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  • Loading big XML files using JDBC gives errorsOctober 11

    Hi, I've created a XMLType table using binary storage, with the restriction that any document stored has a (any) schema: CREATE TABLE XMLBIN OF XMLTYPE XMLTYPE STORE AS BINARY XML ALLOW ANYSCHEMA;Then I use JDBC to store a relatively large document u

  • BPM - JDBC adapter - How to trigger system errors thro' adapters?October 11

    I have designed the BPM in following way : 1. Receive step - Receive Asynchronous message 2. Defined the Block - DB 3. Send step 'A' to JDBC - inside the Block-'DB' - Acknowledgement-Transport, Exceptions System Error-'DB', Receiver from-Send context

  • JDBC Thin executeQuery ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptionNovember 30

    When we use the JDBC Thin Driver to perform executeQuery with a large number of columns in large select statement, we get an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException at index 960. Is there something we can do to work around this problem? Exception: array index

  • SChannel - Help with Error # 20 (Event ID # 36888)November 30

    Was hoping somebody could help me understand what's causing some SChannel error 20 events I'm seeing in system event logs. Running Server 2008 R2 as IIS web servers, have a commercial wildcard SSL certificate in use on multiple sites and we use IIS C

  • The following fatal alert was generated: 20. The internal error state is 960.November 30

    Hi, In Some servers including domain controller i am getting error in system event logs. The following fatal alert was generated: 20. The internal error state is 960.  ( In Domain controller) The following fatal alert was generated: 40. The internal

  • Cannot assign an empty string to a parameter with JDBC type VARCHAROctober 11

    Hi, I am seeing the aforementioned error in the logs. I am guessing its happening whenever I am starting an agent instance in PCo. Can somebody explain whats going on? Regards, Chanti. Heres the complete detail from logs - Log Record Details    Messa

  • JDBC Lookup - Import table data from a different schema in same DBOctober 11

    Hi XI Experts, We are facing an issue while importing a Database table into the external definition in PI 7.1. The details are as below: I have configured user 'A' in PI communication channel to access the database. But the table that I want to acces

  • Error while creating a JDBC connection to Oracle 11g using WLS 6.1October 11

    Hi I am trying to connect to Oracle 11g database on Weblogic 6.1 server. First of all i would like to know if this is compatible? The environement that i have is this 1. JDK 1.3 2. Database 11g is on remote system 3. Oracle client on my local system

  • Error while running a test case in Jcaps 6 JDBC projectOctober 11

    I encountered an error while running the testcase for a JDBC BC project in Jcaps 6. BPCOR-6135:A fault was not handled in the process scope; Fault Name is {http://docs.oasis-open.org/wsbpel/2.0/process/executable}selectionFailure; Fault Data is null.

  • Calling Glassfish jdbc Datasorce in EJB 3.0 with @Resource annotation.October 11

    I tried EJB 3.0 with netbeans and glassfish and "{color:#ff0000}+_ORACLE_+{color}". I wanted to link the oracle database to GLASSFISH server and I followed the instructions.After I clicked 'ping' button, it displayed as *{color:#339966}'PING SUC

  • Error while executing a JDBC to Idoc scenario : No standard agreement foundOctober 11

    Hello SAP PI Gurus,  I am having a JDBC to idoc Scenario .And the interface is running at 10 min of duration.  <SAP:AdditionalText>No standard agreement found for , BS_EXT_CTBSREPDB, , BS_ERPQAS_QE1_320, http://XYZ.com/FI/FI_FI_01/Charges, FIDCC2<

  • Error while creating a report that uses Oracle OCI JDBC connectivityOctober 11

    Please let me know why my CR and LF characters are removed from my forum posting ***** Hi, I was trying to create a report that uses Oracle OCI JDBC connectivity. I am using Eclipse3.4 download from "cr4e-all-in-one-win_2.0.2.zip".  I have succe

  • Error got while creating a jdbc in Weblogic server 9.2October 11

    Hi All, I am getting the following error +"Warning! Connectivity to backend database not verified. This is either because required connection pool attributes "TestConnectionsOnReserve" or "TestConnectionsOnRelease" have not been e

  • ** How to use TO_DATE function in Stored Proc. for JDBC in ABAP-XSL mappingOctober 11

    Hi friends, I use ABAP-XSL mapping to insert records in Oracle table. My Sender is File and receiver is JDBC. We use Oracle 10g database. All fields in table are VARCHAR2 except one field; this is having type 'DATE'. I use Stored procedure to update

  • Calling stored procedure multiple times in the JDBC receiverOctober 11

    Hi, I am calling the stored procedure(SP) to update a DB table in the JDBC receiver. SP has 10 input parameters, and SP can receive one value for each parameter at a time. In my case, i will have multiple rows to insert using SP.i.e multiple values f

  • Query works in Oracle Client but not JDBCOctober 11

    The query is as follows: SELECT COUNT(*) THE_COUNT FROM sentorders WHERE ordersentdate BETWEEN '15-JAN-01' and '15-JAN-03';When I run this query in the Oracle client (SQL+) it tells me that THE_COUNT is 4 which is correct but when I use the following

  • XI idoc-jdbc  scenario in detailsOctober 11

    Hi Experts, Please provide me this scenario pn detail. Cheers AmanHi, For IDOC to JDBC scenario: Refer the below weblog for help: /people/sap.user72/blog/2005/06/01/file-to-jdbc-adapter-using-sap-xi-30 --> for jdbc receiver: file -JDBC 1) First you n

  • Pass system ack of JDBC adapter to ERP in IDoc - XI - JDBC scenarioOctober 11

    Dear all, i have an IDoc -> XI -> JDBC scenario (without using ccBPM). In the standard way the ERP system, sending the IDoc waits for an application acknowledgement. However the JDBC adapter is only capeable to send system acknowledgements. Is there

  • Error in JDBC receiver CCOctober 11

    hi , iam implementing RFC to JDBC scenario. i have performed E2E testing and iam geeting succesful msgs in moni,but when i look at my CC in RWB it shows an error with receiver CC as "Configuration error: com.sap.aii.af.service.util.configuration.Mand

  • Problem in JDBC to JDBC scenarioOctober 11

    Hello all, I am working on a JDBC 2 JDBC Scenario. Everything gone fine, data is picked from source, but it is not updated in the destination. I could not see any message related to this in SXMB_MONI it shows only messages related to IDOC, on search

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