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standby function lenovo px4

  • [Lenovo px4-300r] Not loading Admin WebpageNovember 30

    Hi everyone, Until today i was using my Lenovo px4-300r without any problem. Static IP added, shared folders running OK and everything perfectly running. Today we finally add an owned SSL certifcate on Security Section, to avoid the annoying SSL prob

  • T60 - Battery/Pwr and Enter Standby Function Keys stopped working.November 30

    T60 - Battery/Pwr (Fn+F3) and Enter Standby (Fn+F4) Function Keys have stopped working. This laptop, T60 200749U , had these function keys working when it ran XP PRO. Since upgrading to Win 7 Pro both keys have stopped. Anyone have the solution? Solv

  • X240 fingerprint reader does not work after standby or lockscreenOctober 11

    Hello all, I have a new X240, and the fingerprint logon no longer works after the computer resumes from standby or from a lockscreen (screen saver). I have checked other solutions here and in other sites, namely: 1. unchecking the power option of the

  • Sizing a standby system for Maximum AvailabilityNovember 30

    - Having primary and secondary sites with the SAME database server configuration. The server configuration will either be a SMP system with lots of processors or a RAC consisting of a number of 4-way SMP processors. - Data Guard shall be used for the

  • Lenovo G780 WiFi not detecting WirelessNovember 30

    This is driving me mad! I have a G780 that I have re-imaged with Win 7 Enterprise x64 and reinstaled all the drivers for. I am trying to connect to our wifi but the laptop is saying no connections detected.  I know the wifi is working as I have 40-50

  • SP M10: TOSHIBA mobile extensions - standby not workingNovember 30

    Hello! Recently I changed my antivirus software, ever since my laptop won't go into standby. When I try to switch to standby nothing happens and I receive this message in my event log - system log: "A request to suspend power was denied by TMESBS32.E

  • X61 Standby issue with XP when undockedNovember 30

    Hi, Just did a HDD upgrade on my most excellent X61 and after a clean install of XP, I now have an issue with the Standby functionality. Here's the symptoms: 1. If I restart while X61 is docked, I get normal startup and standby mode works both when d

  • Standby doesn't work on EquiumNovember 30

    Hi, I seem to have to same problem as cbsw, the standby function isn't activating on my laptop. When I click, start, shutdown - the standby button is 'grey', ie. I can't click on it, I can only click turn off, or restart. In the toshiba power saver o

  • Power Save optionsOctober 11

    I've recently purchased a car mount for my 8820, but everytime I put it in the cradel it goes into standby mode. The only options I see for the cradel are locking and unlocking and the ability to make calls when the phone is locked. How do I disable

  • Oracle physru rolling upgrade problemNovember 30

    Hi, I'm having a problem with the Oracle Physru script provided from MOS note # 949322 I was hoping I could get some help with. My system contains of two Oracle, one primary and one physical standby. The hosts are two Oracle Solaris 10 Spa

  • Konqueror 4.3.2 frequently times out vs. Firefox never doesNovember 30

    Hi, I'm on a fully (daily) Arch 32b/KDE 4.3.2 PC. I've noted that Konqueror frequently times out (error message "Socket operation timed out") whereas Firefox NEVER does that (same sites). I've topped up the socket read (System Settings, Connecti

  • New HD: Restoring the recovery partitionNovember 30

    Hi, I am trying to upgrade my 3000 N200 hard disk to a larger, faster disk (250G). I find the recovery function (Lenovo care key at boot) to be very useful, as I am a computer tech and my system deserves to be reinstalled often. My question is:  How

  • How to install LenovoEMC Storage Manager for Linux: Version 30

    An Small step by step how to install this app. I this first example it was installed on Red Hat 6 Linux How to install LenovoEMC Storage Manager for Linux: Version 1 - Download it from https://lenovo-na-en.custhelp.com/app/cust_alp/p/103

  • IBook don't go into sleep after 10.4.7 update.November 30

    Hello, today i've installed the 10.4.7 update. After the installation my iBook doesn't go into sleep. When I close the Notebook the white indicator blinking once and the iBook wake up. If I try to activate the sleep mode from apple menu it is the sam

  • Satellite A100: Screen goes blank after a while of no action and can't be reactivatedNovember 30

    Hi all I am after a bit of advise/help. I have a satellite A100 & after its been on for an extended period with no keyboard input (like burning dvds), the screen goes blank. It doesn't matter which keys I press I can't make it come back on. The only

  • KT3 power/mem probsNovember 30

    I have a KT3 Ultra2 board and when I switch on after shutting down I get 3 beeps and the J-LED hangs on memory init, However If after shutdown I switch off at the mains and switch back on it boots no probs. I also have this problem when using S3 stan

  • My Satellite 2410 shuts down after resuming from Stand by modeNovember 30

    My laptop shuts down when i resume it from stand by. I have Satellite 2410-303 windows xp Home Edition Sp-2. any help?Hi, could it be possible that you have Software installed, that doesnt support the standby function? Often Programs like Firewalls o

  • Where'd my lock go?November 30

    My "Lock" icon dissapeard.  I can't lock the keyboard!  I just did a software update to fix another problem (with the address book) and then it was gone.The lock and standby functions have been changed in OS 5.0.  The new options are a keypad lo

  • My ht-ct80 sound bar keeps turning itself off every 15min.November 30

    4 days ago I bought a htct80 sound bar and it keeps turning itself off every 15min. I serched the internet for a solution to no avail. So I need a answer from sony. Its a great sound bar while its on. Please give me a solution or i will have to take

  • Why does my Sony Sound bar CT60BT turn off after 15 minutes?November 30

    I turn the volume down during the evening and when I do, it automatically turns off after about 15 minutes.  Is there a way to change the settings so that it doesnt go into standby mode?Hi mdalton1284, Your Sound Bar has an Auto Standby Function. It

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