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Upgrade browser my nokia asha

  • FireFox OS Can this be Downloaded to a NOKIA ASHA 205 Safely ? if not wich Browser do You recomend ?November 30

    what Browser upgrade is safe to Download too NOKIA ASHA 205 ?this is a duplicate of https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1056873 therefore locking. please don't ask the same questions more than once! thanks!Read other 2 answers

  • My Nokia Asha 201 web browser is writing secure co...October 11

    My Nokia Asha 201 web browser is writing 'secure connection not available' whenever i try to download any jad application it just started recently...Please help ASAP it's killing meFrom where do you download the JADs? Can you give us an example URL?

  • Nokia Asha 200 Browser ProblemNovember 30

    I have problem with my "Nokia Browser" in my "Asha 200". The browser is unable to open too long links.(links containing more than 40-50 characters in it). I am unable to download movies... Moderator's notes: Illegal download links remo

  • Nokia Asha 503 Whatsapp problemOctober 11

    I have been frequently asked to upgrade with a message given below - Expired This copy of WhatsApp has expired. Please click upgrade to start the upgrade process. Upgrade  |   Exit When I did the last few times all the whatsapp data is gone nothing c

  • Conflicting app, nokia asha 210November 30

    i am using nokia asha 210 and after i upgrade the mail app, the phone is showing "conflicting application" every time i switched on my phone and every time i tried to open other application such as whatsapp (which is the only one working after t

  • Problem with Nokia Asha 501October 11

    I have recently purchased asha 501 the problem is after recieving few messages it does not recieve more messages for that i have to restart the phone then i can able to recieve the messages .  It happen 3 to 4  times a day . it is not a network issue

  • Problem with Nokia Asha 200 appsOctober 11

    Hello guys, I am using Nokia Asha 200 and i am quite satisfy with this phone. The only drawback that i can find is that i cannot ue it social prebuild apps, like Social and i cannot use the e-mail app as well. When i open them and accept the license,

  • Nokia Asha 306 problemOctober 11

    Im using a Nokia asha 306 and i can't use browser,mail and other pre installed services and when i click on the icon it just flashes back so i can't fully access my phone anymore,please helphi mate, have you tried re-installing your current firmware

  • My nokia asha 306 nokia store will be vanishOctober 11

    How to recover my nokia store to my phone i creat backup file but l cann't get nokia store and nokia browser Solved! Go to Solution.I dont think a BACKUP will return your missing features.. dear bro, backuping means saving your important files somewh

  • Nokia (Asha) 303 uses my credits even when I am co...October 11

    Dear all, I bought Nokia (Asha) 303 a couple of years ago with the wish to browse the internet whenever I am close to WiFi network - which is both in my office and at home. But, whenver I connect to internet, via the Nokia Browser, it consumes my cre

  • Converter app in Nokia Asha 308November 30

    Hey, Just checked my phone and realised that there is no converter app (Length, Temperature etc) that used to be on other old S40 models. So should we download it seperately? Any link? Solved! Go to Solution.Hello, Ahemdabad. Just to verify, you're u

  • Nokia Asha 501 - Some apps are not supportedNovember 30

    i have see some applications are not supported why? Moderator's Note: The title of this post has been edited as it is created as a new topic. Nokia Store wrote: English: You need to update your phone software before you can download this app German:

  • How to install certificate for Nokia Asha 206 dual...November 30

    Is it possible to install or download certificate for Nokia Asha 206 dual SIM? this FAQ didn't help: http://www.nokia.com/ph-en/support/troubleshooting/?action=singleFAQ&caseid=FA139228_en_US Browser only downloaded .cer file but didn't install it. S

  • Software problems on nokia asha 305November 30

    @armagon after update of new version 7.42 the phone becomes worst any app does not open also nokia browser,ebuddy,whatsapp and downloaded apps and does not play any video tells video quality too large only sound plays does not play any type of videos

  • Nokia asha 501 don't download youtube videosNovember 30

    Hello my nokia asha 501 used download youtube videos,nowdays it doesn't instead it just plays them can u help. Solved! Go to Solution.Hi, Richard22. Allow us to verify the issue. You are able to download YouTube videos before, is this correct? Are yo

  • Nokia Asha 202 - not opening a websiteNovember 30

    My nokia Asha 202 is not working well. it's not opening this website Happy New Year 2015 Wishes (Quotes | Sms Messages) I tried again and again. also i have reseted my mobile but its not working Moderator's Note: The subject was changed as we have cr

  • Re Nokia Asha 300 sim cardNovember 30

    Hi I am just wandering if the SIM card from a Nokia Asha 300 will fit in newer models ie Lumia, N series etc? i am stuck on a contract until November next year with Virgin but they will not upgrade and i find the Asha unsuitable for my needs. need a

  • Hike not working on nokia asha 305November 30

    my hike is not working as my filmware version of nokia asha 305 has to be upgraded. how can i do it from Nokia supportHi, Welcome to the forum! If the application prompted that the phone needs to be updated, you can check the link below for the steps

  • NOKIA ASHA 501 SOFTWARE UPDATE(VERSION 14.0.4) MAK...November 30

    HELLO ANY ONE FROM NOKIA I NEED UR HELP ACTUALLY I AM A BIG FAN OF NOKIA BUT NOW I FEEL SO SAD.. I AM USING NOKIA ASHA 501  I got a update notification on screen i updated with wifi after update my phone all apps including browser automatiacly closin

  • Nokia Asha 310 software update and improvementsNovember 30

    Can you add these features if you build the new software update for nokia asha 310 ? 1. Add Nokia Internet Radio. 2. Add Inbox view features for messages 3. Select , copy, paste , text in browser, applications, message like other s40 phones. 4. Suppo

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