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  • Trying to download game to macbook pro via mifi, need to know if there is faster way of doing this?November 30

    have verizon mifi modem, and downloading a big size game is taking way to long, is there a fast!!!! Way! to download?hey! thanks! soonermock! i thought that was a possibility but was'nt sure how that would work through a pc, i have 2 options and one

  • MiFi 4510L and Airport extremeNovember 30

    I am in the 14 day trial period.  I have 2 choices for broadband, cellular or satellite.  After 8 years of satellite frustration, I am on day with MiFi.  The speed is much better, even with G3. Is there any way to use my airport extreme as the hub an

  • PC FREE - what about large downloads?November 30

    I want to give an ipad to someone, to use " PC FREE ".  Will they be able to download large content directly over the iPad's 3G connection?  I currently can't download a TV show from iTunes to my iPhone over 3G, for example.  They don't have bro

  • 4G OUTAGE IN MINovember 30

    Am getting only 3g service on my Novatel mifi modem since I logged on at 5 am.Are you continuing to have problems with your MiFi 4510l? If so, I would recommend you call our technical support department in order for us to troubleshoot the actual devi

  • G3 or G4November 30

    I have an iMac G4.  Would I benefit from upgrading my wireless Verizon JetPack MiFi (modem) from a G3 unit to a G4 unit?An iMac G4 can't run Mac OS X 10.6.8. The G4 is the one with the white dome base. Prior to Intel CPUs, Apple used G3, G4, and G5 C

  • I have a verizon mifi 2200 modem and wonder if an ipad with retina display will connect to itNovember 30

    I have a verizon mifi 2200 modem and wonder if an ipad with retina display will connect with it to use the internetIt should work. Have you tried and it doesn't work? FYI Some things to try first: 1. Turn Off your iPad. Then turn Off (disconnect powe

  • USB760 Broadband Modem & MiFi Mobile Hotspot & iPadNovember 30

    I have a USB760 Broadband Modem that I use with my Dell Laptop (it does not have wireless built in). I also have an iPad with wireless and 3G, purchased from Apple last summer. If I can, I'd like to avoid paying for two separate Verizon accounts. Is

  • MiFi 4510L slower than my 3G usb modemNovember 30

    Just upgraded to the MiFi 4510 and my download speeds at best are the same as my 3G modem and at worst 1/2 the download speed. I have a 4 bar 4G signal and I am square in the middle of 4G coverage. Download speeds are 800kbps to 1.5MBpsAre you sure y

  • Can I connect my I MAC 8.1 to a wireless modem like verizon mifi 4g using airport ?October 11

    I am thinking of buying a verizon 4G jetpack Mifi 4510L. I know it will work for my laptop. However my desktop I MAC 8.1, I'm not sure of, is there a way to connect using airport or will I need another devise?If you have a recent iMac, then it will m

  • MiFi works with ipad2 only wi fi. To connect to 3g modem??November 30

    Mi-Fi work with ipad2 only wi fi. To connect to 3g modem??Sorry! My english is so bad!!! I have one ipad 2 wi fi that it does not have 3g. I have one 3g modem and I pay a signature of a local operator of a modem 3G. I want to know if a Mi- Fi would d

  • Unlimited MiFi Data Plan not "compatible" with 4G MiFiOctober 11

    I currently have a family plan that includes 2 Droid X's, 2 non data cell phones and a 3g MiFi Card.  I pay $30 for each Droid data plans and $53 for my unlimited data MiFi plan.  I recently decided to try and cut my Verizon plan payments down to a r

  • Samsung SCH-LC11 4G MIFI mobile hotspot - First Impressions #2October 11

    Yesterday, I received two Samsung 4G MIFIs to add to our corporate plan.  These are also to serve as test units for evaluation for a possible upgrade of our 14 other 3G data lines (PCMCIA). Here are my first thoughts and impressions regarding this de

  • Mifi 2200 - Error 691: Connection Failed - Access was denied ...November 30

    I have set up a Mifi 2200. It CAN work great. Intermittently though, I can't get connected wheen using the device as a USB modem. It will ALWAYS connect fine when I connect through Wifi. The error I get: Mifi 2200 - Error 691: Connection Failed - Acc

  • Could my ipad2 connects to the Internet using SIM card or USB Modem?November 30

    Could my ipad2 connects to the Internet using SIM card or USB Modem?If you have a 3G iPad, it can connect to the internet using cellular data. As the iPad has no USB port, you can't connect a USB modem. You can use what is called a MiFi, though. They

  • MiFi 4510L Problems - unable to browse web but can ping !November 30

    Have had stationary 4510L for months since my local store rep convinced me to upgrade my perfectly good 2200. Wish I had never done so. First the 4G/3G connect issues kept me from working until the recent firmware patch was finally released. But mixe

  • IPad and MiFi deal from Verizon WirelessNovember 30

    Hi, all, Check this out at http://www.verizonwireless.com/b2c/splash/ipad.jsp  This will be a great Christmas present for you or for someone else.  I wonder if the new relationship between VZW and Apple is a sign of good things to come...?  We shall

  • G4 OS x  10.4.11 connecting to web via mifiNovember 30

    After being without a landline for 2 weeks because of hurricane Irene, we finally decided to access the web by purchasing a mifi device. It is fantastic with our laptops, we are so thrilled to get out of the dinosaur era of dial-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Howe

  • MIFi 2200 with IPAD in Europe and GermanyNovember 30

    Hi Does anyone already has experience with the MIFI 2200 in Europe.(MiFI runs on CDMA) Can I use this unit with Vodaphone ( Verizon owned) or do I have to buy a wireless MOdem for UMTS. Is there a problem in Puerto Rico with the above unit. Thanks fo

  • Jetpack MIFI 4510LNovember 30

    In November of 2011, I received a advertisement  from Verizon stating that I could upgrade my present Verizon Wireless Fivespot which is 3G for a Verizon Jetpack  4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MIFI 4510L free. I made the switch and used it in my home in Nebr

  • Mifi 890L NIGHTMARENovember 30

    Posted here just a few minutes ago and I even had friends look at the post. Then suddenly the post disappeared and no traces of it could be found, even the bookmark I made of it has disappeared. Might there be a mod trying to censor what the customer

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