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  • UC320 PBX sip trunk problemNovember 30

    HI, I installed the UC320 for a customer and they have 19 users,  we are using sip trunk for voice traffic it now encountered an annoying problem, The  isp is doing the maintenance in recent period and their sip trunk is coming down and up occasional

  • Cannot dial outbound numbers from UC320November 30

    Hi, I've recently made some config changes with regards to the network on my UC320.  I think these are all fine, as the unit is recieving calls, even forwarding them out of the office and remote access as well as internal access to the unit is fine.

  • UC320 Hold Music DistortedNovember 30

    Hello guys, I have a UC320 running 2.1.4 and am having trouble with the hold music.  I have tried two seperate DVD/CD Players and no matter what cd or player I use the sound is VERY disroted.  There is no way to adjust the volume/gain coming out of t

  • UC320 Music-on-Hold ... details... ?November 30

    1) What's the real media format the UC320 expects for internal MOH files?  Knowing means we can prep the file beforehand or give info to services that provide professional recordings to customers, and minimizes conversion loss or distortion.  ... if

  • UC320 SIP Default Caller IDNovember 30

    Hello, I post on this forum because I'm configuring cisco UC320 (Latest Firmware 2.3.2) I use the UC320 only with SIP account. For the most phones, I configure a inbound calling with specific inbound number and I check the case "use <number> li

  • UC320 | External transferred calls mute after 600 or so secondsNovember 30

    Hello all, I have a huge issue here, and I can't determine if the fault is on my end, or on the outside receptionist end. When you dial our main line, my UC320 transfers to an external phone receptionist.  When she transfers the call to one of our us

  • UC320 dial plan problem for New ZealandNovember 30

    Hi all, Our UC320 will no longer make outbound calls to local/national New Zealand numbers. International is fine. The problem is that if I dial: 09 375 5967, it gets normalized to +64093755967    (notice the 0 after the 64) and the call fails. If I

  • Sy-tabix for internal table in smartformOctober 11

    Hi friends, How to capture the sy-tabix value for the entries in an internal table which has been looped into the loop of table node of a smartform?? I need to print something immedaitely after the end of the table For every record the value of sy-ta

  • Locked out of additional internal drives... Help pleaseOctober 11

    Any help would be more then welcomed as I did something stupid and need a bit of help to fix it please. Had an issue today on my Mac Pro (2.8, Quad 5.1). All was running fine until I went to update a piece of 3rd party software (Fetch). After the dow

  • Follow up - DNS (internal domain has same name as external website)October 11

    Hi, I am following up with on previous blog entry about resolving an domain internal name to an external website found here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/windowsserver/en-US/4d97325b-ff3a-4f46-ba6e-dc3f4ff978e1/dns-internal-domain-has-

  • Open Items in GR/IR Account Internal Order wiseOctober 11

    Hi, Is it possible to view Open Items in GR/IR Account Internal Order wise?. We are assigning Internal Order in Goods Receipt and want to view Open items for the particular Order. Regards, AmanullahThanks for your response. I already review the accou

  • Excise Invoice number and Internal NumberOctober 11

    Hello Friends I have some queries ,I will be thankful to you if you could guide me, in understanding themu2026 1) When we see the document in J1IEX ,in excise invoice tab, we see two fields :Excise invoice number and Internal Number. For Internal num

  • Training and Event Management - internal instructorOctober 11

    Hi people, I am working on R/3 4.7 Ext 110 HR module. While creating a training event in Training and Event Management, I need to include the name of the internal instructor (not external). Where exactly do I do this? I do not find this option in PV1

  • Regarding Exporting and Importing internal tableOctober 11

    Hello Experts, I have two programs: 1) Main program: It create batch jobs through open_job,submit and close job.Giving sub program as SUBMIT. I am using Export IT to memory id 'MID' to export internal table data to sap memory in the subprogram. The d

  • How to move an iTunes library from the internal hard drive to another bootable disk.October 11

             I got two Mac OS X installations on my i Mac system. One on the internal hard drive (320 Gb), that has been there since the iMac was bought 3 years ago, upgraded to Lion on 2 August. (call that INT) . I have a USB external drive, and recentl

  • Snowleopard broke my intern Superdrive on MacBook Pro (Original)October 11

    Hello, As by Thomas A Reed sugested (in my first thread, maybe someone can delete the one), i start a new thread, to keep it oversight and clear. Right now, i'm convinced, my case belongs to the 10.6 thread. The main threads about this problems seems

  • I'm running Final Cut Express 2. How can I move entire project and application from one internal hard drive to another? Ran out of space on one drive. Thanks.October 11

    I'm running Final Cut Express 2. My video project is 95% done and I've run out of space on my 500g internal hard drive. How can I (1) move the complete FCE program and video to my unused 250g internal hard drive and operate it from there and (2) how

  • How do i transfer data from one internal tabe to another.October 11

    Hi All,          How do i transfer data from one internal tabe to another.          Can i do it ebven if he tables are different in structure. Please Advice. Thanks in advance.Hi Saket Tiwari, I hope the earlier post by kashyap is good enough an answ

  • 500 Internal Server error for a single report in a dashboardOctober 11

    Hi All, I had an issue with a report in a dashboard i.e.., In a dashboard a report is prepared by using the opaque view. When I ran the report in a dashboard it ran for about 15 to 20 mins and the report is excuted with the data. Now I tried to downl

  • How to select the data from a Maintainance View into an internal tableOctober 11

    Hi All, Can anybody tell me how to select the data from a Maintainance View into an internal table. Thanks, srinivas.HI, You can not retrieve data from A mentenance view. For detail check this link, http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw2004s/helpdata/en/cf/

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