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  • Error while generating CW kin for the new BG created for TaiwanOctober 11

    HiAll, Please provide your help to resolve this issue, Iam getting error while generating CW kin for the new BG created for Taiwan, China. Error : Value TW is not a Valid context for the Descriptive Flexfield Person Developer DF. Please let me know,

  • No longer boots since update [kinit & call trace troubles]October 11

    Hi all, Recently I did a full system upgrade on a completely working system (running I assume was a 2.6.28 kernel26) that upgraded it to 2.6.29. It then stopped booting correctly. I left this for a while since I didn't have the time for messing aroun

  • Common Q& A Aboout the Kins for Owners of the Kins (and those interested)October 11

    After reading a few of the posts here I thought I'd type up a little bit of q and a since there seem to be alot of repeat questions.  1.  Does wifi cost money? Answer:  NO wifi does NOT cost money (provided the wifi hot spot you are using does not ch

  • Kin one not sending and receiving some of my text messages?October 11

    I've had my kin one for several months now (mine is used as a feature phone, no data package). I was having no problems up until now. in the past week or so, I've noticed that I'm not getting some of my text messages. also, some people are not receiv

  • Kin Twom Thoughts . . . since I have the phone AT LAST!October 11

    I have had my new phone for about two weeks now.  I was previously posting as user CinnamonSwirl but for some reason when I changed my account and phone, my id's were all messed up and I had to re-register on the Community. Anyway, it's been a long r

  • Post-upgrade DSfW configuration fails on 'kinit -E'October 11

    I'm trying out an upgrade from OES2SP1 to OES2SP2 on a test server. This server is dedicated to DSfW, nothing else is running on it. I did the upgrade through patch channel, and am now stuck on the configuration which comes up after the first boot. T

  • How To Transfer Photo and Video from Kin Twom to PC?October 11

    My computer, Windows-Vista, does not show the Kin Twom icon. I don't know how to download photo and video taken from Kin Twom to PC. Kin Studio is phasing out and does not accept new member. What else can we do?just found out, you are from my town! o

  • Kin 1 microphone not workingOctober 11

    I can hear people fine, but people can not hear me. My bluetooth is off, wireless off, mute is not on, i took out the battery multiple times it still doesnt work. at first it was crinkles/static noises, but still useable. Then people could not hear m

  • KIN One m won't receive mms messagesOctober 11

    My KIN ONEm won't receive mms messages, I've had the problem once or twice before and every time it's happened it shows this error message "someone sent you a message but it can't be retrieved right now" with the error code "3-4003" it

  • Samsung SCH-u370 vs. Kin TWOm ; Which would be better for the texter?October 11

    So my plan is going to end in about two months so I decided to research some new feature phones online. Since I text often, I wanted a phone with a full keyboard, having a touch screen would be nice as well. The Samsung SCH-u370 isn't offered on at V

  • Kin two...piece of JUNK!!!October 11

    My husband upgraded a little over a year ago to the kintwo and we've had nothing but problems ever since!!! It constantly freezes and if it does freeze while recieving a text or a call that message is lost! The camera is great when it works. Because

  • Has anyone else bought the Kin TwoM and found it the worst thing ever??November 30

    I got the Kin TwoM and found it the worst cell phone I have had EVER.It never keeps its battery life but for a day and the screen is way too touchy and I can not send people photos or post them online I have yet to get the wi fi to work anymore it ju

  • XI 3.1 Vintela OpenDocument 404, yet kinit worksNovember 30

    Hi there, Intermittently, when I start tomcat for some reason it cannt find my SPN via Kerberos: stdout.log: SEVERE: Exception starting filter authFilter com.wedgetail.idm.sso.ConfigException: Configured service principal name `BOSSOPROD/SVCACCOUNT.M

  • More clear question  for slideshow help - Kin?November 30

    Hi Kin, You have been very helpful in getting me this far - I know this last detail would be a very easy thing for you to do. I tried to get it to work for the dssmTitle by adding another dssmTitle.addObserver http://www.tsgraphics.net/slideshow_test


    I downloaded the Zune software on my computer for the KIN two phone. I downloaded and am using the free 14 day trial. I plugged my phone in with the USB cable, and dowloaded some music. Then i unplugged it, and all the pictures from my cell phone are

  • Ktutil get vnc/host.local adds expired tickets to krb5.keytab.  kinit -k vnc/host.local - krb5_get_init_creds: Client (vnc/host.local@domain) expired.  Any ideas?November 30

    After upgrading Server, the LocalKDC was gone.  I recreated with 'admin -l init LKDC:SHA1.HASH'.  However, the entries for vnc/host.local are missing from /etc/krb5.keytab.  I can use 'ktutil get vnc/host.local' to add the entries, but trying to use

  • How to check in the KIN TWOm is in a store near me?November 30

    I am wondering if there is a way to check through the website if a store near me has the KIN TWOm is in stockI don't think you can check through this site. You will have to call the stores directly. There is a Store Locator button at the upper right

  • Cool features of the Kin Twom(if you are considering one or want to know more about your phone)November 30

    1. Surf the web and talk at the same time - I was watching a commercial for the AT&T iphone talking about how it could surf and talk at the same time, so I decided to test the kin out as well. Turns out, the KIN is easily capable of doing this! An ex

  • Kinit: Client not found in Kerberos database while getting initial credentialsNovember 30

    Hi all, I am trying to configure application which uses Kerberos authentication. Error message:  kinit: Client not found in Kerberos database while getting initial credentials I use Windows Server 2003 domain controller as LDAP server, Tomcat applica

  • NEW Kin TwoM Pricing / New Feature PhonesNovember 30

    So, I've been checking the site compulsively for about the last two months...let me know if you think my logic on this is sound: This week I noticed that the Kin OneM pricing went from 19.99 to FREE- it doesn't seem to be a promotional price either b

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