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software raid 0 on osx leopard 10.5.8

  • Can I install boot camp on a machine with a Software Raid-0?October 11

    I have a machine with a software Raid-0 running Snow Leopard. I'd like to install Boot Camp but I only have 2 SATA hard drives. Windows does not need to run in a RAID on this machine and I'm fine partitioning both drives so that I have a 30GB Windows

  • Can I install Snow Leopard and boot from software RAID 1 (mirror)?October 11

    I have a Mac Pro (quad core 2.66 GHz) on order for my office workstation. Yeah, I know new ones are probably coming out early next year but due to budget and upcoming projects I need one now. What I'd like to do is replace the pre-installed 640GB dri

  • Partitioning two drives to enable OSX and XP software raid.November 30

    Hi Guys, I have found out that XP support software raid 0 so I am wondering if I can do this. I have 4 disks in the bays. Disk 1 - OSX System disk Disk 2 - XP System disk. Now I want to partition Disks 3 and 4 into 4 partitions and use OSX software r

  • From Tiger to Leopard and software raidNovember 30

    hi, I have 4 drive, 1 is system disk and 3 are stripped to raid via disk utility. I'd like install Leopard, but I don't know what happens with my software raid and data on it? ThanksThe RAID should still be fine with Leopard, but drives can fail at a

  • Mac Pro with software raid and upgrading to Snow LeopardNovember 30

    Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but here goes. I have a mac pro with 4 500G drives using the onboard software raid. When I insert the Snow Leopard disk and try to install, it fails to find the raid. Is there a trick to get this to work?T

  • Will OSX software Raid-0 on external drive be regonized elseware?November 30

    Are RAID setups created in Disk util recognized in other computers. Say i have 2 external drives (over eSata on my 08 mac pro) in a raid 0 from disk util, can I plug these two drives into another mac pro and have them work? Basically, are software ra

  • IPod Touch not being recognised on newly-installed OSX Leopard (10.5.4)October 11

    I have an iPod Touch (software version 2.0.2) which is not being recognised in OSX Leopard (version 10.5.4) which I just loaded onto the Powerbook G4. It was recognised under OSX 10.4, although the iPod Touch didn't launch iTunes when it was connecte

  • Time Machine backup on OSX Leopard Server, no user logged inOctober 11

    Hi I'd like to use Time Machine to do backups of a Mini running OSX Leopard Server. It has a TimeCapsule connected, which it backs up to fine, at the moment. However, I've been wondering, if it still backs up, if no user is logged in? I've been readi

  • I had iLife pre-installed on my aluminium Macbook 2009 with OSX Leopard on it. My hard drive broke but got most of the info off it and just installed snow Leopard on to a new drive and then downloaded and installed Mountain Lion over it. Now I don't haveOctober 11

    I had iLife pre-installed on my aluminium Macbook 2009 with OSX Leopard on it. My hard drive broke but got most of the info off it and just installed snow Leopard on to a new drive and then downloaded and installed Mountain Lion over it. Now I don't

  • Software RAID issueOctober 11

    I have just installed 2-200 GB seagate hd's into my machine and set them up as a software raid 0. Also installed is the original 80 GB drive and a Hitachi 160 GB drive. The two new drives functioned long enough for me to copy all of my raw digital ho

  • Software raid 1 drive(s) failedNovember 30

    Curious on what to do with a RAID 1 Drive (s) failure? I've searched the community and cannot find similar issue/answers. Configuration: One 1TB OS & App Drive is fine Two 3TB RAID 1 Drives for Video scratch are fine Two 2TB RAID 1 Data Drives are my

  • Cant access iTunes Store on G4 running OSX LeopardNovember 30

    I can't access iTunes Store on G4 running OSX Leopard. It's telling me I need Safari 4.0.3 in order to have access to iTunes and I have the latest version.try if this helps: download iTunes from here http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ and run the

  • MBP running Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.8 cannot get past login screen even in safe bootNovember 30

    Help!  I have a Macbook Pro purchased in 2009, running Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.8 which froze while running Adobe Illustrator.  On reboot, it won't allow me to go past the login screen.  I tried starting up from the disc, running disk verification and re

  • Dreamweaver CS3 and Mac OSX Leopard 10.5November 30

    I did an Erase and Install of Mac OSX Leopard 10.5... so it's a clean install. I installed the Adobe Web Premium software (full, not upgrade). Dreamweaver has been CRASH city. Try to merge some tables... crash. Try to copy past a graphic from one pag

  • Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.2November 30

    Hello I need to know in which apple desktop can be use " osx leopard 10.5.2 " . I got this 2 cd" install and restore disc" when I bought mac mini on 2005/06. Can be these cd be install for example on a Imac or power mac? or they only m

  • Reinstalling OS X - losing software RAID?November 30

    We have a Xserve G5 with a 80GB hard drive + two 250 GB hard drives. The two 250 GB hard drives make up a mirrored RAID, configured using Disk Utility. I'm going to upgrade the server from Tiger to Leopard, and I plan to perform a clean install on th

  • Software RAID as startup volumeNovember 30

    I want to get 4 velociraptor hard drives for my mac pro. If I create a software RAID 0 in Disk Utility, and reinstall Leopard on that volume, can I use it as a startup volume? If you can, does it take longer for the computer to startup? ThanksFirstly

  • Help! Purchased used MBP with admin password, want to install OSX Leopard!November 30

    I purchased a used MBP with Tiger. The seller sold me a laptop with a password! I can log into the computer but I can't install programs (it asks for the password). I don't have the original Tiger disks. *If I purchase OSX Leopard tomorrow at the App

  • Importing MDaemon email into OSX Leopard ServerNovember 30

    I currently use MDaemon email server software on a Win2K server computer to manage my company email. Can Email Services on OSX Leopard import all my old emails from MDaemon? I really want to make the change and dump Win2K forever....but I can't throw

  • Software RAID 0,1,10November 30

    With Mac OSX 10.5 there appears to be the ability to configure software RAID with multiple partitions. I am looking for some expert advice on using Mac OSX Server to achieve the backup of 5-10 Mac OSX systems (10.5 or earlier), striping and mirroring

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