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  • Nokia 1202 shortcutsNovember 30

    The manual for the Nokia 1202 model does not list (in either online or paper version) any shortcuts or hotkeys for saving time when navigating. I have discovered several shortcuts by trial and error. Is there a full list available anywhere? There is

  • Nokia 1202November 30

    This may sound really stupid but I cant seem to figure out how to put my 2degrees sim card in the Nokia 1202, it looks like there's a metal plate with 6 holes covering the contacts for the simcard chip.Hi goose1977 Unfortunately the paper saving user

  • Nokia 1202 (earpiece at the back?)November 30

    hi, i've read a review and some comments online that this Nokia 1202 have problems on the earpiece? it's been said that the earpiece is situated BEHIND the set and not infront right above the LCD where there's a hole for earpiece which was claimed to

  • Lock homescreen shortcut in Nokia X6?November 30

    Hi, I've updated my X6 to latest firmware 40.0.002 and have the slide Unlock feature to unlock. I've set the homescreen lock to 20sec. Is there any way to lock the screen as soon as i've finished the task instead of going to power button and then loc

  • Shortcut problem Nokia 2730 classicNovember 30

    Hi, I have a problem with the personal shortcuts. Everytime I personalize my shortcuts (e.g. alarm clock on right selection key) and later switch the phone off the settings were not saved when I turn it on again. How do I personalize my shortcuts and

  • Web Bookmarks as Homepage Shortcuts on Nokia N97November 30

    Hi, can anyone advise whether it's possible to set web bookmarks as homepage shortcuts? There are several web pages i regularly access and wouldlike to set them as 'one-touch' shortcuts from the homescreen. When i go into edit content on the homescre

  • Nokia 1202 cellphonesNovember 30

    Hi there just a new comer here h one question, how can we use the prepaid tracker of the said phone i just need it though so i can know how much i have consumed for a certain SMS or CALL thanks Solved! Go to Solution.I think that is a feature that ne

  • Nokia 1202 VERY LOUD!!!November 30

    I bought this model and it's nice BUT it looks like I will have to trash out it becouse it's very load and all people hears my conversation. So how can this be fixed?And you should not really complain about it as many phones got to low volume on the

  • Nokia Maps Icon Missing?November 30

    Good day everyone. i have just bought this new Nokia Asha 303 phone and i thought the software installed in the phone is incomplete because i cant seem to find the shortcut for nokia maps. I installed the nokia suite in my pc and check  for software

  • Key Board Shortcuts for C6November 30

    Hey Laitos, I Just want to know the Keyboards Shortcuts of Nokia C6. So one can use this shortcuts for fast handling of this full featured phone. I had a question in my mind suppose due to some reason touch screen is not working whereas the display (

  • Nokia is loosing Indian MarketNovember 30

    Nokia is loosing Indian Market because of Dual-SIM phone unavailability. Today more than 200,000,000 Indian users are using Dual-SIM Chinese mobile (from ShenZhen China) these mobiles are not reliable for more than 2 year, but has lots of features no

  • Nokia lumia sms status report or delivery reportNovember 30

    I bought a lumia 620 just two days back.Mainly what made buy a nokia lumia 620 rather than Htc 8s is that some OEM features..which only Nokia and Sony provides,like sms,mms delivery....out going call waiting notification (may be called gsm suppliment

  • My E90 reviewOctober 11

    I have my new Nokia E90 for several weeks now and I had the chance to thoroughly "evaluate" it. I must say I am coming from a Nokia 9300 / 9300i, which means that I am influenced by them (I have used them for over 2 years now) First the good stu

  • !!!My N82 refuses to boot / start !!!November 30

    Help! If anyone has seen these symptoms, and knows what to do, please let me know ASAP. After installing a couple of programs (Active File, Ogg Player), it was all fine until I decided to reboot (because fonts were messed up in Ogg Player, and the re

  • Nokia 5800 no light on the 3 buttonsOctober 11

    Hey guys im having a problem with my nokia 5800. The problem is there is no lights on the front buttons in front of the phone but the buttons are responding well it's just they don't light up when you press one of them..Hi janjong03. You could try a

  • Nokia E7 notification light blinks on SMS deliveryOctober 11

    Guys Previously I had to format and factory reset my nokia e7 , after the format I found out that when I send and SMS and I receive the delivery , the notification light start blinking , and as soon as I touch the touch screen or press on any of the

  • Flashing charging light on nokia e7October 11

    if my e7 discharges till its battry empty it drives me crazy,when you connect the charger it flashes for seconds then displays the big NOKIA then the charging light becomes solid and when it finishes displaying the dots on the screen the charging lig

  • Turn light off in nokia e5October 11

    hi all. friends i am a blind user of nokia phones. currently i have e5-00. i want to ask that how to turn off LCD and keyboard light completely? i want to do it for saving the battery because i don't need to read or see anything from screen. so i don

  • Shortcuts/Quick dial on Nokia 5800October 11

    I've recently purchased a Nokia 5800 and have set up 4 members of my family as the Quick Dial contact icons on the main screen. However, when I click on a particular contact and then on the Call icon I don't get any choice over which number the phone

  • Nokia E72 button light problemOctober 11

    guys really i began to hate that phone really it's the million time that i notice a bug or an issue i can't enjoy my phone i bought it on 1/1/2011 and i feel like i wanna get ride of it :s well as for today's issue :   [ hope it's the last one] i was

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