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  • How do I get a G4 box?October 11

    My BT TV contract expired in October, and I decided to sign up for another contract primarily in order to get the new G4 box.  My understanding was I'd need to pay a £35 activation fee and then have another 12 months subscription. I phone BT on Frida

  • Feedback for new Email system - do you like it, or...October 11

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to give feedback  on the new email system to anyone in BT who might listen (and preferably do something about it)? I am finding it much slower that the previous version; I don't like the pop up messages - email

  • Is this conditional WHERE clause possible?November 30

    Let's say at the beginning of a stored procedure I do this:  DECLARE @hasActualHours BIT I'll then employ logic to set this local variable to either 0 or 1. I'm interested to know if I can then use it to either include or exclude entire "AND..."

  • Freeview Test CardNovember 30

    Ok, here's a simple question of no real importance. Why can't I view the Freeview test card on my BT Vision classic GUI black box? "Test card? Has he been taking drugs?" ... I hear you ask. Firstly you might want to try the following directly on

  • BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 4November 30

     BTCare Community Newsletter Issue 4 Forum milestone – accepted solutions The forum’s accepted solutions feature is a great way of recognising fellow forum members for providing the answer to a problem. It also helps others find the correct answer to

  • How to add Column to Adobe flex mx:DataGrid in mxml and/or actionsctpt?November 30

    I have simple mxml code <mx:DataGrid id="DGG"              editable="true">     <mx:dataProvider>         <mx:Object scheduledDate="4/1/2006"/>     </mx:dataProvider> </mx:DataGrid> <mx:Button

  • Findchangebylist functionsNovember 30

    Question concerning the use of findchangebylist in CS3. I want to search a file for a string and apply a paragraph style, from the suport file for this I have: grep    {findWhat:"\tBB\tSO\tAvg.\r"} {appliedParagraphStyle:"z_AG tab bb batter

  • How to make comp be cleverNovember 30

    hi i have a static evaluation method which looks for the best algo for a comp for the game noughts and crosses: Does anybody have a better algo?? public Coords requestMove(Umpire theUmpire, GameBoard position)     int big = -100;     Coords c =null;

  • IS OIL -QM implementationNovember 30

    Hi experts,                  I'm a QM consultant and i want to know how QM is involved in IS OIL.I tried to do some RnD in help.sap but i could not find anything that convinced me about QM involvement.Im looking for any kind of suggestion that will s

  • Ordering an extra boxNovember 30

    Hi, I am in the process of ordering an extra box for our BT vision but have a few queries before I go ahead with the order: We have the black vision box - I want the recordable extra box for upstairs because my family are sports mad and I rarely get

  • QM IS OilNovember 30

    Hi experts, I'm a QM consultant and i want to know how QM is involved in IS OIL.I tried to do some RnD in help.sap but i could not find anything that convinced me about QM involvement.Im looking for any kind of suggestion that will show some light fo

  • Session expired error(ISS , ASP related problemNovember 30

    We have one server which contain both ISS & WEB server ,on this server the database is running perfectly all right, also we are able to access the our site also (Named as UMPIRE ), but after few seconds , we get an error that the session is expired.

  • 8.1 Bugs - Multitasking Gestures & SafariNovember 30

    Installed 8.1 and multitasking gestures will cease to function at random. FIX: Control settings, turn them off and then back on again. But, note that in time, it will stop functions again, so repeat the process. Zero points for Apple here. Safari is

  • Automatic transfer batch characteristics  to F & A PurposeNovember 30

    Formula Aided Value ( F & A ) This is very  typical  business scenario i am facing here can any body  guide me how we will resolve  this business requirement. I have  the  delivery inspections  Load Port and Discharge Port (10 inspeiction type) 1 ) I

  • Hotmail & YahooNovember 30

    Is it possable in either Entourage or Mail to download emails from Yahoo & Hotmail? Thanks SimonPersonally I use a program/daemon called "MacFreePOPs" http://www.e-link.it/macfreepops/ it runs in the background and has hundreds of modules wh

  • Difference between signal strength and signal qual...November 30

    Does anyone know the difference between the two scores and what they measure - and why the levels  change intermittantly. It's really affecting the quality of my tv picture.The signal quality is actually a measure of the errors detected by the Vision

  • Loss of Sky Sports 1 since signing up for InfinityNovember 30

    We changed over to Infinity as BT told w e would have to - otherwise we woukd lose access to our Sky Sports1 and ESPN channels. Since July 1st we have lost access to Sky Sports 1. We have spent in excess of 2 hrs now on the phone to BT trying to get

  • Why Worry About It Not For SNovember 30

    I Just tried for some fi've hours to buy a Creative Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro Sound Card in brisbane and can't even get close to one i even rang sydney and was given a number here in brisbane of a non english speaking person who did not want to speak

  • Multiple results recording for Delivery inspection lotNovember 30

    Hi Gurus, My requirement is to configure for quality results recording for sales delivery document. Where client wants to record Customer, supplier, Umpire, etc results record for inspection characteristics. I got response from few Sapiens that I sho

  • How can I confirm I'm registered for BT Sport?November 30

    In theory I've been registered for BT Sport, but how can I confirm this? The confirmation was sent in a separate email when you registered for BT Sport. I didn't register separately so received no such email. I asked to be registered as part of setti

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