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usb connecton for lumia 640 spotify

  • [Windows Phone] Lumia 640 won't connect to Spotify via mobile dataNovember 30

    Microsoft Lumia 640 T-Moblie Unlimited data Spotify Premium For whatever reason, Spotify refuses to allow me to use it on a mobile network.  I see no settings to change this.  Under "Settings -> Offline & Sync" it identifies my connection

  • Microsoft Lumia 640- Can't use Spotify on DataNovember 30

    I have a Spotify Premium account and have had a Windows Phone with T-Mobile (Simple Choice w/ Music Freedom) for over a year now. I switched to the Lumia 640 and I can only access Spotify on WiFi. Is anyone having a similar issue? How can this be fix

  • Lumia - 640 charging problemNovember 30

    My Lumia 640 was bought on last Friday.   I just used it few days but I found a fatal problem, which is the charging problem. It takes 4-5 mins to charge one percent of the battery. It is incredibly slow. I want to know whether it is normal or what.

  • Error Code: 86000108 - New Lumia 640November 30

    Can someone advise on this recurrent problem?  I cannot sync with hotmail.com - no email, contacts or calenders on a new Lumia 640.   I cannot figure it out. I have tried to reset the phone, clicked and unclicked sync email and performed multiple har

  • What does the WiFi calling indicator look like on Lumia 640.November 30

    I have a new Lumia 640 with Wifi calling. The EE setup instructions talk about getting a message from them and then within 24hrs being switched on and the phone will show a 'Wifi Calling Indicator' What is this as there is no reference in Lumia userg

  • Auto Zoom on lumia 640November 30

    When I am in a video call it instantly zooms in on the central part of the screen but cuts off the rest this is very frustrating and I need to know how to fix this problemYou're far from alone. I've been having that issue since the end of March after

  • LTE Band 12 support on Lumia 640 series devicesNovember 30

    T-Mobile USA recently began to offer service on LTE Band 12.  Many of its newer devices support Band 12.   I have been reviewing the specifications for the new Lumia 640 devices, and am very surprised to notice that the "LTE Dual SIM" versions o

  • Is Lumia 640 XL's touch better that the Lumia 1320...November 30

    hi this is navendu can u pl tell me whether 640 xl touch is bettter or lumia 1320 touch is better as 1320 is nokia build how is battery performance and how is the performance then lumia 1320 Moderator's note: The subject was amended as we've created

  • Microsoft lumia 640.Skype not ringingNovember 30

    Hello, got new MS Lumia 640 phone. Can call out. Callers can leave voice messages Unable to receive calls in the skype 'international' # we have. It is the reason we have skype. It worked without any interaction from us on the old phone. How can we g

  • Microsoft Lumia 640 DS display problemNovember 30

    Hello, Yesterday I bought a new mobile phone Lumia 640 DS. Today I found an issue with the screen. From top to bottom middle of the screen are shifted pixels which are blinking. It appears after unlocking the screen for 30 second then it disappear. I

  • Connect USB device to lumia??November 30

    can i connect USB devices such as pen drive to my lumia (like we can to android) without damaging it?? nn.mThere is a LOT of great options and features I still miss from back when I used a Commodore Amiga, features which still can't be found in any o

  • Video not working on Nokia lumia 640November 30

    I'm not able to video call so I had my husband call me. I can see him but they can't see me. Help please.Som stale sama uz mato nebaviRead other 2 answers

  • Touch problem after USB connectonNovember 30

    i updated my neo V . Before updating my touch was working fine. But now it works so weried. It fails to understand where I have  touched on screen. sometimes it presses more than 1 button even though i'm pressing only one button.specially IT WORKS SO

  • Weird notification icon on lockscreen. ( lumia 640...November 30

    There is a weird notification icon that I cant figure out. it is on lock screen and showing one notification. Icon shows a cross (X). Pulling down notification centre shows nothing. Please help. Attachments: wp_ss_20150429_0001.png ‏731 KBHi, Tejas51

  • Spotify on Windows Phone 8.1 has become practically unusableNovember 30

    Hey Folks, I've had this problem for a long time (many many months) and have been too lazy to post assuming that this is a issue affecting loads of others and that it would just get sorted but I've come to the point where I really need to find out wh

  • Lumia 830 Denim Firmware UpdateNovember 30

    I also want/need to know when this update will be provided. Not only does my 830 not support the advertised Lumia Camera 5  but there is a serious driver issue that prevents Netflix from playing media. I would love to recommend this phone to others b

  • Installation problems installing new Canon MG3170 onto MAC Book Pro with OS X 10.7.5.  Tried installing  using set up disk. Didn't work.  Uninstalled files and downloaded drivers from Canon Website. Didn't work. Uninstalled again and plugged printer usbNovember 30

    Having problems installing Canon MG3170. Anyone have any solutions?  Here is what I have tried:- -Installed from provided Canon disk, firstly with wireless connection, then using USB connection.  Printer could not be added because the Macbook returns

  • Can't find Lumia SensorCore SDKNovember 30

    For some reason Nokia Developer and its community and wiki seem to be gone, I've looked everywhere on the MSDN and can't find any information regarding Lumia or any other Nokia platform, if this is a move by Microsoft it's a lousy and developer unfri

  • No Cold Boot with USB Hard Drive AttachedNovember 30

    Running SL 10.6.3 on a 21.5" iMac. When my Time Machine USB drive (Samsung S2 640 GB) is attached either directly to the computer or to a powered hub, the computer hangs at the white screen (no Apple logo) and won't cold boot until I unplug the drive

  • Lots of teething problemsOctober 11

    had Lumia 7 days.  I've found it impossible to use "contacts transfer" from an E61 to a Lumia 800 - both of which have bluetooth - it gets half way there then gives an error message. I've now synced from E61 to old copy of PC Suite (Ovi has stop

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