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verizon dsl complaints

  • Verizon DSL drops out intermitte​ntly: problems for 10 monthsNovember 30

    Subject: Verizon DSL drops out intermittently:  problems for 10 months Hi all, Just wondering if any one can help.  We had Verizon DSL on our home phone line for six years in Worcester MA.  The first five years we had little to problems.  The last 10

  • Airport Extreme Network - Changing from Verizon DSL to Fios (with TV)October 11

    I am currently using Verizon DSL for internet access. My present network is stable with an Airport Extreme Base (New version) and two Airport Express running MDS for range extension, providing wireless access for a Macbook and a PC laptop (my wife's

  • Silly question, maybe. I want to change from Verizon DSL to cable, but cable company doesn't supply router.  can I use my Airport Extreme as wireless router?October 11

    We currently have the following wireless home-network configuration, powered by Verizon DSL.  2 macbook pro's 1 emachine HP PhotoSmart 6122 all-in-one printer Apple TV Apple Airport Extreme Base Port A 1408 Westell 7500 router Thinking I'd get wider

  • Help setting up wireless network with Verizon DSLOctober 11

    I bought a MacBook Pro and an Air Port Extreme yesterday. I have an iMAC G5 from October 2004. I have Verizon DSL service and a Westell Series 6100 modem. Bottom line --> I can't get the wireless connection to work. I have successfully used a wired d

  • Problems setting up Verizon DSL (DHCP) and AirPort ExtremeOctober 11

    I have Verizon DSL with DHCP and old router (Linksys WRT54G). I've bought iMac and new router (AirPort Extreme) to connect to iMac wirelessly. I have a Windows computer connected to the Linksys WRT54G. Now here is the story. I can connect verizon DSL

  • EPrint does not work after new wifi router on Verizon DSLOctober 11

    I have been using ePrint on my iPod, iPad, and iPhone for a few months without a problem, but recently had to switch to a new wifi router on my Verizon DSL, as my wifi kept turning off and Verizon's solution was an updated wifi router. Since the swit

  • I have an iMac, and have a Verizon DSL account. Recently, my Mac Mail keeps requesting the passwords on my account every few minutes, and will not allow me to send messages using Mac Mail. I cannot edit the outgoing server; how can I send emails?October 11

    I have an iMac, and have a Verizon DSL account (3 email addresses). Recently, my Mac Mail keeps requesting the passwords on my accounts every few minutes, and will not allow me to send messages using Mac Mail (the message says that the outgoing serve

  • Verizon DSL with Third-Party ModemOctober 11

    I recently purchased a Netgear ADSL2+ modem and a Netgear AC1600 router to replace the Verizon Actiontech combo router-modem that came with my Verizon DSL service. I am posting this problem and solution for anyone else who is or may experience the sa

  • Problems trying to install Verizon DSL to laptop..October 11

    Hi, Im trying to install verizon dsl software from the setup cd but im having problems. At first, it opened the cd but i accidently closed it while it was running and now my laptop cannot read it. I already have a verizon account this one, and im usi

  • Can I use a modem I got from a friend with Verizon DSL?October 11

    My friend gave me a Verizon DSL (modem plus router) for Verizon. Can I use that for DSL service? Thanks!!!Yes, it will likely work just fine.Read other 2 answers

  • Verizon DSL & AppleOctober 11

    I am having a very difficult time connecting my iMac and iBook (G4) to the internet at my house. I have Verizon DSL through out phone line and a Linksys router. The router recognizes that my computers are connected to the network but for some reason

  • Hooking up new computer with existing Verizon DSLNovember 30

    Hello, Bought a new desktop PC today, with Windows 7, replacing my old PC with Windows XP. Some **bleep** questions that I hope you experts can help me with. Will I simply be able to hook everything up on my new PC as on my existing PC and I'm good t

  • WRT54G Wireless Router Installation With Verizon DSL in Windows 2000November 30

    Okay, here's a question that I've got. I am trying to hook up a Linksys WRT54G router to a Verizon DSL connection that uses a Westell 6100 modem on a desktop running Windows 2000. Can someone please give me step-by-step instructions for changing conf

  • Verizon DSL install hijacking Safari and Apple MailNovember 30

    This is my first post. warning: it's long, just trying to include details I lost all my bookmarks/folders in Safari -- after a Verizon DSL install-induced browser hi-jacking. See http://www.red-sweater.com/blog/?p=78 for a story that captures my own

  • Linksys and Verizon DSLNovember 30

    I have Verizon DSL and have been using a Netgear wireless router for years, but was going to install a Linksys WRT54G. It doesn't seem to get the DHCP address. I have another linksys router I was going to test with but that also doesn't work. My netg

  • Verizon DSL Connection ProblemsNovember 30

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this My problems all began after purchasing a brand new computer. My Verizon DSL service worked perfectly on my old machine (with Windows XP) but I'm sure part of this issue is that I now have Windows Vis

  • Verizon DSL is downNovember 30

    I live in Brooklyn, NY and I've had Verizon High Speed Internet for almost 2 years. I've never had a problem until a week and a half ago. The DSL would go down and I'd have to restart my DSL modem numerous times before it comes back up. I would reset

  • Verizon DSL - High "Speed (down/up)" Low connection rateNovember 30

    Hello - I am doing this for myin-laws, who live in a semi-rural area.  They have Verizon DSL, and have been having very slow connection speeds for the past few months (they have the 1.5-3 Mbps, and are getting between 200-700 kpbs.  Sometimes, for a

  • Verizon DSL Tech Support and Slow Upload speedNovember 30

    We have been having considerable issues for 16 months with Verizon DSL and numerous chat sessions/calls to Verizon tech support. They verified that the upload speed was 768Kbps. Every site showed 360 - 370 Kbps.  Finally a technician came to the hous

  • Verizon DSL and wrt54gNovember 30

    Having problems installing my linksys wrt54g v8 router with my verizon DSL internet connection. On the step where the computer checks the internet connection I get an error message saying. Unable to detect internet connection or something like that.

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