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spartan6 clock forwarding

  • [SOLVED] System clock loses minutes at rebootNovember 30

    For some reason, my system clock (as displayed by date) loses around five minutes every time I reboot. When I use date -s to set the time manually everything's fine until reboot when the clock will lose around five minutes again. Even if I put the cl

  • Syncing and Clock Settings/AdjustmentNovember 30

    Hi Everyone I don't know if any of you do that, but I have the habit to moving my clock forward to make sure I'm on time. All my clocks  show a different time ( macbook +15 mn, Iphone +20mn ) I know it's a bit silly,but it helps me to be on time. How

  • World Clock Widget Error!November 30

    I have the world clock widget included with mac os x set up to show the time in perth, australia but it is displaying the time an hour slow ... western australia recently introduced daylight saving time so put their clocks forwards, however the widge

  • HH3 Type A can't tell the timeOctober 11

    Currently on HH3 number five, this one is Type A and has been running for about a week with reasonably consistent speeds until this morning when it had dropped again when I tried to restart it nothing happened.  Tried switching on/off still nothing j

  • Why is it taking so long to fix the time server?October 11

    BST started back on March 25th. Three months on and the time is still incorrect on my hub. Why is it taking so long to correct? Is someone looking into this? Are there any other (free) time servers I can use?this link may explain more http://communit

  • Exchange 2007 SP3 default quota issueOctober 11

    This is an odd one. We use Exchange 2007 SP3 running on Server 2003 R2, the domain is 2008 R2. We have a default mailbox size limit of 900MB (issue warning) 1GB (stop sending) 1.25GB (stop send and receive). This has been in place since before I star

  • Excel date to Numbers text format troublesNovember 30

    I've been sent an Excel .xls document which I'm opening in Numbers '09 (2.1). The spreadsheet has a date column which I need to be in text format as dd/mm/yyyy. I expected the original Excel document to have the dates already in text format but Numbe

  • [SOLVED] Yet another time issue...November 30

    Hi there, I'm having some crazy, hair pulling, head banging UTC time issues on both my dual boot (Arch & Windows 8) desktop and single boot laptop. I've been searching and following a mulitude of old threads and the official Wiki guide, however, I si

  • Home Hub 3 Access Control not workingNovember 30

    Not sure if anyone can help with this, but here goes! I have access control enabled on my HomeHub 3 which should stop my daughter from using the Internet between 9:00pm and 3:00pm - it seems to be working in as much as she isn't able to access the in

  • Changing time zones.November 30

    I live in mountain time, but I am vacationing in eastern right now. I set up dates and times in iCal when I was in mt. If I switch my clock to et, then all of the hours are off by two. But if I move the clock forward two hours, it stays like that for

  • Daylight Savings in Southern HemisphereNovember 30

    Here in Melbourne Daylight Savings rules are: Victoria's period of daylight saving will start at 2:00am on Sunday 7 October 2012. At 2:00am standard time (Eastern Standard Time) move clocks forward one hour to 3:00am summer time. (First Sunday in Oct

  • Home hub 3 time not updatingNovember 30

    Hello, every since the clocks have gone forward the time on my router has stayed the same. Isn't it meant to auto update? I have tried restarting it and this doesn't help. The reason I'm asking about this problem is that it throws off all the other f

  • CC&B - DSTNovember 30

    In CC&B is there any way to handle Day Light Saving issues with respect to different time zones?Yes, look at the online documentation in CC&B v1.5.15 it is under Administration - > Defining general options -> Defining Time Options as an exam

  • Push cert error with creating AppNovember 30

    The push cert should be expired on Jun 23, 2014 But the App Builder give be this error, do anyone knows what's happening? I've tried to remove the cert in keychain and download them from Apple again. But got the same error message(the time did not ch

  • 1 hour time changeNovember 30

    Hi It has happenend again! Here in the UK we put the clocks forward an hour this morning. THe time on my iPhone changed OK. But all my appointments also moved forward an hour. So my 10 am appointment on Monday has now been reset to 11am. All appontme

  • ADC DDR source synchronous timing constraints helpNovember 30

    Hi all,   I am using a virtex 5 xc5fx200T-1ff1738 with ISE 12.4 to capture data from an ADC (KAD5512p-50 http://www.intersil.com/content/dam/Intersil/documents/kad5/kad5512p-50.pdf). I calculate my timing constraints as follows: TIMEGRP "ADC_1_DP_TIM

  • BT HH3 System TimeNovember 30

    If I set the HH3 to adjust the time automatically from the Internet, it sets it one hour behind the actual time. In other words, it is not taking account of British Summer Time, despite the fact that the hub configuration screen says that it will do

  • Blank screen displaying in app storeNovember 30

    in my iPhone 4s, I will press app store button in my home screen, a blank screen displayingFor anyone still having problems, I located a solution that worked for me at SenseiPhone: http://senseiphone.com/app-store-loading-returned-white-blank-screen-

  • Gclk problems in spartan 6November 30

      Hi, I'm trying to Implement my design for Spartan-6 (xc6slx25--2fgg484).  In my design i need to use GCLK6, GCLK14 and GCLK 18 as clock pins. But when i try to instantiate BUFIO2, it is showing error. ERROR:Place:1136 ERROR:Place:1205 I really don'

  • 2007 Time ChangeNovember 30

    Not sure if this is where this post belongs. I just heard that instead of setting our clocks forward the first Sunday in April it will be Sunday March 11. They said it will be like Y2K. Our computers will not know it is a time change. It has been pro

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