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sivanantham meaning

  • What it means to me "WRITE  'sivanantham'(001).November 30

    Hi There, See below. What it means to me "WRITE  'sivanantham'(001)." ?. Please explain. <begin> REPORT  ZDEMO_SUBS_USING_EXIT. WRITE  'sivanantham'(001). "WRITE  'sivanantham'(01). "WRITE  'sivanantham'(1). </end> thanks s

  • How do I ensure that, /sapsll/prcts~guid_pr  is same as  /sapsll/prcon~guiNovember 30

    Hi Please review the query below, this is from one of the report at work. How do I ensure that, /sapsll/prctsguid_pr  is same as  /sapsll/prconguid_pr. Or in other words,  how do I ensure or know that they both means the same. select *   from /sapsll

  • How to invoke Oracle Workflow softwareNovember 30

    Hi there, I have successfully installed Oracle Workflow software in my mac laptop. Don't know how to invoke the software. Getting the following exception. sivanantham-kandans-Computer:~/9iR2/orahome/bin oracle$ wfresgen Usage: wfresgen [-v] -f <resou

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