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this bin file is incorrect


    Hi everybody, recently update the BIOS firmware from Windows Live update and now when I enter the BIOS setup a distorted screen that says: this BIN file is incorrect, may you help me?that is an issue with the connection to the display. Disconnect and

  • Opening Different .bin files - Beware if Toast is around (& Similar others)November 30

    Xpost because many people have posted about the same thing: downloaded .BIN files not opening/opening incorrectly etc. [I'll offer this up as a User TIP because the problem isn't going away for a while...) The advice usually given is 100% correct -us

  • Can't open CS 5.0.4 Premiere Pro because of bin-file error.October 11

    I'm on an: iMac OS X 10.6.8 12 GB RAM 3.06GHz I've had trouble with CS5 so i upgraded to CS5.0.4 PP and I cant open my project. It's a large project, over an hour long movie. I've spent over 7 grand of my own cash on it and a year of my life. This me

  • Error loading *.bin fileOctober 11

    i have a certain requirement like if plugin1 is down plugin2 has to be called, both plugin1 and plugin2 uses same 3rd party api for plugin implementation.But when my plugin1 is down i am getting error with plugin2 like      "Error loading resource fi

  • How to output executable Bin file under linux from javaOctober 11

    Hi im beginner in java under linux and i want to out put my java programs to be bin files that can run if this not possilble how to run the output jar files with just double click ? does i have to run sh file that do the hob how? thanks in advance.sa

  • How to extract .bin file on mac?October 11

    Dear Team,                  How to extract .bin file on mac os ? please help me regards, kalaiAlthough the link posted by the other responder shows .bin files to be a copy of RAW CD or DVD data in my experience most .bin files are some type of config

  • What's the meaning of the various .bin files used by SAM?October 11

    hey everyone, I'm trying to understand why exactly there are so many .bin files used by the SAM, and how to compile each one of them. My .rc file for the simulation contains: load bin reset.bin 0xfff0000000 load bin q.bin 0xfff0010000 load bin openbo

  • H-61MU-E35 (B3) 4MB BIOS Chip Vs 8MB BIOS BIN File - WinBond 25Q32BVOctober 11

    Hello, I have MSI H-61MU-E35 (B3) motherboard with Ivy Bridge Processor, and everything was working fine,  Using Windows XP, I may have updated BIOS with different model no, so upon booting I was getting message that "BIOS File Not Found..."  In

  • File corrupt-Multiband-Cannot open bin-fileOctober 11

    This error is KILLING me...I have had to resort to an auto save file twice where alot of re-work was required...I am losing my confidence in Premiere for getting jobs done.  I close file...its working fine, then I open it and I get an error that says

  • Reading an Array of Objects from a .bin file!October 11

    Hey, at the moment I'm creating a program whereby I write a set of objects onto a bin file, in this case an array of objects with a String name/county, and int population/area.... I'm not trying to read it back from the bin file and encountering trou

  • How to install rpm.bin file with rpmNovember 30

    Have downloaded Java...rpm.bin for Linux. rpm doesn't recognize bin file. Can't find doc to explain what utility converts rpm.bin to simple rpm. What do I use? Thanks.It took me some time to figure it out, once you downloaded the j2sdk...rpm.bin file

  • Lenovo M58 (7360-AEG) - need original BIOS bin fileNovember 30

    Hello everybody! I think I have a BIOS problem with Thinkcentre M58. I try bios recovery procedure with .iso file, jumper, etc, but nothing happens. So I will try to programming bios chip with bios programmer. I found some bios files, but not the cor

  • Cant open the bin- file ??November 30

    I dont know why but recently my premiere project wont open whilst others will. i have a hunch it may be because my project bin in the project has over 1000 clips in it. i have 4gbs of memory on my imac. has anyone else ever had this message whilst it

  • How to open a bin fileNovember 30

    I have os 10.7 and 10.6.8 and have several atari rom files that are compressed as bin files and i can't open them w/ stuffit expander or unachriever at this point i can't find anything to open them please help thanks MikeIf you have no luck with deco

  • Downloaded bin files are associated with excelNovember 30

    I know that they should day open with application. How do I switch bin files to be opened with application instead of excel. I don't know what to select under the Open With: -> Other menuI wish I had details, but when I try to open the file, either w

  • Read/Write 2d numeric array or string array into bin fileNovember 30

    Can anyone pls help me to resolve this problem Attachments: bin file.vi ‏9 KBYou are still using the wrong format. Whatever you are doing has nothing to do with a binary file. You are still using way too much duplicate code. All you probably need is

  • What's the detailed GPS protol used to generated GPS bin file?November 30

    I encountered a problem recently. ) When we used actual GPS signals instead of simulated signals generated from the PXI-5671, the receiver functioned normally. 2) When we streamed bin file to generate signals repeatedly using the PXI-5671, the receiv

  • Apache serving bin files instead of default indexNovember 30

    I was trying to set up Postfix and Mailman today, and I seem to have broken Apache in the process. I installed Postfix and Mailman as in the wiki, but after configuration of Mailman I tried accessing the web server, and the server gave me a bin file

  • .bin files don't workNovember 30

    i have Toast Titanium 7, and whenever i download files to install software (specifically AIM 4.7 and Windows Media Player) that end in .bin, they open up as image files and Toast opens. No installation prompts appear or anything. It's preventing me f

  • I need converter a .bin file to .wav files,November 30

    I need converter a .bin file to .wav files, I'm using Labwindows/cvi for adquire Data. This binary file have data received from DAQCard-AI-16E-4, but now I need listening it, or recorder a .wav files directly. I'm sampling three channels and send dat

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