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Stylish userstyles rules Android firefox

  • How the find the name of each div element for Android firefoxNovember 30

    Hi guys, I have been trying to customize the ui of my Android firefox. I think the first step is to find the name of each element so that I can add my own css via stylish. For example, I wanna move the tab count beside the address bar to the right bo

  • Set up a desktop Firefox sync from an android Firefox syncNovember 30

    I am having trouble setting up Firefox sync on my desktop (which I had to replace) having only an active Firefox sync on my Android tablet. I can't find a way to either insert the usual three four character codes to pair the devices, nor to recover t

  • Android Firefox beta (17) crashes when I press the menu button.November 30

    Hi - I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this issue I've been having with Android Firefox? Whenever I press the 'menu' key on my phone while running FF (tried with 16 and beta/17), the application crashes immediately. I briefly see my Android h

  • How to obtain Sync Recovery Key from Android Firefox?November 30

    Desktop sync is broken and instructs to obtain "Your Recovery Key" from a working device. Only working device is Android Firefox. What is the magic incantation to get Firefox (v21 beta) on Android to reveal the needed sync Recovery Key?You can u

  • Android Firefox Sync with own ServerNovember 30

    Hi, is it possible to Sync the Android Firefox with the new 1.5 Sync Server?Josh182, Yes it is, however please take caution that the profile of the first computer will overwrite the one of the second. Sync is not meant to be a backup service. [[How t

  • How to develop an android firefox add ons ? Is it same as developing a desktop firefox add ons? .xpiNovember 30

    How to develop android firefox add ons? Where i can launch my app using this add ons.This add ons show a button-like on the page that launch my android app if clicked.thank you for your answer. but do you think that firefox is a good browser to devel

  • Android Firefox crashes when sync enabledNovember 30

    Hello, I am experiencing crashes every time when Firefox sync starts, either manually from menu or automatically. Sync does not sync at all it just crashes. Same behaviour with both stable and beta from android play store. Tried reinstalling, and rem

  • How can I sync my Android Firefox to a NEW sync account?October 11

    My desktop was reformatted, but my bookmarks are still synced to my "firefox beta for android". I'm under the impression the only way to retrieve them back from my android is to set up a new sync account. Yet for the life of me I cannot figure o

  • Android Firefox for Blackberry 10.2October 11

    Since the recent launch of Blackberry 10.2 for OS 10 devices, I've installed Firefox for android via SNAP and I would love to be able to use it without crashing :( Since obviously, Firefox for BB will not happen, anyway someone can check around compa

  • How do i disable pdfjs on android firefox 15?October 11

    The latest firefox for Android has an annoying "feature" that it trys to open pdf documents within the browser after a download. This does not work with the PDFs that we create internally (they display as white pages) so I need to disable it in

  • Is there any option like about:onfig to solve color management problems in Android-Firefox ?November 30

    The most eyes and brains of us all demand real colors. People that works as artists, retailers, developers and so on, wish to present their product or content online on small devices that run with Android and similar. People that serach products and

  • Samsung galaxy 3 android firefox keeps resetting 'desktop' iconsNovember 30

    Samsung galaxy 3 android. Downloaded firefox ap. Now every once in awhile the shortcuts I've added to the desktop of the tablet are reset so instead of seeing the text of the sites I've set, they all becone the generic firefox globe with no idea wher

  • How can I install addons on Android FirefoxNovember 30

    I can't install Addons in the menu of my browser (Firefox for Android 33.). When I'm looking for any addon, button "Install" is not available, and it tells that addon is not for Android.But the description says, that it's exactly for Android and

  • Sansung Galaxy S3 Android Firefox home pageNovember 30

    Hi, I've been trying to find how to set the home page in my M. Firefox - thehrlp refetred to access Settings-Customize-home tab; the only option I get set there is to embed one of quite awkward toolbars instead to type/paste Google or Bing or Ask or

  • How do I export my PC Firefox bookmarks to my Android Firefox WITHOUT using Firefox SyncNovember 30

    I do not wish to go through the laborious, poorly described process of installing Firefox Sync. All I want to do is have my PC Firefox bookmarks available on my Android tablet.hello jantheman49, it isn't possible without sync - however that should on

  • Add-ons for android Firefox stop working after rebootNovember 30

    I have Firefox (ver. 21.0) installed on my Ramos W30 tablet running ICS (4.0.4) and my UG007 android stick running JB (4.1.1). They both have the same problem. After a reboot, the add-ons stop working. If you look at the add-ons, all the info which w

  • How do I turn off to pop up blocker on my android Firefox appOctober 11

    I need to get on a website for work and I can only use Firefox and when I go into 1 the course is it says there's a pop up blocker how do I shut off the pop up blockerI couldn't locate a way to disable the pop-up blocker directly in the UI without us

  • Android Firefox display incorrect character.October 11

    Is Firefox not support correct UTF8? I try to play with it already. I found: Settings->Display->Character Encoding = Show menu Then I go to Character Encoding (appear after finish above setting) It says Unicode UTF-8 but I think it's not Because it

  • How do I get my desktop and Android Firefox bookmarks to sync?November 30

    When I add bookmarks on my desktop, they won't sync to my phone and vice versa. How can I amend this issue?The phone and desktop may be using different Sync accounts; one may be using old Sync while the other may be using new Sync. Mozilla provides i

  • Disable thumnnails on android firefoxNovember 30

    The newtab thumbnails disclose too much information about my business interests. Often someone else will use my phone to look something up. If I can't disable this I will have to delete Firefox. This problem seems to be handled in the windows version

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