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  • Error message: "playlists selected for updating no longer exist"October 11

    I tried to update my ipod nano and I guess I had deleted a playlist, but since then, I have not been able to update. Every time I try, I get the following message: "Cannot be updated because all of the playlists selected for updating no longer exist.

  • Error while calling a select esb serviceOctober 11

    javax.resource.ResourceException: RollbackException: Transaction has been marked for rollback: I encounter the above error while executing a synchronous bpel process, that invokes an esb db select service to fetch a value from the db. the details ava

  • Logical operators in Oracle select queryOctober 11

    Hello all, Can i use logical operators in oracle select queries? for 1 and 0 =0 ; 1 or 0 =0 if i have two fileds in a table COL1 have a value of 1010 and COL2 have a value of 0001. Is there any way to use select col1 or col2 from table? where or is a

  • Can not select from data dictionary view from a procedureOctober 11

    Hi, I wonder, which privilege is missing here: my schema has this roles and privs: GRANT CONNECT, RESOURCE TO cb ; GRANT CREATE SESSION TO cb ; GRANT SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE TO cb ; GRANT CREATE SYNONYM TO CB; GRANT CREATE VIEW TO CB; I create a procedur

  • 'IF' statement in a select statment?October 11

    I have the following cursor in a package specification; cursor c_sales_code is select sales_condition||' MC '||sales_option from sales;This will return something like: 'T300 MC 9' MC means 'multiple choice' for when there are multiple options. Althou

  • IF Statement in SelectOctober 11

    I need to choose between value1 and value2 within a select statement. TableA Flag (char) Value1 Value2 ItemDesc pseudo code select ItemDesc, (if Flag = 'y' then Value1 else Value2) as Price from TableA; How can this be done?select   itemdesc,        

  • If statement in select statement aliasOctober 11

    I have the following select statement. It has the alias Survivors, Deaths and "All Cases". Is it posible to use :P_LANGUAGE variable to say that -- IF :P_LANGUAGE = FRENCH THEN alias are Survivants for survivors, Décès for Deaths, Tous_les_cas f

  • If statement in the SELECT???October 11

    I use Coldfusion as my source for remoting with Flash. I have created different databases for different materials. However when an order is placed I get the "id" of the material. I also return the "type" of material. If I would have pl


    COL1 has the following values: COL1 ==== A B C A B C A D D SELECT COL1 FROM TABLE1 WHERE COL1 = DECODE(:VAL1, 'A', 'AA', 'B', 'BB', 'C', 'CC', 'D', 'DD') 1. what about the null values ? how can I add to the above statements when I enter null for the

  • ADF  Get selected values from Dynamic ListsOctober 11

    Hi, I have a created a dropdown list box where the list gets value through a managed bean. On commit I want the selected value to be saved into the CardiacV1EchoSched column of the Entity object (database). The source looks like this. <af:selectOneCh

  • SSRS 2012: How to get a "Select All" that returns NULL instead of an actual list of all values from a multi-select parameter?October 11

    I have a multi-select parameter that can have a list of thousands of entries. In general, the user will pick a few entries from the list or "Select All". If they check "Select All", I would much prefer that I get a NULL or an empty str

  • Get selected values from Listbox controlOctober 11

    Hi All, I'm still new to SL so please bear with me. I have a ListBox being bound with some records from a DB.  Here's the xaml: <ListBox x:Name="lstClassSeries" SelectionMode="Multiple" DisplayMemberPath="Description" Grid

  • Get multiple values from a html selectOctober 11

    I have a <select> object on my html page, with ~50 <option> values. My user must be able to select many options (with the ctrl key). How can I get more than one value with request.getParameter("...") ?? currently, when I select more

  • How can i get all values from jtable with out selecting?October 11

    i have one input table and two output tables (name it as output1, output2). Selected rows from input table are displayed in output1 table. The data in output1 table is temporary(means the dat wont store in database just for display purpose). Actually

  • How to get all values from an interval using select statementOctober 11

    Hi, Is it possible to write a select statement that returns all values from an interval? Interval boundaries are variable. something like this: select (for x in 1,1024 loop x end loop) from dual (this, of course, doesn't work) The result in this exam

  • Get all values from multi select in a servletOctober 11

    Hello, I have a multi <select> element in a HTML form and I need to retrieve the values of ALL selected options of this <select> element in a servlet. HTML code snippet <select name="elName" id="elName" multiple="mu

  • Vendor's same open item selected for payment twice through APP run F110October 11

    Hi, In F110 run, specified vendor  number and payment method(Bank Transfer), executed payment run. After, say 5 minutes interval again executed F110 for all vendors and except for the above mentioned payment method. In the first case, payment documen

  • Report for CRM-Opportunities - Open CRMD_ORDER for selected ALV rowOctober 11

    Hello, i created a report which can be used to find the relevant opportunities and list them in a ALV table. I have the requirement that by doubleclick on the table line the selected opportunity shall open in tx crmd_order. I have the GUID and the ob

  • Regarding Selection Screen field making display field  in ALV reportOctober 11

    Hi All,            In ALV Report,  at runtime how can i make the field as Display Field in selection screen . Thks & Regds Shaileshhii, Go to se38 and give the below progra name execute.... check the source code it is very easy to understand. 1.demo_

  • About selecting Scheduling Agreement and Forecast delivery scheduleOctober 11

    Hi Experts, i want to write a Report, with 2 parameters for the selection : Sold-to-party and Period For this Sold-to-party/Period, I want to list all scheduling agreement + Forecast delivery schedule. I already found the Function SD_VBEP_READ_WITH_V

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