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  • I have Adobe Elements 13 on a Apple Mac Air. The color switch button doesn't work sometimesNovember 30

    I have elements 13 on an apple mac but the color switch button sometimes doesn't work.It probably can't be turned on at all. I suspect that your liquid damage has finally died a corrosion death on your logic board. All you can do at this point is tak

  • System-wide blue to purple color switch bugNovember 30

    I've been having a very confusing and inconsistent color issue which has persisted for years on both a PowerBook G4 and my new MacBook Pro using Panther and Tiger respectively. The MacBook is only two weeks old and still has a very clean system. Seem

  • IPad calendar colors switch to blue after changing colorsNovember 30

    I have a number of iCloud calendars that on the iCloud website show in unique colors.  The calendars have the same colors on my mac's calendar application, but on my iPad they are mostly light blue.  If I try to change the colors on the iPad, they ul

  • No automatic Day/Night color switchNovember 30

    It used to work in old map version but the new 3.03 does not have the option to automatically switch between day and night colors of map. 5800XM has the light sensor and still there is no option, why this is removed from new software. My TomTom has a

  • Color switches to a black and white screen after loginNovember 30

    iMac 700MHZ Graphite 10.3.9 color issue. When I am logging in the screen is in color but after login when it switches to my desktop the color also switches to a black and white screen. The other user of this computer does not have any problem with th

  • Wishlist: 'Let printer determine colors' switch on commandlineNovember 30

    Hello, I use acroread to convert PDFs that mainly contain G4-compressed TIFFs using the -toPostscript option from commandline. Starting with Acrobat Reader 8 this became a very slow process which takes several minutes for PDFs containing about 150 pa

  • Macbook Blue and yellow color switch , on boot camp and macNovember 30

    Hey i dont know whats wrong with my macbook it keeps switching colour from blue to yellow, but mostly blue and i havent seen the real colours for like 2 weeks its been like this, everything that is supposed to be black is blue and occasionaly when it

  • Color Range doesn't work correctly with latest updateOctober 11

    as the title suggests, I'm having difficulty using the color range tool properly. It worked perfect just before the most recent update (13.1) and now works very strangely. It seems to select whatever color it feels like except the one I need. And the

  • Color Range doesn't work properly in CS3October 11

    Hi there, I have a problem with CS3. Since a few weeks I can't use properly "Colour Range" feature. Especially for bright colour the Colour Range doesn't select what I want to select. For example I want to select a bright cloud and can't select

  • How do I get the rectangle tool to draw in the color I've selected?November 30

    I'm quite new to indesign, so bear with me. I've selected a color with the eyedropper tool, and once I am about to draw using the rectangle tool, the color switches to grayscale. How do I change this? ThanksYou've gotten the answer but may I suggest

  • Pantone color changing from Ai CS5 to CC?November 30

    I opened up a file originally made in CS5. When I copied it over to a new document, now using CC - the pantone color switched. I'm in CMYK mode and the swatch still displays as Pantone 560 U in the swatch menu. Any ideas as to what is going on?Rex, T

  • Ios7. color change of app/iconNovember 30

    I am hoping someone can tell me how or if we can change the icon/app colors in the new ios7 on our devices.  I am not liking the bright white, nor the beige background for my grouped apps.  I can only find a invert color switch, but that makes my pic

  • What triggers long exposure 15fps mode for color?November 30

    Hi, As most of us are aware the color stream automatically switches to 15fps long exposure mode when it detects low light situations. No this is not a thread to complain about the sensitivity of it (although some control would be very welcome), but I

  • What is wrong with my color picker?November 30

    I Have Photoshop CS5 and am working with a file that is about 40"x40" with 200 res. My color picker when i opened it today looked like this: it's totally different and it's only when i am in this file. I was trying to use the eyedropper tool to

  • Internal hypertext coloringNovember 30

    I use LaTeX (mark-up for mathematical typesetting) to produce PDF files (among other things). Regarding a current project of mine... I am using LaTeX to produce a PDF file with internal hyperlinks (so, links to other pages in the same PDF file).  So,

  • Conditional alternating row colorsNovember 30

    Hello I have a report of companies an their country which is ordered by the column country. I'd like to have a alternating row color for every new country and not for every new row as it is in custom settings. Is that possible? How can I do that? Reg

  • Color crashes when I try to renderNovember 30

    It'll start rendering, but then after awhile it will just crash. Here's the whole story in case it's important: I loaded this project in color, and color corrected it, then I tried to render it, but when it got close to the end it said I needed to ma

  • Safari Colors Dull after CS2 uploadNovember 30

    I am perplexed. I edited some images in CS2 with "Save for web" and uploaded them to the web. They are very dull in Safari but look fine in IE. Anyone with experience in this area?On this forum lately: JASimon, Oz, sez: " ... There is a bug

  • Folder background color won't stayNovember 30

    Help would definitely be appreciated for this one. It's frustrating. I want the backgrounds of my folders to be different colors, simply for the look, but every time I change the color and leave the folder - I will come back to that folder and it wil

  • Color conversion with -toPostScriptNovember 30

    Hi, does anybody know how to set the 'Let printer determine colors' switch when creating postscript with acrobat reader 9 from command line? Thanks in advanvcehttp://www.gif4j.com/java-color-quantizer.htmRead other 2 answers

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