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  • Update data in viewOctober 11

    I created a view in program unit (procedure). when new form instance I call this and created a block base with this view it has detail block I have one column chk varchar2(1) it is a check box I need when I check this box chk will be 'Y' I mean updat

  • Why Solaris7 is not supported on Netra t1125 ?November 30

    Solaris7 is not listed as "Supported Environment" on Netra t1125/t1120 (see http://www.sun.com/products-n-solutions/hw/networking/netrat/t1125/index.html). Why ? .This is a good reason why it won't, there will always be those that will try and e

  • Data save problemNovember 30

    I created a from with 2 datablock view -- Non database block multi record block personnel -- Database block single record block I defined a crusor when_new_form_instance DECLARE            CURSOR chk      IS   select perscode,persname,commission,conv

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