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total battery capacity is 95%

  • Total battery capacityNovember 30

    Hi all, Rather concerned about my battery. I got my MBP about around September last year, and lately been noticing that total battery capacity has been dropping rather rapidly. I only have about 20 cycles on the battery, I was at about 98% total char

  • Total battery capacity 98%?November 30

    I got my macbook pro yesterday, and coconutBattery says that its battery holding capacity is 98%. Shouldnt it be 100%?No, you shouldn't completely drain the battery. Modern batteries are factory-calibrated and there is no need to calibrate the batter

  • My battery capacity decreases per charge!!!November 30

    Hi guys I need help, I am very frustrated about this matter , This is my first macbook pro retine late 2013 the latest one out yet 4gb ram baseline model with the dubal core i5. I started playing LOL or League of Legends an online game a few weeks ba

  • 2 day old MacBook Pro at 98% battery capacityNovember 30

    I'm a little bit concerned about the lifespan of my new MacBook Pro's battery. When i recieved the machine i performed a battery calibration as Apple recommends. I then charged and discharged again. I was concerned when Coconut battery (not always ac

  • What is your battery capacity loss?November 30

    Hello people. I'm just wondering what is your battery capacity loss ? Mine is about 16% after 14 months, so about 1.14%/month. I've been moving my laptop quite frequently What is your battery capacity loss? Last edited by ancient_archer (2011-10-09 1

  • Mid 2010 MacBook Pro battery capacity at 89% with 64 cyclesOctober 11

    Hello everyone, I have a 13" mid 2010 MacBook Pro that I got around Christmas time. I downloaded coconutbattery a couple days ago and when i used it then My battery capacity had been 91%. So I thought that this was odd because of how new the computer

  • MacBook Pro Mid 2010 Battery CapacityOctober 11

    I've read a few threads about this, mostly about battery capacity rapidly dropping after an install of ML. I installed ML when it first came out, and just noticed the drastic decrease in battery life about 3 weeks ago. My capacity could have potentia

  • Macbook Pro 11,3 High End Retina battery capacityOctober 11

    HI, As recent as 2 weeks ago I receieved a  macbook pro that I purchased online. However due to the physical problems I had another one sent to me by apple. While waiting for the shipping company to pick up the problematic macbook pro I thought I'd c

  • Battery Capacity QuestionNovember 30

    This morning my battery capacity was at 48% after I calibrated it over night due to the system profiler telling me to "check battery." After using my computer for a little while without it being plugged in, my battery was down to about 45min rem

  • Fluctuating battery capacity. can you give any tips to maintain my 596 cycles? (1 year old MBP 2012 13")November 30

    battery capacity went from from 80.4% to 78% to 86%  within the same day. is this normal? i alraeady have 596 cycles 1year old mac with applecare before i'am always draining my battery, now that i knew that it is bad, what should i do now? any tips a

  • Fluctuating Battery CapacityNovember 30

    Yesterday my MBP had a funny turn relating to it's recognised battery capacity. I had been using it for most of the day on fairly boring tasks and I was running it on battery power when all of a sudden it shut down on me. I plugged in charger and fir

  • Concerned about falling battery capacity on rMBPNovember 30

    Hello all, I'm starting to worry a bit about my battery capacity vs design capacity on my retina macbook pro 15". It's a early 2013 model that I bought in July. I know that apple guarantees the battery will have at least 80% of it's design capacity a

  • MacBook Pro battery capacity dropped to 2%?!?!?!November 30

    Hi Everyone I've recently noticed my battery capacity has dropped DRAMATICALLY in the past month. It's the 2.0GHz quad-core i7 15 inch MacBook Pro, early 2011 model. It is 15 months old, however I bought it brand new (box not even opened) from an eBa

  • How to INCREASE Battery CapacityNovember 30

    Just drop the advertising - I know that battery capacity  varies, and that the capacity of the phone battery - regardless of models, will degrade as the phone is used. I contest the "specialists" to provide some straight simple guidelines to how

  • IPad Mini: battery capacity inconsistentNovember 30

    I notice that even if only down to 90% battery capacity, if I leave my iPad Mini (64g Verizon)  plugged into my computer overnight, it will only charge up to about 98% or 99%. Also, the iPad itself my display 98% but when synced with iTunes, iTunes m

  • What is the original battery capacity in mAh for MBPr?November 30

    My laptop battery is very poor (4 hours) in %25 birghtness. My Original battery capacity is 8400 mAh Cycle count 5 What is the original battery capacity of the laptop should be?When I charge my battery, brand new rMBP it says design capacity of 8460,

  • Bad Battery Capacity?November 30

    My macbook has a battery capacity of 86% and it is 10 months old. Is this bad? I get about 2 hours of batter life with wifi on, bluetooth off, screen dimmed. I need to know if this is good or bad. I have a screenshot on flickr. http://www.flickr.com/

  • How can I check the percentage of my iPhone 5's original battery capacity?November 30

    I'm wondering if there's any way I can check what the capacity of my iPhone 5's battery is compared to its original capacity.  I know Apple will replace the battery for free if it is under 50% of the original capacity since it's still covered under t

  • Since I upgraded to iOS 7.0.4 on my iPad 3, battery capacity has drained almost 10%/hour without any use of the device. Prior to the upgrade, the battery charge would hold during periods of inactivity. What can I do to solve this significant problem?November 30

    Since I upgraded to iOS 7.0.4 on my iPad 3, my battery capacity has drained almost 10% per hour without any use of the device. Prior to the upgrade, the battery charge would hold during periods of inactivity. What can I do to solve this significant p

  • Macbook Pro MD101 battery capacityNovember 30

    Hi, I've bought a new Macbook Pro MD101 for a month ago. Everything go fine until I checked the System Report and saw that the Battery Capacity is 5166mAh, different from the others MD101 are about 5700 or higher. What's the problem? ThanksThe capaci

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