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  • Lenovo S939 VIBEUI_V1.5_1419_ST_S939November 30

    Hello people this is my first lenovo phone and as a newbie i downloaded VIBEUI_V1.5_1419_ST_S939 and succesfully installed in my phone without using any tools only the system upgrade from the phone...The real problem now is that there is no GGaps man

  • How to Root Lenovo S939? And how to install VIBEUI_V1.5_1417_2_DEV_S939_NK_W_B215_MultiLang_GAPPS_November 30

    I bought a Lenovo S939 with a multilanguage ROM and GAPPS (aNDROID 4.2.2  -  S939_S124_131211). After the system update to the 4.4.2 ( VIBEUI_V2.0_1434_2_ST_S939) all the system (including Apps) have appeared in Chinese (I could choose English as sys

  • Lenovo s850 how to install VIBE UI 2.0 ?November 30

    Hi, A few weeks ago I bought a Lenovo S850. There is now installed ROM S850_ROW_S211_140929 is the last version. The problem is that there are no Polish language. Can somebody suggest how to install the ROM: VIBEUI_V2.0_1439_7.4.1_DEV_S850_WC87 or VI

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