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  • Ipod 5th gen, video 30bg, will sync/restore, won't playOctober 11

    I am running Windows 7, with all updates (as of 3/14/2014) have itunes showing no available updates. When I plug into the USB port, the ipod gets recognized, Itunes starts. I can see the files on the ipod. I have reset the ipod and restored.

  • Old 5th gen video restoring and recognition problemOctober 11

    Briefly - 5th gen video colour screen 80gb ipod got soaked, died. Tried reviving today (over a year later) and found I could get to disk mode (after whacking it one on it's side - who knew?). Okay, tried restoring it through itunes who then gave me 1

  • If you have a 5th gen. video ipod and it is frozen do this it worksNovember 30

    if u have a fifth gen. video ipod first you should toggle the hold button. then hold he center button and the menu button at the same time for 6-10 sec. untill the apple appears then you can turn it on,charge it and back to normal!!   Windows XP Pro

  • Hey guys my 5th gen video is stuck on hold is there anything i can do?November 30

    So i have one off the first 5th gen video ipods and one day wen i was running it just woudnt come back out off lock i can slide the switch as much as i want but it wont come off hold i restored it updated the software on it and still nothin i would g

  • Ipod 5th Gen Video 80Gb disk mode not recognized on itunesOctober 11

    Hi there everyone, So i have my ipod 5th gen 80GB video and here's my problem. Time ago i had it in a pocket of my backpack that was supposed to be waterproof. We got completely washed in NYC and when i took it out of my backpack pocket the ipod was

  • IPod Touch 2nd Gen Video Out Problem with Apple Component CableOctober 11

    I'm trying to get video out working with my iPod touch connected to my TV. Here's the information. 32 GB iPod Touch 2nd Gen Apple Universal Dock (current version.) Apple Component Out cable for iPod (current version that connects with a dock connecto

  • Fifth Gen Video to TV issueOctober 11

    I purchased an iPod AV Connection Kit and I read and tried all the suggestions but I am still not receiving a video signal. So I used an S-Video cable and still no signal. I tried it on a fourth generation iPod and that did receive a video signal, on

  • Ipod nano 6th gen videos movies apps?November 30

    hey, i was wondering if the new ipod nano 6th gen touch can get podasts, tv shows, music videos, apps tht DONT REQUIRE WIFI ,movies or anything of the sort... plz let me know ASAP!1 thx guys! <3No, the 6th Gen Nano does NOT support video. It does not

  • How to use the iTrip with dock connector for iPod 5th gen. videoNovember 30

    I bought the new iTrip with dock connector for my iPod video 5th gen. and I followed exactly the instructions but I cannot hear any music on the radio. Has anyone experienced the same problem or the contrary has anyone managed to make it work. Thanks


    HOW do you transfer videis taken with I pod 5 gen and transfer to windows 8 to view on PC. DO I need to buy a additional program or does Apple have a down load?See: iOS: Importing personal photos and videos from iOS devices to your computer no additi

  • IPad 4th gen video streaming crashNovember 30

    Bought my iPad 4th gen a few days ago, upgraded straight away to iOS 6.0.1 Whenever I stream video the system crashes and the iPad screen goes black then reboots. Has happened via YouTube from safari, embedded facebook youtube and also news websites.

  • Ipod nano 3rd gen. video download questionNovember 30

    Hi All, I tried adding a movie video to my ipod nano (3rd gen) and it took up the space when I synced it but when I ejected and went to find it on my ipod it wasn't there. There was no video file to find but the space was indeed used. My husband has

  • Problem: iPod nano 4th gen & video podcastNovember 30

    Hi ladies and gents! Just bought a brand new ipod 4th gen. mp3 playback works perfectly, but i experience the following problem when trying to watch a video podcast (the file is ok, it works under itunes on my macbook): my ipod (nano) plays the first

  • Ipod touch 4th gen video filtersNovember 30

    are there any filters for ipod touch 4th gen that match the cyborg video filter on ipod nano 5th gen?Have you tried a Reset... Press the sleep/wake button & home button at the same time, keep pressing until you see the Apple logo, then release the bu

  • Problem with iPod nano 5th gen video recordingNovember 30

    I've had my iPod nano 5th gen for a year and a half now, other than the obvious I also use it to video class lectures in the University, so basically it's under a lot of "video recording pressure". A few months ago it started stop recording rand

  • 5th gen Video 30G isn't recognized by windows XP help!October 11

    I have a 30G video with the stock USB that has never had an issue until recently when i got the new iT7. The problem is that the iPod isn't recognized by my computer at all. when i connect it it brights up for two seconds as if i woke it up and then

  • IPOD 5th Gen Video - Multiple post iTunes 7.0 issuesOctober 11

    My 5th Generation IPOD had been working perfectly and I didn't have an issues until I upgraded to version 7 of iTunes for Windows and I cannot manage it anymore although it works fine as a player. I've run into the following issues and they are not r

  • Ipod Touch 2nd Gen Video Output to TVOctober 11

    I have purchased the Apple composite AV cable set and am now able to view my video content on my TV. Unfortunately the Ipod screen stays lit during playback so I am worried about possible screen burn. I have turned the brightness all the way down but

  • 30 gb ipod 5th gen- Video doesn't work Help Please!!!October 11

    I bought a used ipod off ebay, and ive been having nothing but problems with it. It came with music already loaded on it, but i deleted that music off. Then, I tried putting more music on it, and after successfully putting the music on it and ejectin

  • IPod touch 32 g 4th gen video function not working properlyOctober 11

    So I am having 2 major problems with my iPod. 1, is that it won't let me add videos of any format tO my iPod other than .mov files and frankly since I have over 100 different videos on m iPod it would be kinda annoying to have to convert each one one

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