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  • URLs (ports) are being stripped by 10gAS?November 30

    Hi, We are having a problem with a 10gAS installation. In general most everything is working, but it looks like in some cases, when we connect to it using a URL that ends without an ending slash ("/"), OAS is redirecting the browser to a differe

  • Url port forwardingNovember 30

    Suppose I would like to forward to In the url prefix, I entered "/", and in the fixed-url field I entered " But it seems by doing this way, the url c

  • DesktopApp auto update URL port redirection.November 30

    Hi Everyone, We are using Filr-1.0.1-HP1 and we are using the port-redirection option to redirect port 80 & 443 to 8080 & 8443 respectively. However this port-redirection doesn't seem to work for the auto update URL. I would rather not open the po

  • Default Webmail URL/PortNovember 30

    After redoing our mail server, when you go to www.domain.tv/webmail, instead of going to the login page, it takes you to www.domain.tv:16080/webmail/src/login.php How do I get it to go to this page without the port number in it like it did before. No

  • How to open a url portNovember 30

    hi my iphone 4s will not show in itunesMihail - I detailed a couple of approaches here: Re: Application Link ScottRead other 2 answers

  • Incorrect port in Request.URLOctober 11

    I am using VS 2013. IIS 8.0 Express and Azure .NET SDK v2.2 With a simple WebAPI template project I am able to repro this. When I locally debug the project in the azure compute emulator, it starts up the web page in However, in the

  • Controling iOS Ports and URLs Via VPN and UTMNovember 30

    I'm new to actual Network Security. My dad's worked network security, I've taken Security and programing classes. But in short, I have no real money and I'm too busy living the college life (Homework tell you're hired 3 years from now.) My goal this

  • How to find port number , when there will be different instance number ?October 11

    In case of portal url, port number is 50000 for default instance number 00. how to find port number , when there will be different instance number , instead of 00? ThanksHi You can find the port number by your instance number as follows: There is a g

  • Webkit get the URL of a linkOctober 11

    I am trying to add policy functionality to an app that I have written so that, for example, instead of opening a link to a page within my app itself it might open the link in the default browser or open a window to handle the functionality internally

  • How do I ping a URL in Java?October 11

    All I wanna do it ping a URL. Can I do it? Like, have the user input a URL, then make the URL object, then ping it, then display the results. Can I do this?do you mean 'ping' in the traditional sense of computers finding the time delay in communicati

  • Sticky load balancing across 2 ports with cookiesNovember 30

    Hi, I have a server configuration where I have 1 top level Apache server that deals with SSL termination (and handles static content) and proxy passes dynamic content onto 2 Tomcat servers on 2 ports, one for http requests (9001) and one for the requ

  • URL for posting Orders to XI system.November 30

    Could somebody send me an example of the <u>simpliest possible way</u> that a (external) URL would look like for a Customer to send an XML Order to my XI system ? For instance in our Business Connector we give this URL to our Customers https:

  • Iframe used to point to a URL with dynamic parameters??November 30

    Hi guys, I am new to web dynpro java and having my first webdynpro project. Just wondering how to acquire the host name, port number and error message info. dynamically in order to form the following URL format. The iframe is directed to this followi

  • Portal URL aliasesNovember 30

    Hi, I want to configure portal alias. before doign this I want to clarify some of the below things 1. Whats the diff between Quick link and URL alias? 2. As per the below URL I can understand that if I do the change in web.xml file with the new alias

  • Url for webservice ?November 30

    Hi Guys, I have generated the webservice from the ID and saved the file as wsdl. where can i find the url for this webservice which i can use to send the request from webdynpro application Thanks, sriniHi srinivas, The URL format should be like <b>h

  • SipCilentConnection port in Request-URINovember 30

    Hi All, I want to register my J2ME based VoIP application (its using JSR180) to an IMS network. P-CSCF for my IMS core network is listening on port 4060. I am using GoSIP sample application (this is bundled with Java Wireless Toolkit). Some code snip

  • How to resolve Agents with pending URL changesNovember 30

    Greetings, I have run the EMDIAG tool against my 12c OMS and one section of the results hows thie following - 7001. Agents with pending URL changes LAST_EMD_URL EMD_URL https://lepisma.ucdavis.edu:3872/emd/main https://lepisma.ucdavis.edu:1830/emd/ma

  • LoadBalancer URL in JMS Bridge DestinationsNovember 30

    Hi, This is related to Message Bridge Setup. Can we use load balancer URL instead of Managed server individual URL(port) in setup of JMS Bridge Destinations(Connection URL) Say for example like t3://integration.stage.life:5555 instead of regular t3:/

  • What is the Weblogic Portal Admin URLNovember 30

    Hi, I am learning the Weblogic Portal using workshop. I Installed Weblogic Portal 10.3.2 with Workshop and created a sample portal application, configured the Workshop to start the weblogic server and start the server,Run my application EAR into serv

  • Manual Login and Login back urlNovember 30

    Any idea where do we set the url for Manual login and Log back that we see once after we log off from Enterprise portal.This is not the log off url.Log off url is working fine but its the login and Manual login which are creating issuesIn order to ch

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