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  • Oracle apps functional careerNovember 30

    Hello all, I am preparing myself for a career as a Oracle apps functional consultant in supply chain domain. Based on your experience what is the best way/process to get ready for this? Do I need to get trained in some institute or else buy some book

  • Responsibilities and duties of oracle apps functional consultant in support projectNovember 30

    Dear Gurus and Experience apps functional consultants, Experienced apps functional consultants and Gurus, Please kindly tell me. " what are the complete set of responsibilities and duties of a oracle apps functional consultant in support project?&quo

  • Oracle apps functional consultant careerNovember 30

    Dear all, I am planning to become a oracle apps functional consultant in SCM domain.I have good domain knowledge.But I badly want to know what are all the things that I should do to prepare for this career? If your time doesnt permit to list all of t

  • Reduced Message App FunctionsNovember 30

    So Mavericks reduced some of the Messages app functionality. Specifically, notifcations if my name is used in a chatroom or with direct messages. Now it simply reads "play sound effect when message is recieved." In a large chat room with many pa

  • I have Ipad. What app functions as adobe flash on Ipad?November 30

    I have ipad. What app functions as adobe flash on ipad?Phil ~ Welcome to the Support Communities. Let me ...Well, see for yourself by clicking HERE.Read other 4 answers

  • Why the difference in the Photos app functionality between the iPad 2 and iPhone 4?October 11

    Photo Stream works well on my iPad 2. For whatever reason, iPad 2 has more functionality in the iOS 5 "Photos" app than the iPhone 4. This may be because my iPad is 64GB and the iPhone is 32GB. Nevertheless, the iPad has the following folders in

  • Open in external app function missing.November 30

    It's a huge flaw. In order to open a certain file in an external app i have to select email link. Then email it to myself. Send it. Find it in my inbox. Then copy the link. I wish I could save time by just being ABLE to copy it WITHOUT the email step

  • Oracle Apps Functional GuidanceNovember 30

    Hi Guru's, Currently i am working as a Oracle Apps Technical Consultant from past 4 years. Now i am planning to move SCM Functional side ( SCM Functional Consultant ). Is it right decision.? Please suggest me....Hard to answer the question. It depend

  • Mail app functions missingNovember 30

    Since the IOS 6.1.3 update, all the most useful Mail functions have gone missing. These include Compose a message, Reply to a message, Forward a message, Move messages to folders, Delete messages. It seems I can only read messages. The usual buttons

  • IOS 7.0.4    What happened to the search app function when I slide left?November 30

    I Cant slide left to find the search function to search for apps.  It won't allow me to slide left.  Any clues?  This iOS is not that friendly...To activate the search function swipe down on any app page.Read other 2 answers

  • Why is my iPad 2 is activating Apps and performing App functions without me touching the screen?November 30

    My iPad 2 has worked fine for 4 months, but today it's acting crazy.  It's activating Apps and peforming functions in whatever App I'm trying to use without me touching the screen?  Any ideas what's up with it?  Many thanks.First thing to try is a re

  • Ejb3 app functions only when both .jsf and .jsp is presentNovember 30

    Hi All, I have the following problem: when I try to remove either of booking.jsp and booking.jsf (having same contents) from the directory tree of app.war (following), I get the message HTTP status 404 The requested resource (/s_ejb3_jb421_tobbfele/p

  • Restrict Oracle Apps FunctionalityNovember 30

    Is it possible to disable the Help-->Diagnostics functionality of Oracle EBS for specific users.We want to prevent the end users from accessing this functionality?One way of doing this is to change the apps password periodically.but. what I want to k

  • LV crashes while loading my llb, but the built app. functions correctly???October 11

    I�m hoping someone may understand the cause of the LabVIEW crash I�m experiencing. LabVIEW 6.1 crashes and Windows 2000 says, "LabVIEW.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows" when I try to load an llb by clicking on the top-level

  • IPod worked fine, sync'd fine, apps functioned BEFORE iTunes updateOctober 11

    I got a new iPod Touch in March...16gb 2G. I have Windows XP. Everything's been working fine up until the last two iTunes updates. The new 8 has yielded the worst problems. I've noticed PRIOR to iTunes 8 that my downloaded apps stopped working. The f

  • Replicating the app functionality from OIM 10g to OIM 11gR2October 11

    Hi, I have a resource object with an object form and a process form and approval, provisioning configured in OIM 10g design console. Provisioning is manual provisioning assigned to a particular group based on a task assignment adapter. For replicatin

  • (need answers)oracle apps functional queriesOctober 11

    This is bhanu nice meeting you, recently i went to an interview there i 've faced the following queries i've answered the queries but i didn't satisfy with my brief explanations ,i need apt&elobarated answers/ reasons so in that regard i need your he


    Hello, We created a form function (in Sys Admin resp) for a UIX page. The Type field is 'SSWA plsql function that opens a new window (Kiosk Mode)'. The HTML Call field is 'POBarCode.uix'. We have to pass the username (who logs in) to the UIX page. If

  • Oracle apps functional queriesNovember 30

    hi , I got some questions. if anybody knows please answer the following .. it will be useful for me. 1.What is the difference between accounting calendar & inventory calendar? 2.Explain the Business process? 3.What is Business group ,and draw the mul

  • Oracle Apps Functional in Finance CareerNovember 30

    Hi all I would be thankful to you if anyone can guide me in pursuing a career in Oracle applications functional in finance. For your information here is my career background - I did BSc(Computer Science), MBA & MSc and presently I am working as an Ac

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