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transfer contacs from lumia to bmw

  • Can N8 bluetooth transfer video to lumia 520?November 30

    Can N8 transfer videos to lumia 520 via bluetooth? I succesfully transfered contacts etc as instructed by both phones "transfer contacts" instructions. But today struggling to get them bluetooth connected. An error  msg suggested that  they were

  • Transfer Music from Lumia 920 to ipodNovember 30

    Hi I have a Lumia 920 and I downloaded a lot of music through Nokia music on my phone. The same music was transferred on to my laptop.  Now I want to transfer the same on to my ipod. Is there a way I can do that? itunes is not picking up the download

  • How transfer contacts from lumia 520 to android ph...November 30

    i have two phones 520 and s7562 android phone.i already sync contacts from lumia 520 to outlook.com and gmail.com. can i transfer from here to android phone? if yes how?zone1111 wrote: 520 contacts sync to outlook.com.i saw my contacts in www.outlook

  • How to transfer data from Lumia 900 to 820November 30

    Hi, . I'm currently using a Lumia 900 and have purchased a Lumia 820. I tried the data transfer app provided, but the 900 refused the connection. Please let me know how to get the data transferred. Thanks KrishnanBefore you start, ensure bluetooth is

  • Lumia 930 & BMW BT handsfreeNovember 30

    Basically it doesn't work.. I have 2 bmws my wife has one - my Lumia 920 worked perfectly in all three cars, I upgraded my handset to a Lumia 930 with windows 8.1 and now my hands free doesn't work in any of the cars I've tried "wiping" the cars

  • Transfer contacsNovember 30

    How can i transfer all my contacts & messages from my phone memory to sim memory??Hi and welcome to the forums! Here are two links that will help out. Thanks, Bifocals Blackberry 8520 User Guide SIM KB04205 Copy a contact to your SIM phone book Click

  • How transfer contacs of other phone nokia to my iphoneNovember 30


  • How do you transfer contacs from one iphone to another? (iphone 4 with 2 different operators)November 30

    ??You sync the second iPhone with the same computer that contains the contacts from the first iPhone. All your contacts will be in whichever contact manager you've been syncing with via iTunes, MobileMe, Exchange etc.Read other 2 answers

  • Migrating to a Lumia 925 from a C6-01November 30

    Hi all, I currently have a Nokia C6-01 Belle phone and I've just bought myself a Lumia 925. As I expect the Lumia 925 to be delivered to my home in a couple of days, I have to make a plan on how to migrate my data from the C6-01 to the Lumia 925. Con

  • Contents transfer - to other phoneNovember 30

    I successfully transferred my contents from my X6 to my lumia 800, but... can I transfer my contents from my lumia to my X6? or can I back them up to my PC not using any website? Solved! Go to Solution.As far as I know the Contacts Transfer on the Lu

  • Bluetooth - Lumia 800 and N8November 30

    When I fist got the Lumia this week, contacts transferred easily from my N8 via Bluetooth. However since then I can't connect the phones via Bluetooth. N8 thinks it's paired, but Lumia says the N8 is not supported. Equally I can't just send content (

  • 8350i address download to car not workingOctober 11

    3 day old 8350i on Nextel network will not download contacts to my 2009 BMW.  It tries to transfer contacts but fails.  BMW site says it does not support 8350i.  Bluetooth to car is not dependable. My 7100i Blackberry (6 years old worked fine).  Blac

  • Bluetooth received filesNovember 30

    Hello, can anyone help me how to find files that i'd transfer from Nokia Lumia X2 to my phone Lumia 730, i cannot found where to look for it on my phone. Thank you and good day.That would depend on the type of files you transferred. If they are not s

  • Video transfer from Lumia 520 to PCOctober 11

    How do I transfer video files from my Lumia 520 onto my computer without a cable or what do I do after uploading on Skydrive ?If you have Windows 8 or later, you can see your OneDrive folders in WIndows Explorer, otherwise log in to https://onedrive.

  • Nokia Lumia 925 Transfer my DataOctober 11

    Hi Team I brought new Nokia Lumia 925 and used application to transfer my sms and contacts from my old lumia 800 Contacts successfully tranfer but had problem with sms only sms transfered which were older then 19/08/2012 although i had this mobile ti

  • Transfer media to my lumia 720October 11

    Hi. I have been trying to transfer videos and music from my laptop to my Nokia Lumia 720. Some end up playing while most don't, the ones that play end up multiplying themselves. And if I delete the duplicated they don't play. This happens to both mus

  • Transfer word documents from Lumia 520 to mac?November 30

    Is there an app to transfer word documents composed on the lumia 520 in office to mac? I only see apps for enabling photo/video and music transfers from 520 to mac. I've been to the mac app store and don't see an app to transfer word documents from w

  • Nokia lumia 610 ringtone,and bluetooth file transf...November 30

    i have nokia 610 and i have donwloaded a ringtone from marketplace i mean song and i want to set it as my ringtone  what should i do in order to set that song as my ringing tone pls tell and more thing if i want to send any file to other mobile do i

  • Problem: Transfer SMS from N9 to Lumia 630November 30

    Hi there, I'm having problems transfering my SMS messages from my old N9 to my Lumia 630. 1. Transfer my Data does not work: It finds the messages and pictures but then it gets interrupted and I get the message on the Lumia 630: "No Connection - If i

  • Iphone5 contacts won't transfer through Bluetooth BMW...November 30

    I have a 2013 BMW.  My iphone 5 will pair just fine, but the contacts will not transfer.  I spent about 2 hours at the dealer where they tested their tech's iphone 5's -- all transferred no problem.  Took the phone to Apple, got a new phone.  That on

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