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slow DNS pour nokia n8

  • Reading pdf files is very slow on my nokia 5800 mobile phoneNovember 30

    Reading pdf files is very slow on my nokia 5800 mobile phone. I have Adobe Reader LE 2.5 and when i open any pdf file, it runs very slow and the scrolling is very slow in spite of opening pdf files which contain text only and in black color. I have t

  • For anyone who is experiencing slow DNS lookups...November 30

    I finally worked out what was wrong with my network config last night and thought I'd share it with everyone in a simgle post in the hope it'll help someone else. I tried the BIND work around, but it wasn't all that much faster. I tried disabling IPv

  • [SOLVED] Slow DNS lookup, I thinkOctober 11

    Hi I have a really annoying problem. My DNS lookup in Arch is painfully slow. I know it's not a network problem, as I don't have any problems in my Ubuntu installation. I have tried to run two simple tests to show you what I mean. The first is a simp

  • Slow DNS resolutionNovember 30

    Folks; *I have Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6 up to date and since few days, the DNS resolution is very slow, about 5 seconds to resolve names.* *For example :* # ping test.com *(wait 5 seconds)* PING test.com ( 56 data bytes *Of course it

  • Slow DNS web resolutionNovember 30

    I've noticed the DNS resolution for web services on our network has become a little slow. The log is showing the below (for example): success resolving 'www.jamesallenonf1.com/A' (in 'jamesallenonf1.com'?) after reducing the advertised EDNS UDP packe

  • Slow DNS lookupNovember 30

    For the past two days, my internet has really slowed down.  The problem appears to be a "pokey" DNS server.  In many cases, it would take longer for the DNS server to work, than to download the web pages.  This morning, the problem seems fixed -

  • Slow DNS Resolution using Time CapsuleNovember 30

    Hello, I'm using a time capsule as my main internet router and wireless access point, and I've noticed a significant delay before web pages begin to download.  In trying to troubleshoot this, I came across a very helpful utilitity called the Netalyzr

  • RV082 - Newest Firmware - V1 Hardware? - Slow DNS LookupsNovember 30

    I was running firmware 1.3.98-tm - and everything seemed to be working fine (no complaints from me - things ripped) Serial Number :      DEZ00610370x Firmware version :      1.3.98-tm (Jun 20 2008   18:37:29) CPU :    Intel IXP425-533 Not sure if I h

  • Very slow GPRS on Nokia 2690November 30

    I bought Nokia 2690 yesterday. It's a nice phone but there is one problem when I try to use GPRS it works very slow. I am using Ufone (Pakistan). Plz can anyone help me solving this issue. Solved! Go to Solution.thats not because of your phone, did y

  • Wireless Intermittent Super Slow DNS lookup bug in 10.6.4October 11

    I don't normally post things on forums these days, as usually I can find just about any solution by searching long enough, but this issue has perplexed me to the point I actually had to come on here. Believe me, that's a big deal, I don't give up eas

  • RV082 - Slow DNS ResolutionNovember 30

    Greetings Gang, Have an RV082 v1.1 FW 1.3.98-tm that has been rock solid for a couple of years and is now, suddenly, experiencing dead crawl DNS resolution. No changes in configuration prior to the behavior starting. Tried rebooting the unit, no chan

  • Slow DNS Lookups after connecting via PPP VPNNovember 30

    I have this very annoying problem and just can't seem to find a method to resolve it. When I connect to my work network via a PPP VPN connection, all internet connectivity thereafter takes forever to do a DNS lookup. So when I browse the internet it

  • Issue with very slow DNS lookup. SBS 2008 R2.November 30

    (Preface: sorry if this is the wrong forum...new at this! X-posted from Reddit) I'm stumped with this one. Last week, the server installed a few updates, no problem, a handful of security stuff. Since then, I've been having issues with DNS lookups on

  • Flash player pour nokia N95 8GBNovember 30

    bonjour, quand je me connecte sur un site via mon N95 8GB, le site me demande de télécharger la mise jour flash player 9. sauf que, quand je vais sur le site toujours via mon mobile, je ne trouve rien qui correspondrait à mon mobile. est ce que quelq

  • Slow DNS in WDS NetworksNovember 30

    I have 3 airport base stations (one extreme and two express). My extreme is connected to my cable modem and shares the conenction via WDS with the other two base stations. I have an odd problem. For some reason the DNS server addresses are not being

  • SBS 2011 DNS Resolution SlowOctober 11

    I have a customer running SBS2011 Standard.  We've had problems with slow DNS resolute for a very long time.  When users on their workstations go to a web site in IE, it usually takes a couple of seconds to load the site.  The best example of the pro

  • DNS very very slowNovember 30

    Hello Admins and Apple Techies I do use SLS on a Mac Mini 1.83GHz with 2GB of memory. More or less all services do work fine, except the very very slow DNS. I did the following settings. 1) DNS Server settings are Debug loglevel, localnets, forwarder

  • Open DNS and internet sharingOctober 11

    I am seeing strange behavior, and wondering if anyone has a thought about what is going on. I am at a hotel with fast internet service over ethernet, but, for whatever reason, DNS seems very slow if I use DHCP to connect (timeouts of 5-10 secs to get

  • Open DNS Numbers QuestionOctober 11

    I have a 2Wire Router/Modem from AT&T do i have to add the numbers to this or can i just add them to my computer via System Preferences?The number is greyed out, because it is the one supplied by your router since your using DHCP. That's all fine. An

  • Slow loading of urlsOctober 11

    I have a dsl connection but often the websites load very slowly, often to the point where Safari or Firefox time it out. I have the same problem with either brower or Internet Explore. I have done the permission repair. The provider says everything c

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