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  • How to reset computer password if I forgot my original password?October 11

    how to reset computer password if I forgot my original password?What is the version of OS X installed? Is it OS X Yosemite? Is it a new computer?Read other 4 answers

  • Hello i just purchased an iMac and went through setting up my account and forgot my password any ideas how to get it or reset computer?November 30

    hello i just purchased an iMac and went through setting up my account and forgot my password any ideas how to get it or reset computer?jacksonlandscape wrote: hello i just purchased an iMac and went through setting up my account and forgot my passwor

  • How to reset computer to factory settingOctober 11

    i am selling my imac and i need to reset the computer to factory settings. how do i do thatThrow away any files which may contain sensitive data and securely empty the Trash. If it shipped with Mac OS X 10.6.8 or earlier, insert its original disk and

  • Password reset - computer now in troubleNovember 30

    first of all, I am just a REAL happy user, never have been a techie...but I can follow instructions and do minor fixes. I forgot my main password so for a few months I have not been able to do any udpates. After checking with Apple and in the discuss

  • Problem editing after resetting computerNovember 30

    I recently had to reset or reinstall my laptop, and therefore had to reinstall Adobe Premiere Elements 12 as well. Before this it worked fine to import and edit MVI video files from my Canon Powershot SX260 camera, but now when I was about to edit fo

  • Adobe Encore CS3 resets computer during importNovember 30

    While trying to import a 630 MB .M2V created by Premiere CS3, it stops processing the file and then the estimated time starts incrementing about 1.5 seconds or more per acutal elapsed second, and eventually the computer just resets.Interesting. While

  • Resetting computer to earlier time (i.e., PC's version of "Go Back")November 30

    I downloaded a software update from Roxio. Stupid me! Unfortunately, I don't have my key codes, and Roxio knows me by another email. I'm jammed at the the moment and need to "go back" in time with my computer -- like a few hours. Since I am new

  • Had to reset computer to factory settingsNovember 30

    I had to reset my computer and lost all my music. Its not on my ipod either. How do I get all my stuff back?If you have it on CDs or another location, such as an external drive, import it into iTunes. If it was downloaded from the iTunes Store, fill

  • Same ipod but reseted computerNovember 30

    Hello, I had to reset my computer (reinstalling windows Vista), so I have no more music on my computer but I have everything on my ipod. I downloaded Itunes, but I have a question: If I connect my ipod to itunes, does it delete everything which is on

  • Had to reset computer to factory settings, now my Ipad wont sync. Ideas?November 30

    so my computer had to be reset to factory settings, and now my Itunes account wont sync with my ipad. It wants to erase one or the other?!If you have it on CDs or another location, such as an external drive, import it into iTunes. If it was downloade

  • I had iMovie and iPhoto now i reset computer and it is asking for me to pay again how can i get it for free in my imacNovember 30

    Rest computer now imovie and iphoto are gone how can i get it back without paying again....What do you mean you "reset the computer?" Please be very specific, remember we are not there to see what you did. Also unless you did a erase adn install

  • Saving chat logs when reseting computerNovember 30

    Hi! My laptop is in desperate need of some tough love so I'm going to reset it to the way it was when I bought it. The problem is that it means I will lose all saved data and I really don't want to loose my chat history. Is there any way to save skyp

  • Had to reset computer and my itunes is empty. have 7448 pictures on ipod. How can i get them back onto my computer and not delete them?November 30

    Desparate to know if I can get my photos which were synced onto my ipod classic.Now I have lost all the data from my computer and want to put the photos back onto computer. I know if it is synced it will delete everything. I have gone into itunes on

  • Message says I need OS media to reset computer password.  What does this mean?November 30

    I bought a used computer and can't install anything!  Blows my mind, can you help me please? OS 10.6.8It is asking you for the discs that were included with the computer when it was sold.  That is what the message means.Read other 2 answers

  • HT3964 how do I save files before resetting computerNovember 30

    how do I save files before resetting computerGet an external drive and clone your internal drive to it, you can use Disk Utility, Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper to achieve this. The external drive should be the same size or larger than your interna

  • Video Card resetting computerNovember 30

    I have just bought a ATI Radeon 9700 pro for my MSI KT4V motherboard. It has not been a happy purchase. It seems that every time I play a Direct 3D game which taxes the video card, my machine will reboot itself as if I just pushed the reset button.  

  • Snow leopard installation disc won't boot. Can I reset computer to boot from internal hard drive at startup?November 30

    I recently installed snow leopard on my macbook (mid 2006). I used system preferences to set the snow leopard boot disc as the install disc, and now my computer won't boot. It stalls at the apple icon with the grey screen. Is there any way I can set

  • Elements V9 resets computer during large dvd exportNovember 30

    Running Adobe Premiere Elements V9 on Windows 7 64bit. 400 gig free and 6gig ram. During normal exports of files around 400mb-600mb is exports fine but we just created on thats 1.6gig and it gets to 85% and restarts the computer Any ideas? CheersIn t

  • Reseting computerNovember 30

    Im getiing ready to sell my eMac, and I need to know how to wipe the hard drive clean of all personal files and most importantly all my account information, like a new computer.Then use the 10.2 install package that originally shipped with this Mac t

  • HT1310 would like to reset computer to factory settings and don't have a discNovember 30

    please helpPhone AppleCare and order replacement disks; alternatively, if the computer is an Intel Mac which shipped with 10.6.2 or earlier, a retail Mac OS X 10.6 DVD can be used but won't install iLife. (94011)Read other 2 answers

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