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ticks in using lumia 620

  • Lumia Black for lumia 620October 11

    Dear Sir,Mam This is to inform you that i am very fond of nokia since 12 years and have believe in your brand.I would like to say that kindly provide Lumia black update for my 620 handset as soon as possible because you already provided for other mod

  • Lumia 620 concernsNovember 30

    Hi all , I have Nokia Lumia 620 and it has some problems , first, when I taking a video I can't zoom , is there any application to solve this problem, second, the WiFi sometimes turn off by itself ( why ) , third , the Facebook chat in the phone some

  • Constant problem with store in my Lumia 620October 11

    Hi When I open store in my Lumia 620 it shows error c00cee22. Solved! Go to Solution.Hello, Vaibhav_16390. Have you already tried the suggestion given by eshiejamz? BTW, are you also using a Lumia 620? You may also try deleting the browser's history.

  • My lumia 620 is not responding some time at the ti...October 11

    I have submitted my phon at nokia care for this issue that some time my lumia 620 is not responding at the time of call reciveing.They gave me after software upgradation.But is not solved then I contacted with customer care.They tolled me to submit t

  • Problem in nokia lumia 620October 11

    Facing while downloading in store in my nokia lumia 620. Getting error code c00cee22.Hi rishi2014, Welcome to Nokia Support Discussions! What connection are you using when downloading from the store? Have you tried toggling between your mobile data c

  • Problem in updating my Lumia 620 to blackOctober 11

    Hi, Black update is available in my country for Lumia 620. But my phone is not getting black update. Whenever I check for update it says your phone is up to [email protected]  your phone is a Malaysia variant and after checking Availability in Asia Pacif

  • Very quiet sound in my Lumia 620October 11

    Hello, I have a problem with a speaker to talk in my Lumia 620. I have installed Windows Phone 8.1. When I bought this phone sound from this speaker was loud but now after few mounths it is very quiet. My volume is set for max. What to do with it? Pl

  • Problem with the Update Nokia Lumia 620October 11

    The update was initialized on my Nokia Lumia 620 that I bought yesterday. When it started the phone was connected to WiFi. However, after 10 minutes I thought it stuck so I put the battery out and in again. But the update started again. The WiFi was

  • What is new for the Lumia 620 in the black updateOctober 11

    What is new for the Lumia 620 in the black update ?It seems Lumia 620 doesn't benefit the "double tap to wake", other than that all announced apps and features will be available. I advise to check also some great beta apps from Nokia Beta Labs,

  • Lumia 620 fails to connect to car bluetooth - coll...October 11

    My lumia 620 did initially connect to my ford focus car audi/phone successfully.  However after about a week it failed to connect and I haven't been able to connect since. Defeats the object of hands-free! Steps taken (which work with previous phones

  • Disappointed with my windows phone!!(lumia 620)October 11

    I bought a new lumia 620 as a back up to my android(htc one x+)..but I am very disappointed with some of these glitches.. 1. No notification centre..it's really a pain! 2. Can't pay via SIM card to purchase an app.. 3. Can't play high mp4, mkv, flv v

  • Windows phone 8.1 on Lumia 620October 11

    I hv Lumia 620 can I update my phone software in windows 8.1 tell me how can I update.... Moderator's Note: The subject was amended.Windows phone 8.1 has not yet been released. What is available now is a developer preview of the OS (not of the new No

  • Window 8.1 update fro nokia lumia 620October 11

    Good day, Please I tried updating my nokia lumia 620 to window 8.1 but the device had been stucked in the gear display for the past 5 hours, I have tried the soft/hard reset and battery removal to no avail. what next please warm regardsDid you try th

  • Windows 8.1 update for Lumia 620October 11

    When can we get Windows 8.1 update for Lumia 620 in India? Solved! Go to Solution.Once it's available which, as extensively and widely announced, will be somewhere 3rd quarter of this year. Click on the blue Star Icon below if my advice has helped yo

  • Nokia Lumia 620 won't start upOctober 11

    Hello everyone! I'm writing you this because i have a problem with my Nokia Lumia 620.  Here's the story: I received the phone from italy as a gift, the phone wasn't new because my relatives actually bought the phone for them but they didn't like it

  • HELP - My new Nokia Lumia 620 won't boot up, even ...October 11

    I'm worried my Nokia Lumia 620 is a lemon, and the Care Centre will just keep taking it in for repair.  The reliability so far has been disappointing, especially as I was giving Nokia a try after a 10 year break, and also trying out Windows Mobile /

  • Lumia 620 calenler will not sync with windows 8 on...October 11

    When I make an entry on my phone calender, Lumia 620, it does not sync with my pc running windows 8.  It does sync the other way round,  when I make a diary entry in my calender on the pc the entry does show up on my phone. On my phone settings (emai

  • Can I use Nokia AC-16 charger for my Lumia 620?October 11

    Hi guys, first post here. I couldn't find this anywhere, however i have both a Lumia 920, and a 620. I just find it wierd that my white 620 comes with a black AC-50 charger rated for 1.3A and my black Lumia 920 comes with a white AC-16 rated for 1.0A

  • Lumia 620 cyan updateOctober 11

    Web link showing cyan update for Lumia 620 is available in India, but my mobile showing its up to date. I am still in black update,not getting cyan [email protected] For each update on my 620, I have got a notification telling me there's an update

  • Lumia 620 - stuck in flightmodeOctober 11

    I have Lumia 620 with denim update and I'm stuck for over a month in the flight mode help me Moderator's note: We have provided a more subject-related topic. We also moved the post to the most appropriate board. Hi, sohaila. Have you tried you using

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