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serial number of material significance

  • SWAP Equipment using IE4N, without serial number and material, it is possible?November 30

    Hi PM Experts, I´ve been reading about the way to SWAP equipments from his functional location without using serial number and material, I think if it is not possible, but to be honest, I cannot find any logical answer for it, since equipment number

  • Auto GR of Serial number assign materialNovember 30

    Dear All, I have assign serial number to the inhouse produce material. And as per client requirement of automatic GR for same material, am doing auto goods movement at the time of confirmation. So for serial number assignment material system giving e

  • Avalibale serial number of materialNovember 30

    Hi,   We ahve one problem  for our finishh product we are maintaining serial number  but while issue of material when we are selecting the serial number when we click on select the serial number  it is showing the app. 1000 srial number  even  the st

  • Serial number of material/EquipmentNovember 30

    Hello Everbody, I have a material number,plant and storage location...where can I find the serial number/s of material.. I have checked the table EQUI and it does not helps me. Any inputs would be appreciated. Thanks, RAJcheck table MARC and field na

  • Serial number for material lying in InventoryNovember 30

    Hi Experts                 Here the requirement is to add serial numbers for materials in SAP.I am having serial number seperately in legasy system.I need to activate in SAP for that Material.That i can do it by adding serial number profile in Materi

  • Serial Number for material document numberNovember 30

    Hi All, Can any body tel me where Serial number stores for particular Material Document number. When user creation/posting MB11 he will enter serial numbers for material in material document. I already searched the forum. Unluckily i didn't received

  • Custom report: Serial number of material issue in PM orderOctober 11

    Hi, I want make customized report. please can you help on this. requrment is: I wan to trace the serial number for the materials issued  in PM order . please let me know how to go ahead and achive this? regards krishKrish, Have a look at the SER* tab

  • Printing Serial Number in Material document print outputNovember 30

    Hi Is it possible to print serial numbers in Material document print output. Any settings to be done? RegardsHi, Yes you can, you need to get you ABAP Developer to change the smartform (He should know how to do this) Please award points if helpful Re

  • Table to find serial number for the stock of a materialOctober 11

    Dear All, I have a requirement in which i want to find the serial number for the stock of a material. in Equi i have serial number with material. But i want it with plant also. pl. suggest me in which table u have serial number,material , plant and s

  • Material serial number creationNovember 30

    Hello, I have a scenario in setting up serial number for material. I am presently working on data migration from legacy system to SAP. Materials in legacy system has serial numbers assigned to it. I am migrating service contracts with service materia

  • Reg: Alphanumeric serial number assignment for materialNovember 30

    Hi all,          I am able to generate the serial number numerically material wise using IQ01 t code. But my client requirement is alphanumeric serial numbers. Is it possible in standard SAP. Even though some threads are there regarding this issue, i

  • Material Serial Number Issue.November 30

    Dear Friends, Material Serial Number Issue. Its better to explain with the example. Material Number : ABCD with serial number as 123456 There is a reservation for the Material ABCD from work order, now the warehouse person Goods Issues for the reserv

  • Serial numbers in material documentNovember 30

    Hello, I want to know the significance of Serial numbers and serialization in the material document or material master. How it can be maintained and what is the use of significance in the manufacturing scenario e.g. while posting Goods Receipt for a

  • Unique serial number during production order release for FG materialsNovember 30

    Hi, Actually our client is asking for serial number generation for each FG material during its production order release. So that with this serial number he can track it in shop floor plus after dispatching to customer. Here the scenario is Make To Or

  • Serial number during production order releaseNovember 30

    Hi, Currently I am getting serial number with respect to material specific, i.e., serial number generating with respect to FG codes. Ex:-  FG1 - 1, 2, 3, 4 and FG2 - 1, 2, 3, 4. But as per my client requirement, they want serial number without materi

  • Serial Number table at SONovember 30

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me serial number data goes to which table (not view or structure) at the time of Sales order delivery creation... I need to find out the latest Sales order number with the input of serial number of material... Thanks, Yuvni

  • Capture serial number at the time of shipment /deliveryNovember 30

    Hi All, Created Serial profile  - XXXX Added below procedure in it. Profile         Description                                      serial usage   Eqip req SDCC      Completness check for delivery                   03          01 SDRE      Maintain

  • Serial number authorization checkNovember 30

    Hello! I want to create an authorization check for serial number creation tcode IQ01. So when a user selects a material that he is not authorized to, he will  not be able to enter into the screen of sn creation. Can i customize iq01 in order it to op

  • Serial Number TrackNovember 30

    dear all, i have mention serial number for a pump say ACSGETE12344 . at migo gr level. i also issue the material with same serial number. now this information and serial number against material in which table i will get ? please helpHi For serial num

  • Deleting equipment serial number in mmbeNovember 30

    Dear Friends, I am new to SAP, In mmbe while drill down to the equipment serial no ,it is showing unwanted equipment  serial numbers. how can i delete the unwanted eqipment numbers. can i use IQ02 or any other way to do?You need to find equipment rec

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