in advance.Quote from: Svet on 29-April-13, 02:38:10 attached below Thanks for your attachment. I've tried it. But if I set mainboard's bios supportion to "Compitable E

  • Request & question by n00b: GOP/UEFI N770 TF 2GD5/OC S/N:602-V282-20SB1307058435November 30

    New to the forum. I ran into some problems after updating Winodws 8 to 8.1. Seems the UEFI install I did wasn't executed correctly. So, now I have a one-week-old PC sitting here, doing nothing. Just updated the MoBo BIOS via USB, now trying to figure

  • [REQUEST] UEFI GOP firmware for GTX760 TF 2GD5/OCNovember 30

    Dear MSI, I'd like to obtain a firmware update compliant with UEFI GOP so that I can enable the motherboard's ultra fast boot mode under Windows 8.1. The serial number is 602-V284-55SC1310008932 The following is the printout from nvflash.exe /v: NVID

  • R7870-2GD5T/OC GOP/UEFI firmware requestNovember 30

    Hello, I'm planning on reinstalling Windows 8.1 in UEFI mode and I would like a supported firmware for my graphics card (model in title). My serial number for the card is: 602-V274-10SB1208190973 If you need my computer specs for whatever reason, I h

  • Help! need firmware BIOS for my MSI GTX 660 OCNovember 30

    Hello I need the firmware BIOS for my MSI GTX 660 OC S/N 602-V287-29SB1306055545 PS. The memory of my video card ELPIDA - after firmware for it by the BIOS from the official website of the full screen artifacts ! ( I think this BIOS is not for my ELP

  • Macbook4,1 10.6.8 and firmware update - what went wrong?October 11

    Macbook 4,1 2008 2.4Ghz (not unibody). I recently reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled 10.6 from the Retail DVD and all seemed to go well. The MB was working fine up to that point. I then set up the MB (network, date and time, etc.) and repaired

  • New symptoms since latest firmware updateOctober 11

    OK I have a 1tb sky hd box which hasn't had any really annoying issues up until the new firmware update (the one with the new Kids tile which is annoying in its own right).  Anyway, I have been watching the cricket on SS2 and every so often when they

  • New to the WRT300N - Firmware & help neededOctober 11

    Hi. First off, I apologize that this is going to be very long.  I really hope someone will take the time to read it all and give me some help. I posted about a week ago about problems with my WRT54GS.  All of a sudden with no changes, the wireless st

  • 27: iMac Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter quits working post-firmwareOctober 11

    I iMac Apple Mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter suddenly quit working after I installed Apple's latest iMac display firmware update. This is an Intel Core i5; the monitor is an LG Flatron 24" Wide, and when it powers up it says "no video input"

  • Start-up problems, black screen or open firmwareOctober 11

    My iBook G4 1.33GHz Dual USB, with 1 gb RAM memory has been troublesome lately. It's installed with the latest version of OS 10.4.9 When starting up the ibook, it will sometimes only show a black screen after the boot chime. Repeated force restart so

  • PETITION: This is what I would like to see in a new firmware upgrade for the MTP ZEN TOOctober 11

    FIXES: -Ensures correct playback on the player of Zencast audio content that has been transferred using Zencast organiser. Remaining time is displayed correctly, and rewind / fast-forward functions can be used - Allows users to transfer tracks betwee

  • ITouch Firmware Upgrade - Can no longer connect to car audio systemOctober 11

    I just upgraded to 3.1.1 last night on my iTouch and can no loger plug in and connect to the audio system on my Infiniti G35x. The iTouch shows that it is connected by the audio system shows that it isn't. I've checked the cables, etc and all is fine

  • Cisco Router tried to take a firmware update and no longer worksOctober 11

    Ok so internet was working fine until Cisco Connect told me to take an update.  My connection is wired and there were no disruptions during the download.  Yet the download still failed and now my power light blinks continuously and there is no intern

  • Ipod Touch 4g doesn´t work after firmware updateOctober 11

    Hello togehther, i had two times the same problem with my iPod. Apple sent me two times a new iPod, but i don´t want to have new iPods every two weeks, i want to have an ipod that works a long time. The problem: -I tried to install Apps, but it didn´

  • I have a HP LaserJet M4555h MFP, how do I know if my firmware is corrupt, is it in the event log?October 11

    Model of MFP = HP LaserJet M4555h MFP = CE738A With fax accessory for HP LaserJet MFP Analog 500 = CE737A Firmware Datecode = 20120623 Firmware Revision = 2200643_228339 The inital issue was receiving faxes, so I updated the firmware to the above lis

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