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unable to block calls nokia lumia 900

  • Already Converted 10 of my family members over to AT&T for Nokia Lumia 900!!!October 11

    Verizon, You decided to drag you feet, promote the crap out of Android and stop supporting Windows Phone 7. So I converted 10 of my family members over yesterday to AT&T for the Nokia Lumia 900. I got them $100 credit towards the Nokia Lumia 900 whic

  • Can't sync my Macbook with my new Nokia Lumia 900.October 11

    I spent two hours with a couple of the tech folks at the AT&T store yesterday, trying to get my new Nokia Lumia 900 to sync to my Macbook... but with no luck. No matter what we did, I kept getting a message that the server was not secure, and so the

  • Nokia Lumia 900 Front camera issuesOctober 11

    Hi Moderator, I bought the new Nokia Lumia 900 few days back and today for the first time when I tried using the front camera on one of my video calls it just froze. Thinking that it is software(skype, tango) problem I tried to open regular camera bu

  • Nokia Lumia 900 Issues and QuestionsOctober 11

    I bought my Nokia Lumia 900 last March and it's running pretty well. It's fast and reliable, although I have some issues regarding it. 1. When I'm in a conversation and I receive multiple text messages, I need to press the back button as many times a

  • Nokia Lumia 900 needing at least 2 factory resets ...October 11

    Hi there I'm currently on my second Nokia Lumia 900 device (the first had deformed defects at the top two corners after overheating) and since i've received the second device at least twice a month i have to perform a factory reset in order to preven

  • AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 SW 2175.2307.8862.13100 now a...October 11

    Just updated using Zune Latest software release for AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 is SW 2175.2307.8862.13100 New start screen experience with resizable tiles: to change the size, tap and hold the live tile Theme colors added Lock screen improvements: Bing pho

  • How do I install flash in my windows phone 7.5 (Nokia Lumia 900)October 11

    Hi people, i need a help for install flash in my window phone ver. 7.5, is a Nokia Lumia 900, thanksThere is no Flash Player for Windows phone.Read other 2 answers

  • 3 weeks old Nokia Lumia 900 got bricked due to the...November 30

    Nokia Lumia 900 has a battery issue. Drained battery wont charge and device wont boot. I'm a victim of this problem after using it for just 3 weeks. Its newly released in India but the problem was there since April. Is this problem fixed? I'm yet to

  • Nokia Lumia 900 Camera White Balance "Fix"November 30

    I'm not sure if other people have posted about this but I figured out a pain in the @$$ way of coping with the atrocious white balance on the Nokia Lumia 900.  I found that each time you change the white balance setting it will take the first picture

  • Unable to update my Nokia Lumia 625November 30

    I am unable to update my Nokia Lumia 625 to Lumia black update. Its been several months since Lumia black update has been released but still I am unable to update it. It says your phone is up to date.Welcome to Nokia Discussions, saquib13. Try using

  • How to install skype in nokia lumia 900 windows 7....November 30

    Hi all, Can any one suggest how to download and install Skype in Nokia lumia 900 windows 7.8 ?Hi and welcome to the Skype Community, You cannot install Skype on Windows Phone 7 devices any longer. See here: https://support.skype.com/en/faq/FA34489/is

  • Skype on Nokia Lumia 900 no longer availableNovember 30

    Dear skype support and users, I have been using skype for a long time on my Nokia Lumia 900 but a few days ago the application stopped working saying something like "The application is no longer available on your device". I tried to uninstall th

  • Car Charger for Nokia Lumia 900November 30

    I am looking for a car charger for my Nokia Lumia 900.  I checked the Nokia website and there is nothing in the Accessories page for this model.  Any suggestions?If you are looking for a Nokia branded car charger I think there is none.Read other 2 an

  • Update 7.8 nokia lumia 900November 30

    hi all i am currently in india and use nokia lumia 900. i got this lumia from usa and thus it has a different RM (radio module) than is used in india...  i want to know whether i will be eligible for 7.8 update..... i was told that i would not be abl

  • Having problem with my Nokia Lumia 900November 30

    hi i wonder if you could help me i'm trying to check in on my facebook and it keeps saying that theirs a problem and to try again which i have done a number of times but still having the same problem. and my other problem is when ever i turn my nokia

  • Nokia lumia 900 problemsNovember 30

    Hi, i have several problems about nokia lumia 900, its wp7.5 So, problems: 1. After importing comtacts from sim, i cant see them from people hub, also when contact call me it shows him name, but i cant see them and creating new one from phone it stil

  • Nokia Lumia 900October 11

    The Lumia 900 is about to be introduced.  I'm wondering how it compares to the competition in terms of what the phone can actually do (now, or in the very near future). I'm not concerned with the "price", as over a year's time, and more, the ori

  • Nokia Lumia 900 Data Counter and People TileOctober 11

    Is there a data counter on the Lumia 900 that I can't find? I've tried to call the 3282 data number, and it always tells me I'm at 0 even though I know i've been on the data network and not wifi. Also, can someone explain to me how much data somethin

  • My Nokia Lumia 900 Freezes several times.November 30

    I've owned a Lumia 900 for almost a year now and its been freezing frequently ever since I bought it. When it freezes, I usually don't past the home screen, but there have been many times it freezes when I'm making or taking a call, sending a text et

  • My nokia lumia 900 won't fully chargeNovember 30

    Ok this started happenig like two weeks ago and i dont really know why, my lumia only charges like 40% sometimes 25% OVERNIGHT, it starts charging in a normal way and when it gets in 40% stops charging even when the icon still flashing it doesnt char

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