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  • Open and Close a command line exec via OpenG.lib in seperate VIsOctober 11

    Hi, I'm aiming to perform tests on my UUT - over a command line based executable which established a USB connection, so - sendings commands and checking the return string.  So far i'm reusing the pipeNight.vi which is shared in the following post. ht

  • How to send report output to  two  detinations at a time from command line?October 11

    Hi , how to send my report to two detinations at a time from command line i.e FILE and Mail ? i created batchfile in that i mentioned one line for file(DESTYPE=FILE) perpose and another line for mail perpose(DESTYPE=Mail).i don't want to mention to l

  • Error while running a Discoverer Workbook with parameter from command lineOctober 11

    I am trying to run a discoverer report from command line and export the results in xls on to my local machine. I could do it fine for a simple workbook, but if I add a parameter(madatory) to the workbook and run it from command line specifying the pa

  • Could not view data in the Em while in the command line query worksOctober 11

    Hi, all, I have met with this problem for several times. I have an Oracle running on Redhat linux E3. After I insert or just input some data in a table. I could see the new data in the command line. SQL> select * from tablename; But I could

  • GUI Applications unable to use command line toolsOctober 11

    Hi All- I've searched, but I can't find a thread about this one, so... On OS 10.4.5: Whenever I use a GUI app that wants to use a command line tool (e.g. curl, df, java), the app fails giving an error message to the effect of "unable to find curl&quo

  • Error Received When Trying To Create DSN From The Command LineOctober 11

    All, Your help is greatly appreciated in advance. I am having trouble packaging Oracle 10G for a batch file deployment. Everything is done except for getting the DSN created which is causing me major problems. We am working with the Oracle 10G R2 10.

  • Single Sign On and Command lineOctober 11

    Hi! We have application without any logon form which executed from command line by BAT file: app.exe Username Password par1 par2 ... where par1, par2... is parameters of application So question is: can Oracle Single Sign On set user credentials to th

  • Can't run JavaFX app as a jar file from command lineOctober 11

    I'm trying to build a JavaFX app from scratch (that is, by including the jar file from the JavaFX SDK rather than by using the special JavaFX project type from NetBeans). It runs fine in NetBeans. However, when I try to launch it as a jar file from t

  • Classpaths inside of Jar's effect on command line cpOctober 11

    If I have a jar with Class-Path set in the manifest, will Java ignore the classpath I use at the command line: java -cp conf/log4j.properties;lib/a.jar com.some.target.Main If "a.jar" has the class path in the manifest, will the cp I try to pass

  • Cisco Jabber MSI Install Command lines/ Orca MST fileOctober 11

    Greetings.... We are trying to deploy cisco jabber 9.7.4 either by using msi command line or configuring a custom installer using Orca. Both options have worked partially. 2 places we are getting stuck.  The EULA is prompting to accept (which if we r

  • Get multiple values from Command-LineOctober 11

    Can any body tell how can I do this� When I input a number, then I should be able to insert that number of lines (rows). Note that number of columns is always 4. I.e.: If I put number 3 in command-line, It should be like this & then exit from the pro

  • VPN Client disconnection from command lineOctober 11

    Hi, I want to connect to IPsec VPN on ISA500 by VPN Client (v, the last version, I think), using command line parameters. I can connect with the command: "%programfiles%\Cisco Systems\VPN Client\ipsecdialer.exe" -c -user myUser -pwd

  • Command-line SSL test in WLS6.1October 11

    With Weblogic 6.0, I used to be able to test if SSL was working on the command-line by using this command: java –Dssl.debug weblogic.Admin -username name -password pw -url https://localhost:7002 PING This used to work fine. But now with WLS 6.1, the

  • Command line compiler (rhcl.exe) adds on rogue full pathways into [Merge Files] of .hhpOctober 11

    I'm using RH 9 and generating chm outputs on my Win 7 64-bit computer. I have a core chm help file and several sub chm helps that get merged into it. I have a batch file that regularly compiles our help files locally and then copies them into a commo

  • How can I open a PDF file and enter a word in the Find field from the command line?October 11

    Hi, I want to use a PDF file as the help file of another program. I have found somewhere an incomplete description of the command line parameters of Acrobat Reader. It described how to open a file and jump to its given page. I have written the follow

  • Problem using extension manager CS5 with command lineOctober 11

    Hi All, I had posted my question here : http://forums.adobe.com/message/4695419#4695419, but was advised to do so here as well.. I have a requirement to get the path of all the installed Extension Managers on any Windows system for the purpose of ins

  • Using java to run command line as %username%October 11

    Hi all, can any one help with this? I'm trying to run a command line from a database as %username% in Windows. So far I have the following script, courtesy of Frank Naude to build a java class that is published within a plsql procedure. A command lin

  • BBIPS - Command Line UtilitiesOctober 11

    BBIPS - Command Line Utilities - Just released ! I wrote these after working on the main bbips program recently, and decided that individual functions could also be seperate programs, sometimes making it easier to chain them together to do multiple o

  • Find unowned files via command line?October 11

    I'm interested in making a list of files not owned by any package and sending it to a text file I can review. I found this thread, which suggests pacpal (link appears to be broken now) and this script. I could try the script, but I noted from a bit b

  • Command line hangs when starting OC4J with MapViewerOctober 11

    Hello, I have a simple development setup with a stand-alone oc4j instance installed via the MapViewer Quick Start Kit, on an 11g database, on a Windows XP workstation. The problem: When I start the oc4j instance everything seems to start up successfu

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