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  • VMS 2.1 IDS MC & VPN Routers MC Device Import ErrorNovember 30

    Just installed standalone vms 2.1 and attempted to import devices into IDS MC and VPN Routers MC, but I get errors. The IDS MC error I get is importing configuration files from the sensor Could not find version in string "Unknown version". I fol

  • Type of vpn that will work with different manufacturersNovember 30

    hi, I will be using cisco ASAs to offer a service. I need to know what type of VPN I can build that will work with most manufacturers and be easy to manage. I know site to site that works with everything. I've used easyvpn and dmvpn but these are cis

  • Are WRVS4400N VPN routers STABLE?November 30

    Greetings: Months/years ago, I had read of multiple problems with these VPN routers causing dropped connections or hung router. I would like to know the current status of these routers.  Are they reliable, etc. BACKGROUND INFO: I wish to use two WRVS

  • Which Linksys VPN Routers support Multicast forwardingNovember 30

    Which Linksys VPN Routers support Multicast forwarding / passthru   I have remote SPA942 phones connected thru a vpn to a SPA9000/SPA400 system. After manual provisioning the phones work, but voice mail, auto provisioning, etc that use multicast do n

  • Which consumer-type DSL modem/routers pass inbound VPN?November 30

    My setup is a Mac OS X 10.5.7 Server behind a DSL modem/router with a fixed IP address. Until recently, I had a working inbound VPN setup (PPTP), where the modem passed VPN on to the server. I had this with various brands of modem/routers over the ye

  • VPN RoutersNovember 30

    I'd like to setup VPN access to my business network. I have a Netgear Prosafe SRX5308 VPN router, but it turns out the stupid thing is not mac compatible.  So i've tried setting up the VPN service on the mac, but the stupid Netgear router will not al

  • No SSTP VPN type in GPONovember 30

    Hello! I'm trying to define a VPN connection with GPO. I go to User Configuration->Preferences->Control Panel Settings->Network Options. I create a new "VPN Connection". I successfully define all parameters, but under "Networking&q

  • VPN Types and there purposeNovember 30

    Guys probably i am going to open cane of worms here....i want to discuss types of VPN and in whihc scenario we can use them....... There are two types (correct me if i am wrong) 1- Site to Site VPN 2 - Remote VPN I have only worked with GETVPN and i

  • L2L VPN connection-type with multiple peers in both sidesNovember 30

    Hi tech guys. We have a problem with the connection-type (aka vpn initiator) due to we have two peers (two isp) in both sides of the vpn tunnel... We need to find a way to can get a one-way initiator vpn. That's easy with only one side with dual isp,

  • Cannot Connect to VPNOctober 11

    I'm just about ready to ragequit for the day. I've been pouring through dozens of support pages, youtube videos, tutorials. The lack of true documentation on problems like this has me considering a start-up business that specifically deals with these

  • Site to SIte VPN through a NAT deviceNovember 30

    I, i am having some trouble running a site to site vpn between two 3725 routers running c3725-advsecurityk9-mz124-15T1 which i hope i can get some help with, i am probably missing something here. The VPN ran fine when both VPN routers were connected

  • PIX 501 and Linksys VPN Router (WRV200)November 30

    I have inherited a job where we have a Cisco PIX 501 firewall at one site, and Linksys WRV200 VPN Router on two other sites. I have been asked to connect these Linksys routers to the PIX firewall via VPN. I believe the Linksys vpn routers can only co

  • VPN on a Time Capsule using a second router.November 30

    Ok, I fully realize that the Apple routers do not support VPN.  However, I read here that some guy from Melbourne said that I can buy a second router and place it behind the time capsule and send all VPN traffic through it. "From what I can see most

  • Setup vpn in ASA 5505October 11

    We have a hosted server with a new provider and we also opted for a firewall which is a ASA 5505. It turns out that they do not provide assistance with the firewall, so I have come here! The server hosts multiple customer websites, along with both My

  • Inbuilt cisco IPSEC vpn client and KeyLife Timeout setting...October 11

    Hi Guys I am having issues with the in built cisco vpn client on the mac, I am currrently using Mac OSx 10.7.4 I have a Fortigate 200B device and have setup the IPSec VPN settings to have a keylife of 86400 seconds. However the expereince I am having

  • Cisco IPSec VPN Client and sending a specific Radius A-V value to ACS 5.2October 11

    This setup is to try routing Cisco VPN to either RSA or Entrust from Cisco ACS 5.2, depending on some parameter in incoming AUTH request from Cisco IPSec VPN Client 5.x. Tried playing with pcf files and user names/identity stores, none seems workingH

  • SSL VPN - Bypass DefaultWEBVPNGroupOctober 11

    Hi All, I'm using the default tunnel-group and group-policy for my general user community. I want to apply a filter for that group, and have a special use case for another group that bypasses the filter. My goal: for people hitting the "RAS_Engineeri

  • NAT for remote access VPN clientsOctober 11

    Hello, I have a simple remote access VPN setup on a 2811 router. The remote subnet of the clients connecting have access to the local LAN subnet, but I am wondering if it is possible to somehow NAT those remote access users, so that they can go beyon

  • Setting up 10.4.5 to use the built in VPN with CiscoOctober 11

    I see from the update that it now supports Cisco VPN servers. How do I go about enabling the VPN capability, I don't see anything in the network system preferences that show how to enable the VPN functionality.In the Mac Help application, I found the

  • VPN DNS ProblemOctober 11

    Hi Everybody 302016          60817          FileServer_DNS          53          Teardown UDP connection 1003725 for outside: to inside:FileServer_DNS/53 I am getting this error on my asa 5505 firewall and VPN user is

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