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toshiba satellite m70 hdd 2,5

  • Black Screen on boot- Toshiba Satellite M70November 30

    Dear all, I have Toshiba Satellite M70, I need help and i will describe my problem: - Few days ago my screen went black suddenly, i don't know how cause i was away from the laptop. - Until yesterday, when i boot my laptop, it gives me black screen al

  • Toshiba Satellite M70: different characters come up if I hit some keysNovember 30

    hi, i'm hoping some can help, i have a satellite m70 (french model but with uk windows) and when i type special character keys something completely different comes up on screen, such as ';' key gives me ',' and when i do shift i should get '.' but in

  • Installing Arch on my Toshiba Satellite M70 - NEWBIENovember 30

    Hey everyone, I'm a complete noob to Archlinux. I have used Ubuntu and have had that running for a while. I've read good things about arch and have installed it on my M70 notebook. The installation went fine except for two things: 1) My timezone fail

  • Blue Screen of Death and no XP CDs - Satellite M70October 11

    Hi. I've got a Toshiba Satellite M70 that displays the Blue Screen of Death directly upon startup. It reads an error of 0x000000ED stating an unmountable error as the specific problem. Unfortunately, I've no Windows XP CD to restore my computer. I do

  • Satellite M70 - Can't install from recovery diskOctober 11

    Hi, I had to remove the HDD from Toshiba Satellite M70 to use it on my Compaq laptop (Compaq HDD crashed). I had to install XP and other stuff after creating 2 partions and used it with Compaq Laptop without any problem. Now I got a new HDD for compa

  • Battery of Satellite M70-340 not chargingNovember 30

    I had a problem with a Toshiba Satellite M70 - 340 laptop harddisk, but everything else was working perfectly, and it was possible to run it on battery. So i sent it to a maintanance shop where they changed the hardisk and installed a new fresh copy

  • Can I install a graphics card on Satellite M70?October 11

    I have got a Toshiba Satellite M70-394 (psm70e). I have seen that I have a pcie slot in my system through a hardware identifier program. Is it possible that I can install a graphics card through the back if I unscrew the back or get a professional to

  • Satellite M70-354 - Is the mainboard compatible with another one?November 26

    Hello guys, I have to replace the mainboard of a Toshiba Satellite M70-354 PSM70E. The inbuild mainboard is a K000033860, so is it compatible with any PSM70E mainboard avayable (K000XXXXXX)? Thanks for any help 5urpriseHi I think you should ask this

  • Satellite M70-350 - Win 7 drivers neededNovember 30

    Hi, I've installed Windows 7 on my Toshiba Satellite M70-350, yet I'm facing some troubles with the drivers. Can anyone guide me to the correct drivers for the windows 7 32-bit?Hi mate Satellite M70 is not Win 7 supported. This means that Win 7 drive

  • Satellite M70: When is the next ATI notebook display driver being released?November 30

    Hi, I own a Toshiba Satellite M70 (PSM71) notebook with the ATI X700 gfx card installed. I am a developer and used to use the jMonkeyEngine with windows XP no problem. Since upgrading to Vista I receive an error when trying to run jME applications. T

  • Satellite M70 - I forgot my BIOS passwordNovember 30

    I have Toshiba Satellite M70 I forgot my BIOS password. What can I do??? I tried everything, remove the battery from the motherboard, tried this website http://www.biosflash.com/e/bios-passwords.htm but useless. Can anyone help?Unfortunately you cann

  • Satellite M70 - Drastic drop in FPS while gamingNovember 30

    My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite M70-148. Link: [See here|http://nl.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/jsp/SUPPORTSECTION/discontinuedProductPage.do?service=NL&BV_UseBVCook ie=yes&PRODUCT_ID=109803] I have bought my laptop in febuari

  • Satellite M70-190 - Program for diagnostics and WLANNovember 30

    Toshiba Satellite M70-190. What is the program and how it to establish? Appeared in the right bottom corner of the monitor. In it there was computer diagnostics, a wireless network.... Help to restore it?Im really wondering where you search for the d

  • Problems after installing new HDD into Satellite M70-151November 30

    I have a Satellite M70-151 the hard drive gave up and was unreadable, prior to this I was using with my Desktop via a router it worked great. I had no option but to install a new Hard Drive now in the System Manager I get Yellow question marks agains

  • Satellite M70 - Can I use all 2,5" HDDs?November 30

    Does all HDD 2.5" can be put into Satellite M70 or they have to have specific dimensions? For example i thin about Samsung spinpoint [this model|http://www.pricerunner.com/pl/36-765680/Hard-Drives/Samsung-SpinPoint-T166-320GB-SATAII-7200rpm-Compare-P

  • Toshiba Satellite P875-S7310 second HDD questionNovember 30

    I just purchased a Toshiba Satellite P875-S7310 (http://us.toshiba.com/computers/laptops/satellite/P870/P875-S7310/) and was hoping to install a second hard drive (SSD) to improve load times and boot times. As I understand it is rather wasy to instal

  • Satellite M70-190 - problem with USBNovember 30

    Hi! After uninstall Windows XP and BIOS update, i have a problem with USB ports. My USB flash drive does't work. Windows find it as USB flash drive, but i can't find it in "My computer" So have anyone idea about this problem? PS External HDD wor

  • SATA or SATA2 controller in Satellite M70-192November 30

    Hi! Does anyone here know which version of sata is used for satellite m70-192? the product specification web page of toshiba has no info about this ( http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/SUPPORTSECTION/discontinuedProductPage.do?serv

  • Satellite M70 - Black screen on startupNovember 30

    Hi! I've a problem with my Satellite M70-309, so for two times after Toshiba logo, Windows Xp (home sp2)doesn't start. The result is a BLANK & BLACK SCREEN. So I power off manually then appeared screen black where I can choose if startup normally, la

  • Ati2dvag issue on Satellite M70 - blue screen errorOctober 11

    Hello im hoping some one can help me with these problems that i have. Well from one day to start my computer I no longer start it in normal, and have to use safe mode, the computer changes the display on its own and it goes down to 16 bit colours,whe

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