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se316 in service entry sheet

  • Price error while entering Service Entry sheet.October 11

    >HI All, >the scenario is like this :- >We have enter uncoded services in the Services Tab of item details and have entered qty and gross price alongwith wbs element. There are about 63 lines ltems, while selecting the first only three are gettin

  • Error in Posting Service Entry Sheet - FI 311 No Commitment Item in Item 1October 11

    Dear All, We need a suggestion/solution for the following problem :- Our customer had raised purchase orders for services in may 2010. The following critical entries were made in the purchase order. Account Assignment Category was P-Project The WBS e

  • Prevent auto creation of service entry sheetOctober 11

    Dear friends, I am using maint plan for creating service entry sheets automatically. I am using framework order where I give the validity period. Now when I try to generate service entry sheets through the plans after the end of validity period given

  • Purchase order and service entry sheetOctober 11

    Hi Is there a way to prohibit modifications on the position of services purchase order when the service entry sheet and the invoice were already entered for that position? Thanks in advance for your help Tomashi, thanks for your help, but the problem


    Respected All, My client has prepared a down payment request , prepared a service purchase order against that vendor, created service entry sheet. Later on he came to know that the qty he has entered is wrong ,so  he reversed all the goods receipt(do

  • How to update sales order number (KAUFN) characteristic in the profitability segment of the PA document created at the time of service entry sheet confirmation, as a result of shipment cost documentOctober 11

    Hi, We have a scenario wherein we create shipment cost documents against delivery. As a result of shipments fully transferred, a PO for freight vendor is automatically created and a service entry sheet confirmation happens. As a result of service ent

  • Changing GR/IR clearing account in Service Entry Sheet processOctober 11

    Hi, We are using one Gr/ir clearing account for both Material and Service Entry sheet process. Now for clear process we want to create new account for the Service entry sheet. We have given blank valuation class for Service entry sheet and it has bee

  • Cancelling Material Receipts generated from approved Service Entry SheetsOctober 11

    Several service entry sheets were entered twice into SAP and approved for Vendor .  Upon approval, material receipt documents were created and because the vendor is ERS, invoices were created and paid.  Manual credit memos have been processed in AP s

  • GR/IR and Service entry sheetOctober 11

    Hello, Is there any option, where we can define separate G/L a/c for GR/IR clearing a/c for Material receipt and GR/IR clearing a/c for Service entry sheet for services completed? Thanks in advance radhakrishnaHello Ashok, We are having all the mater

  • Service entry sheet - Service PO ProblemOctober 11

    gurus I have a service PO which has "N" number of SES entries in PO history as well as same number of GR and also N number of IR entries.. Can somebody tell me how to consolidate against which SES (GR) which IR is posted? Any table for PO histor

  • How to cancell PO from Service Entry sheetOctober 11

    Hi, We have many open service Purchase orders in the system(More than 1800) and we would like to cancell these PO's as business dont need the service. Scenario: We have raised PR, which is approved by multi level approvals After PR is approved, PO is

  • Error while creating service entry sheetOctober 11

    Hi Experts, I am trying to create service entry sheets using bapi 'BAPI_ENTRYSHEET_CREATE'  for a purchase order with multiple line items. The bapi creates SES for the first line item but gives error 'User xxxxxx already processing purchase order nnn

  • Error: while creating Service Entry Sheet - for HELD POOctober 11

    Hi experts, While PO XXXXXXXXXX is in the status of Hold. System allowed me to create & delete a service entry sheet(SES) on particular date. Another day i tried to create SES for the same PO. System is not allowing me to create SES and it gives me e

  • Error while saving service entry sheetOctober 11

    Hi Gurus I m getting the following error while saving service entry sheet Account determination for entry MGCA WRX not possible Req. for help EldeeHi, Use T.code:OMWB, Enter Chart of Account,Now you will have new screen, Click WRX, sys will take to n

  • Error ' Quantity exceeds quantity in PO' in service entry sheet creation.October 11

    Hi, I am getting error "Quantity entered 7,000 exceeds quantity 5,000 in purchase order' ,  Message no. SE363" while creating service entry sheet PO Quantity - 1 AU Service  quantity - 5 HR in service entry sheet creation i am giving 6HR instead

  • Reason to be entered when Reversing a Service Entry SheetOctober 11

    Hi When I try and revoke an accepted Service Entry Sheet, I get the following error message. Message No: M7 325 - A reason has to be entered for movement type 102." The field "GRUND" on Movement Type 102 is a required field. I can't make it

  • Service Entry Sheet in ECC 6.0 shipment costing security object?October 11

    Does anyone know what security object is being checked during service entry sheet creation?  When I run the shipment cost create process in foreground (RV56TRSL) VI04, the program creates and settles the shipment cost, but in background only the ship

  • Service entry sheet IN ML81NOctober 11

    Hello Boys, I want to know what is the relation between tables ESKL, ESKN. I want to obtain the Account assignment for a line of service entry sheet. How does SAP to save the data of Account assignment for in a service entry sheet? What are the keys

  • Service entry sheet in accepted status without line itemOctober 11

    Hi all, Service entry sheet 927080 has acceptance indicator enabled. The revoke of acceptance is not possible for this entry sheet. Service line item is not available in this service entry sheet. Refered PO has the status Services are delivered, wait

  • Settings for 101 movement while accepting the service entry sheetOctober 11

    Hi All,          Please let me know the settings required to do a 101 movement in the background when a service entry sheet is getting accepted using ML81N. Regards, AshwinHi The PO is always account assigned for service PO. Hence when you accept ser

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