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traffic overload problem in n8

  • Judging System Performance ... (was System Overload Problem...)November 30

    In a previous thread (was System Overload Problem...) ... I encountered system overload errors as described, while the system performance monitor showed almost no usage for either the disk I/O or the audio monitors. I was just using some audio Instru

  • System Overload problem, Cant make sense of help I've been givenNovember 30

    Hey guys, I picked up a cheap version of Logic through my school just over two years ago. I've always used its most simplistic functions for making rough recordings of my band, but over the last 6 months I've been getting into production a lot more.

  • Overload problems in Logic 8October 11

    I'm on a G5 2.0Ghz with 12Gb Ram, but Logic seems to lock up all the time with overloads on only one core. Sounds quickly become crackly as the core overloads, but the other core hardly shows any activity. I have tried all kinds of different configur

  • Single core overload problemNovember 30

    Sorry folks, another CPU overload complaint. I'm having crazy overloads which seem to be specific to core 2 of my G5 2.0 GHz Dual core processor. Core 2 will max out resulting in crackling audio when simply playing chords on one soft synth. I have ex

  • Canbus traffic monitoring problemNovember 30

    As a part of a test application I want to have an indicator that shows abolutely all traffic on the CAN network...receive and transmit...I can use the Read Multiple Interface Object VI on a separate port to do this, however I want to only use one por

  • Overload-ProblemNovember 30

    Hey, I just try to get through the Programmers Exam and found an error while overloading, that I can't understand. Here is the code: class A public void test1(int a) { System.out.println("test1, integer");} public void test1(float a) { System.ou

  • How to fix the "system overload" problem?November 30

    I get so frustrated when my mac book keeps saying system overload. I can never do projects of high difficulty without my computer continously popping up the word system overload. Is there a way to stop this?Hi there, You don't say what kit you have.

  • Artsd giving me 'CPU overload' problem.November 30

    Hello everybody, I've just installed Arch Linux, along with X, KDE, and the like. Now, when I boot into KDE, I get this error message saying "Sound server fatal error: cpu overload, aborting". The error message appears in an artsmessage window.

  • Core Audio Overload - Problem Resolved?November 30

    Sorry to bug about this one again, but has this been fixed? No-one appears to be talking about it, just curious. Since buying Logic pro 7, I have been unable to write any music....I am relativly new to mac/logic, but just yesterday I started getting

  • CPU overloading problemOctober 11

    Hello everyone. I'm running Oracle 10 and Apache on the same machine. Recently the CPU load average became critical and I wonder is there a way to optimize Oracle/Apache performance. I have about 4000 visitors a day on the website and there seems to

  • Sun Traffic Manager problemNovember 30

    OS/ Version: Solaris / 5.8 Software: SAN 4.4.8 (SAN Foundation Kit) I installed the SAN 4.4.8 Foundation kit to implement STMS in order to have a dual path to both an A5200 as well as thru the SAN to a Hitachi 9500V storage subsystem. After the insta

  • Variable overloading problem - please helpNovember 30

    Hi I have a simple program that needs to read in a decimal OR octal OR hexadecimal number, calculate the result into a decimal value and spit it out to the user. However I am little concerned as to what type can I use so the user doesn't over load my

  • Simple overloading problemNovember 30

    Hi, I read in a book that overriding of final,private and static methods r not supported.i am able prove it for final methods but not for static and private .since java allows me to declare methods of the same signature in the subclasses for both sta

  • IOS7 problems connecting to iMessage?November 30

    After updating to iOS7 I am unable to connect to iMessage. I put in my correct Apple ID username and password then message comes up relating to check my network connection which is not the problem.servers are slammed.    Same MASSIVE traffic overload

  • System Overload & How to get the best G4 PerformanceOctober 11

    Okay all you Logic and OSX Gurus. I need your help. I've finally made the LOGIC leap from OS9 and have hit the SYSTEM OVERLOAD wall like many of you before me. I've been pouring over this, and many other Forums and Blogs, for about two weeks now, and

  • Memory cause for USB overload?October 11

    Yesterday I installed 2gb of Kingston memory in my Macbook Pro replacing the original 512 card. I had given up on the processor like other people have posted: thinking that the USB port hard wired into the board was the problem. Since the computer ha

  • Possible overloads solution...October 11

    Again I can only speak based on the hardware I have, but I know the overloads problem is affecting A LOT of LP8 users. I went thru the tedious process of trying to get a more permanent solution to the constant Overloads problems I had even on very sm

  • Need solution for "HEAVY" overload.November 30

    This is not the classic case of most of the system overload problems that I've been reading about, where a few settings might do the tricks, although if that's the case, then great! But I doubted... Here's my gear: -QUAD 6.5 GB 2 drives, 250GB + 500G

  • System Overload for NO REASON.November 30

    This seems to happen at random. Sometimes, when I use Logic, I get these errors constantly with neither the CPU or hard drive taxed AT ALL, regardless of what plug-ins I am using or how many. *This problem occurs whether I am using my Presonus Firepo

  • Problem In ToolBarNovember 30

    Hi All, I have a Problem with The Tabs Showing all The Roles Like UserAdmin,System Admin,and its Corresponding all worksets. Tabs are appearing middle of the Screen..If i Click a Role r Workset its Again Comming Down.Plz Help Me out.. [Note : Good Re

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