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toshiba satellite 5100-503 bios key

  • Problems restoring Satellite 5100-503November 30

    Hi all, I have a Toshiba Satellite 5100-503, and it's hard-drive has malfunctiond, so I had to replace it for a new one, but now I can't use the recovery CD I got with the computer. Could anybody help me with this? thanks in advance.> but continues t

  • Replace my notebook drive in a Toshiba Satellite 5100/5105 - Experience?November 30

    I plan to replace the failing CDRW/DVD-drive in my Toshiba Satellite 5100-503 (european version, it was sold as 5105 in the US and other countries). The built-in drive is a UJDA730. As upgrade I consider the highly regarded a Slimline DVD+/-RW drive.

  • HELP! Satellite 5100-503 stopped working!!November 30

    Hi! I have a Satellite 5100-503 and was really satisfied until yesterday. There it stopped working. What I did: Closed the notebook after work (everything ok) and leaved it alone for a while. When I opend the notebook again to continue working nothin

  • Satellite 5100-503: burning a 800 Mb CD-RomNovember 30

    Hi, Maximum capacity of a CD in the combo DVD reader/CD of the Satellite 5100-503 seems to be 703Mb. Is there any solution to burn 800 Mb/90 minutes CDs ? ThanksHi Sam, Thanks for you fast answer. 1)What's a "real" CD Rom ? In shops they sell 70

  • Satellite 5100-503 - I need a new graphic cardNovember 30

    My Satellite 5100-503 shows garbled image during startup particularly when the computer is warm. The sound also breaks. It was diagnosed as a display card problem. The card has nVidia GeForce4 440 Go chip. What is the equivalent card available in the

  • Need WXP drivers for Satellite 5100-503November 30

    I have a Satellite 5100-503 with a GeForce4 440 Go and I recently installed Windows XP Professional with SP2 as fresh install. I tried to play a game that I had installed and played on the other operating system (XP SP1). When I tried to run it, it s

  • Satellite 5100-503: Changing HDD and booting questionsNovember 30

    My harddisk in my Satellite 5100 broke down and I want to change it. According to various messages in the forum, it is not possible to boot the 5100 from a CD when there is a (new) harddisk in the machine. And the only way to change the boot sequence

  • Toshiba Satellite A100-912 Function KeysNovember 30

    Hi there, Was anyone able to use function keys with any Satellite A100 ? Or at least control the brightness of LCD ? Thx Last edited by Eragon (2007-04-16 11:07:05)Hi Eragon, I have been having a lot of trouble with my Toshiba Satellite A50, but I ha

  • [Kindof Solved] Toshiba Satellite A135 No BIOS screen on rebootNovember 30

    Hi everyone, I have been using kernel 2.6.27 for a very long time now, and just recently, I was updating my arch install to test out the new xorg 1.6.1 and kernel 2.6.29, however I am encountering a strange problem that I've been trying to figure out

  • Toshiba Satellite C850-F12S Function Keys not workingOctober 11

    I recently formatted my laptop after the OS was corrupted by a virus and reinstalled windows 7 but now my Function keys that enable me to adjust brightness, volume and turn on wireless are not functioning, They only work when in BIOS setup and even w

  • Toshiba Satellite L730-120 Bios flash update.November 30

    I have just got my Satellite today and was updating the Toshiba drivers and tried to install a new bios update. I ran the program and the laptop restarted and has gone to a blank screen, power light on, and nothing. This was 10 min ago and stills no

  • Toshiba Satellite L355D-S7901 Bios update Pc wont bootNovember 30

    I recently downloaded a bios file for my laptop form the support site to reinstall my bios, i made a boot disk from the image and restarted my PC, the bios screen opened and appeared to be working, but my PC shut down during the process and now when

  • Satellite 5100-501 biosNovember 30

    How do I enter the bios on a 5100-501Hi, the you have to download it from http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com - Support & Downloads - Driver Dowload. There you could choose your model and then you have to dowload the UTILITIES. That's a little bit

  • PCMCIA Low Level Control - Satellite 5100November 30

    Hi to all, I've an important question, my PC (Satellite 5100-503) does not works properly for PCMCIA slot when I want to controll it at low level by means Jungo Drivers (writing and reading of a particular address space for Compact Flash Card device)

  • Satellite 5100 - Error code: 4 short flasher, 1 long, 3 shortsNovember 30

    Hi all After I accidentally served some coke for my satellite 5100-503, it went totally dead. My bro managed to clean it up, and it started. But soon after that it turned itself of, and just gave this error message by flashing the front power led: 4x

  • Toshiba Satellite p75-A7200 stuck on toshiba logo after bios changeOctober 11

    My Toshiba Satellite p75-A7200 is stuck on toshiba logo after bios change. entered bios fine changes from UEFI to CSM boot and now i cannot enter bios or boot past toshiba logo. Ive tried F2 tapping and holding while powering up the laptop(tried ever

  • Satellite A50-112: F1 key not work for entering BiosOctober 11

    my toshiba Satellite SA50-112 not entering into BIOS or CMOS setup because of F1 key is not functioning what i can do for changing the boot sequence to CDROM by alternative way. please help us to work betterThere are THREE ways to make your notebook

  • Toshiba Satellite P25-S676 wont go into bios.November 30

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P25-S676 - When turning it on, it goes through the initial memory check, and gives options for hitting f2 to go into bios, or f12 to change boot sequence.  If I don't hit a key, it proceeds, but goes to a black screen and s

  • Toshiba Satellite L505D-S596​5 - Are there any newer BIOS Failure updates? Last update was 2011November 30

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5965 and got the BSOD. I have searched the forums and found a post;                BIOS Update Failure Satellite L505D-S5965 I tried creating a "Boot CD-ROM Installation Method   Create CD-ROM Now but the webpage is

  • Problem with updating bios toshiba satellite l655-s5144November 30

    Hello first of all having a good day, four months ago a problem with my laptop toshiba satellite l655-5144 I have something crazy ,happens that when starting Windows 7/8 freezes there and I can not access windows, I thought it was an error of hdd, bu

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