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  • Save as PDF option in MS Word 2007 does not create TOC linksOctober 11

    Hello All, i am using Microsoft Office Word 2007 to create How to Guides, Installation Manuals, and other technical documents. I send these documents to customer in PDF format. When i use "Save as PDF" option of MS Word 2007 to generate PDF file

  • Upgraded to CS5; TOC Links don't work in the created PDF from InDesignOctober 11

    We recently upgraded to CS5. When we convert our InDesign User Guide to PDF, the main TOC links don't work. The TOC does function from each chapter page but not from the main TOC. We have done our normal steps in Acrobat to link them. Same issue with

  • Word TOC Links are shiftingOctober 11

    This is a new one for me.  I am using Word 2003 and Acrobat 8.1.3. I have a 500 page Word document that is a Master Document containing 13 subdocuments.  When I PDF it using PDFMaker, all of the TOC entries are hyperlinked, but this is where it gets

  • Word TOC links lost when PDF createdOctober 11

    I'm trying out Acrobat Pro XI- the trial version. The links in the source Word 2007 document work properly, are hyperlinked, all that good stuff. I can PDF using other software and the TOC links work properly. When I use Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, no TOC

  • No TOC links in PDFOctober 11

    I'm not sure where to post this, so here is as good as any when you're indecisive I hope ;) The problem I'm having is that I don't have TOC links in the PDF when outputting from Word using 1-Step RoboPDF (Save as PDF) or printing to Adobe PDF. I'm su

  • TOC links fail when using book function for interactive pdf outputOctober 11

    I have  a large print publication consisting of multiple files using the Indesign book function. I have created a Table of Contents in the first document (there are multiple files in this book), but when I save to interactive pdf to create a digital

  • Toc Links randomly not workingNovember 30

    Robohelp HTML Word 2010 - documents hosted on SharePoint 2007 Windows 7 OS Published in a merged Help project Each time i generate a project one or more of the toc links do not expand when clicked. The links which dont work change randomly.

  • TOC Links Cause Merged Topics To Open in New WindowNovember 30

    Hi All, I have a master .chm file and several .chm files merged into it. Under RH5/6 these were working fine when I clicked on their TOC links; they opened properly as expected in the same viewer as the master help file. Now, after installing RH7 yes

  • Convert TOC Links from Word to PDF?November 30

    In a recent conversion of a Word document to PDF using Create PDF, the TOC links didn't make it through the process though most/all other links did. Is there a way to include TOC links in the converson process?Thanks for the reply. I have already ins

  • Thorny Problem with TOC linksNovember 30

    Hi again, I am working on a VERY large eLearning project... I have about 15 separate CP files, each of around 60 slides in size with lots of interactivity. The boss wants one Table of Contents that will "drill down" to every single page... basic

  • Cativate 4 TOC links playing at the same timeNovember 30

    Hi, I'm messing with Captivate 4 to experiment with creating a similar style Elearning Course  to Connect Pro (Old Breeze). I needed to add Streaming Video but can't do that with the Powerpoint plugin. So I'm looking at Captivates ability to Stream v

  • TOC Links and BookmarksNovember 30

    Hello InDesign community, I seek your advice and assistance with resolving an issue related to Table of Contents and Bookmarks created in books in InDesign CS6 for Mac (v8.0.1). I have created a book in ID which contains a few chapters. There is a TO

  • How to create a table of contents (TOC) linking to specific pages of different (multiple) PDFsOctober 11

    Hi All, I would like to create clickable Table of Contents (TOC) that can lead to a sub clickable TOC that would lead to a specific page of different PDFs within a folder. Is that possible? Secondly, is is possible to create a search box that upon ty

  • TOC links in Adobe Acrobat 8October 11

    Hi, I am trying to create a linked TOC from a MS Word document to be converted in to PDF. When I convert the document in PDF, I am unable to get the TOC headings linked to the appropriate pages, although the page numbers are hyperlinked. I want the T

  • TOC links are not appearing in RoboHelp 9October 11

    Hi team, I am facing a big trouble. I am creating an online help using RoboHelp 9. The help has 133 topics. My problem is that after generating the help, few topics are not appearing in TOC. A blank page appears. If i relink the topic, it comes fine

  • Maintaining accuracy of Word TOC linksOctober 11

    Hi Folks, After much messing about I've managed to get Acrobat to maintain the MSWord Table of content hyperlinks in the resulting pdf document. However, the links appear to lose the 'precision' that I require. They no longer link to the specific loc

  • TOC link with a subscript character does not work in PDFOctober 11

    Hi, has anyone come across with this? A heading has a subscript character and when you generate a PDF, the TOC page has no link. Other TOC heading links work out just fine, but all these that have subscript, these do not. I have used Save As PDF and

  • Building Book TOC in CS4-Problem with cross chapter TOC links in Acro proOctober 11

    QUESTION: How do I fix the CS4 or ACROBAT v9 Pro Extended problem to fix cross chapter TOC Hyperlinks in BOOKs. PROBLEM: When I build a CS4 BOOK TOC, the TOCs show up in the .indd. However when I .pdf the book, the links fail. I am an experienced Fra

  • TOC Link to Projects not an option?November 30

    Hi, in Captivate 3 the TOC items were able to link to separate projects.  I gather this isn't possible in Captivate 4? I thought I'd use the aggregator, but it appears I cannot place the TOC as an overlay in the agreggator project.  Therefore, my sta

  • TOC links in Book?November 30

    You guys were so quick on the draw with my last question (Thank You!) I figured I'd give this a shot. I've been building my PDFs as "interactive" for some time now so I was surprised to find most of the links in my book's (.indb) TOC do not work

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