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  • [Synth 8-2715] syntax error near default ["ipif_pkg.vhd":203] - vhdl-2008 contentNovember 30

    Hi, I have a project that fails when I try to use a vhdl-2008 package. Without it all is good. The file is part of the project, set to vhdl-2008 but unreferenced. When i add use work.mypackage.all I get the following error: [Synth 8-2715] syntax erro

  • Recording Stand-alone Soft Synths & Virtual Instruments in Audition 3October 11

    Hi People, Have a little problem which I'm struggling to figure out. I have been using Cool Edit Pro for several years. My set up has always enabled me to record any standalone Software Synths via my sound card. I have always had it set up so my soun

  • What connectors do I need for my ipad so I can connect it to my apogee duet 2 interface essentially using the ipad as an instrument utilizing a few of the synth and drum machine apps to record tracks into Logic on my Mac?October 11

    Ok, so I completely feel like this is a stupid question for those of you already in the know and recording tracks onto your Computers DAW from instrument apps on the iPad and other i devices. I can not seem to find out exactly what connector or unit

  • Transparent TextField with Synth Look and FeelOctober 11

    I am trying to use synth to implement a textfield with a transparent background, and having some problems with it. I can see my panel and the transparent field fine enough in the beginning, but when the text in the field changes, it writes right over

  • Using a second computer as a software synthOctober 11

    Hi Folks I'm just thinking of running an old computer as a software synth and was wondering what I would need, i.e. midi interface, sound card and any advice that could be give so that I can sync the two machines up and get them working. TTFN Lotus E

  • Want to record ext. synth/voice as tracks in GarageBand 3/Controller Q's?October 11

    I want to record sound from my microKORG into GarageBand 3. I purchased a cable with the right connectors (which unfortunately I can't even find now, but when I do) to go from the output of the microKORG to the input on the mac Mini, but I was never

  • How do I find 3rd party soft synths in logic_pro 8?October 11

    I have just purchased Korg Legacy Digital Edition M1, Wavestation, MDE X,  Soft synths & effects, It seams to have installed ok but i can't get it to show up in a logic project when I add a new track, then search for the synth as an instrument plug i

  • How Can I Enable "Creative S/W Synth" in WindowsOctober 11

    I have a "Sound Balster Li've! 5." sound card and I'm using Windows XP. When I was using Windows ME before, the MIDI output devices that were available in WinME were:- A: SB Li've! MIDI Synth2- B: SB Li've! MIDI Synth3- Creative S/W Synth4- MIDI

  • 2715 Error when installing a newer version of iTunesOctober 11

    I have been trying to solve this problem for about 10 months and I finally solved it tonight. I thought I would post the solution just in case anyone hit the same error, especially since it appears to be rare. Here is the error: “The installer has en

  • Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth not available in Windows 8.1October 11

    Hi, Where should I go to ask the following question? I'm writing a Web MIDI application (in Javascript) using the Web MIDI API. Neither Jazz nor the Chrome Web MIDI implementation are finding the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth on my Windows 8.1 laptop.

  • Should I use -10dBV, +4dBU or low gain for synths? Or a DI box?October 11

    Hi Guys, I've recently purchased an RME UFX audio interface which I'm running with Logic, and I'm not quite clear which setting I should be using for synths that are coming in through the line inputs of the RME. The options are -10dBV, +4dBU or low g

  • Recording audio from an external synth - please help!October 11

    Hi I have an Alesis audio/midi firewire interface and a korg triton and in logic i have recorded the midi data and now need to record the audio into an audio track. I solo the midi track and arm the audio track for recording, i have set the audio tra

  • How to define the style for JTextArea using synth style xml file.October 11

    Hi all, How can we align the text inside the JTextArea using synth style xml file. We defined a style for the TextArea. But the text is displayed immediately after the border. So we want to provide some space between the border and the text.We specif

  • How to reproduce Building Blocks Synth apple loopOctober 11

    hi, a very specific question that you cant answer unless you listen to sample in question -  a sample in LPX apple loops called Building Blocks Synth. There is a bass line and a recurring synth chord which closes out every time it appears I  think wi

  • Need more synth voicesOctober 11

    Need more software voices - synths, celeste, etc. The listings of non-loop material that comes with GB's Jam packs doesn't look impressive. What do you recommend?Search the Web for soundfonts. There's thousands of them out there.Read other 3 answers

  • How do I create this kind of synth track?October 11

    I'm trying to recreate the synth instrument used in this song in Garageband... from 0:05-0:13 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vW1hv37imjw I'm not sure how I should go about doing so...I don't want to be playing individual keys for each chord pressed.

  • Help identifying an instrument/synth in a clipOctober 11

    I don't know any better place to ask these sorts of questions, so if anyone has any recommendations for better places to ask these questions, let me know. I need help identifying a sound in this clip. I'm interested in the style of music and its comp

  • Weird timing issues when playing back a recorded sound file and with synthsOctober 11

    Hello there, I'm having a couple of strange issues with playing back files that I have recorded using MIDI data which is then used to play an external synth which then gets recorded to an audio track which at the time is perfectly synced to a click t

  • I want to learn how to use the creative soft synthOctober 11

    please somebody throw me a bone....i need to start from the BEGINING here! where can i find a beginers guide telling me everything i need to know ...step by step ....how to configure and use the creative built in SOFT SYNTH....is there a control pane

  • I keep losing midi sound in my 49e synthOctober 11

    I select it in the track channel but for some reason I keep losing the sound or don't know how to get the 49e sound back. I am new to Logic 8 and was wondering if there is an easy tip on keeping track of my 49e synth sounds and not losing them? Thank

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